The condom jumped off … and stayed inside

The condom jumped off … and stayed inside.

Alas, this is possible with any couple during sex. The condom can slip from the penis of the partner, and stay «there», because immediately a man will not feel this in a fit of passion. But when he pulls the penis, he can find that there is no more condom on it.

In fact, it is not as scary as it seems. The main thing is not to panic and not to do rash acts. All that the girl needs to do, firstly, relax, and, secondly, try to get a condom from the vagina.

First, try to lie on your back, relax as much as possible, and feel for your own hand and get a condom. If you can’t do this, ask your partner to help you. The condom will not go anywhere and nowhere «Lost», due to the anatomical structure of the body, so the main thing is to concentrate and find it.

If you can’t do anything in this position, sit down. Such a pose is a little «Shorts» vagina that will help you find a condom.

Also, a girl can turn to a classic pose while using tampons – Put one leg on a chair or a bathroom.

If the mission has failed, then the girl urgently needs to seek help from a gynecologist. The girl has several hours in stock until harmful bacteria that lead to urogenital tract infections began to multiply due to the condom, still a condom is a foreign body.

What is worth worrying about?

If you tighten with a trip to a specialist, a condom in the vagina can harm female health.

A slipped condom carries a great danger of pregnancy. Even if a man did not end in a condom, it may be ejaculates that stands out during sex. The ejaculat contains a small amount of sperm.

Therefore, going to a doctor is also necessary for consultation on emergency contraception issues. Usually, emergency contraception is drugs that are taken within a certain time after sexual contact and act as a contraceptive.

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