Lubrication for intimate use: which is better with dry vagina?

Lubrication for intimate use: which is better with dry vagina?.

Lubrication for intimate use is a tool that can be applied to the genital area to increase the sensation from sexual intercourse. It will come in handy not only for those couples who often experiment with postures and types of sex, but also to those who are engaged in traditional intercourse. There are more than 30 types of intimate lubricants for the vagina – and finding the right tool is not always easy. We tell you how to choose an intimate lubricant, how to evaluate security and what criteria to look at.

Why natural lubrication may not be enough and what is the artificial

As a result of sexual arousal, usually during preludes, both in a man and a woman, natural lubrication stands out. It reduces friction, which facilitates gliding. Partners can receive more pleasure and pleasant sensations during sex.

However, in different people, natural lubrication during excitation can be released in different amounts. The latter depends on the menstrual cycle of a woman, age, as well as the characteristics of the body. For example, some girls can stand out a lot of it, while others have dryness in the vagina even at the time of sexual excitement. At the same time, dryness is not a sign that the girl is not excited. This is a consequence of the individual characteristics of the girl.

The lack of lubrication in the vagina is not a reason to come to terms with the impossibility of getting pleasure during intercourse. This problem can be solved with the help of a lubricant for intimate use that will make sex much more pleasant. Such products improve slipping, prevent the appearance of wounds and scuffs. Sex partners will receive more pleasure from sexual intercourse.

When choosing a lubricant for intimate use, pay attention to the following factors:

  • The main component;
  • Purpose of use;
  • safety;
  • additional components;
  • package;
  • best before date.

Consider each criterion in more detail.

Lubrication for intimate use: main ingredient

The main component determines the properties of the lubricant. So, some means can be used in any type of sex, others require certain conditions. They corrode toys, condom material, etc. Therefore, you need to determine the main ingredient. According to the basic component, there are 4 types of lubricant for intimate use: water, silicone, oil, hybrid.


The basic component in such tools is water. Therefore, water lubricants are very similar to a light gel. Such funds in properties are as close as possible to natural discharge. Water lubricants can be used for any type of sex, they do not corrode condoms and do not spoil the latex condom. Also, such lubricants for intimate use have a low density – you can easily wash away the grease with ordinary water.

Of the disadvantages, high absorption in the skin is usually noted. Because of this, the genital area is quickly drying out, and you will have to apply a new portion. This contributes to the rapid expenditure of the product.


Basic components – silicones. Because of this, the lubricant has a dense consistency, it lies with an even layer on the surface, does not erase and does not evaporate. On the one hand, this is good – because it will not be necessary to constantly apply the next portion, and the vagina will remain moist. But on the other hand, such a high density is bad. After all, after sex, it will be difficult for you to wash off the product. There may be traces on bed and underwear, and it will have to be washed off the skin with a washcloth and soap.

Silicone lubricant is safe for latex and polyurethane condoms, but can ruin toys from silicone.


The basic component of such a lubricant is purified vegetable oils (usually use coconut, olive or almond oil). The products form a dense sliding layer on the surface, while they are environmentally friendly and much safer for the skin.

Oil lubricants can only be used with condoms made of polyurethane – the tool corrodes latex. But toys that are usually used during intercourse can be made of any material (except latex).


There are water and silicone in such funds. Instead of the latter, there may also be oil. Before buying, read the information on the package – not all hybrid lubricants are compatible with latex condoms and toys.

Lubrication for intimate use: application

When choosing a lubricant for intimate use, be sure to decide why you will use the means. There are three options:

  • vaginal and anal sex. Usually any tool can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. There is no difference between those and other lubricants;
  • Oral sex. Here you need to be more attentive. You can not use vaginal or anal lubricants for oral sex – they have an unpleasant taste, and some (for example, silicone) are completely dangerous for the body. For oral sex, use only those lubricants, the main component of which is water or oils of natural oils. There should also be an indication that this gel is safe when swallowing.

Additional components

When choosing, you should pay attention not only to the main components, but also to additional. These include:

  • glycerin and propylene glycol. We recommend that you consider lubricants for intimate use, which contains a lot of glycerol. The latter makes the lubricant sticky and plastic, thanks to this, the lubricant does not flow out, but lays down on the surface. Propylene glycol performs the same function, used as a glycerol substitute. However, there is evidence that it can cause allergies;
  • flavors and sweeteners. Such components give the lubricant a pleasant taste and smell. Typically, conventional food additives act as flavorings, some manufacturers use glycerin or propylene glycol. You need to choose based on your preferences. Be sure to smell a lubricant and taste (if we are talking about oral lubricant). Manufacturers add sweeteners only to oral lubricants, but you can find funds for anal or vaginal use, which also include sweeteners;
  • Essential oils and various extracts. Such components create a feeling of a pleasant chill in the genital area. Against this background, sexual stimulation committed by a partner is felt most vividly. Manufacturers can add various components, for example, tea tree extract, mint, etc. You need to choose according to your preferences;
  • Lidocaine. This component is anesthetic, and is very often used in greases for anal sex. Choose such a lubricant or not – you decide. But there is evidence that funds with painkillers can cause itching and allergies.

How to use lubrication for intimate use correctly

Any grease for intimate use should be applied abundantly, do not trifle. You need to use water weapons especially abundantly – such quickly dry out.

With a lubrication of lubrication, you can focus on your feelings. If you feel that it becomes dry, you can already add a lubricant. The same must be done if it becomes hot.

If there is little lubrication, but you still continue to have sex, then there are unpleasant sensations. Scuffs, pain and overheating appear – you will not be able to enjoy intercourse with a partner. Therefore, follow your feelings-if something went wrong, add the product.

After sex, rinse off the rest of the product. There is an erroneous opinion that the water lubricant should not be washed off, but this is wrong. If it is impossible to wash yourself right away, then you can wipe the intimate area with wet wipes. You can use children’s napkins for this – they are safe in contact with the genital area (this is relevant for owners of sensitive skin). If you used silicone instead of water lubricant, then you still have to wash. And you need to do this with soap.

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