Is it possible to wear 2 condoms for “reliability”?

Is it possible to wear 2 condoms for “reliability”?.

You were offered someday to use two condoms at the same time during sex, because it should allegedly reduce your chances of getting pregnant and infected with STIs? Is it reliable? Is it safe to use spermicide lubricant? If you ever asked these questions, read about it further.

You think that two are always better than one? Perhaps, but definitely not in the case of using condoms. The simultaneous use of two male condoms is not recommended, because this can increase friction between condoms during intercourse, which increases the likelihood of their gap. The same applies to the simultaneous use of male and female condoms.

Perhaps you will be reassured by the fact that condoms are reliable in preventing not only pregnancy, but also SPPP. Studies have shown that only two out of every 100 pairs, correctly and constantly using condoms during the year, an undesirable pregnancy occurs, which gives the 98 percent effectiveness of this method of contraception. It is important to note that when condoms still fail, this is most often the result of the human factor – the mistakes that people make, and not the defect of the condoms themselves. With improper use (for example, the simultaneous use of more than one condom, improper put on the condom, re -use of the condom, etc.D.) the effectiveness of condoms is significantly reduced.

Other effective ways to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy include the use "Reserve method" contraception in addition to condoms, for example, spermicide. Other options include the use of condoms with diaphragm, contraceptive tablets or other hormonal method. There are many options, and each person is unique in what suits him.

As for what spermicidal lubricant is "the best" – You (and your partner) can only find out by trial and error. Some people notice that spermicides irritate their skin. Nonoxinol -9 is the most common spermicide in the United States, and with too frequent use or irritation, tissue can be inflamed, which increases the risk of HIV or other IPPs.

It should be remembered that spermicides help only protect against pregnancy and are not an effective tool to prevent the transfer of STIs. From the point of view of the effectiveness of pregnancy prevention, spermicides (if they are used without another method of contraception) are less effective than condoms. If people always use spermicides in accordance with the instructions, 15 out of 100 get pregnant every year. Spermicides will be more effective for preventing pregnancy, if they are used in combination with a female or male condom. Also remember that when choosing a lubricant for use in combination with a condom (regardless of whether it contains spermicide or not), choose a water -soluble type, and not on an oil basis. Oil -based lubricants destroy latex condoms.

Give pleasure and stay safe!

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