Types of lubricants for sex | Types of lubricants | What are intimate lubricants | Tips and recommendations

Types of lubricants.

, Types of lubricants for sex | Types of lubricants | What are intimate lubricants | Tips and recommendations
There are hundreds of species of different lubricants for intimacy. They differ in texture, basis, aroma, special functions. We decided to tell about all the existing types and their features. Based on this data, buy a lubricant will be completely easy.

What is a lubricant for?

Special intimate lubrication is necessary during sexual experiments. It improves slipping, helps to better feel the moment. Luburbicants are necessary for anal sex, for fisting, and sometimes for vaginal contact. Who most often buys these funds?

  • Fans of experiments. People who are not used to having sex only under a blanket often acquire lubricants to enjoy different caresses. For example, with hands, they require additional moisture, caresses of the anus require good sliding, and hundreds of experiments do not do without this additive.
  • Owners of sex toys. Most adult goods are used with lubricants. Vibrators, anal stimulants, masturbators, strapons are much more comfortable to use with additional lubricants. And even simulators that strengthen health – vaginal balls and prostate massagers – also require special compositions for convenient use.
  • Women who have little their own secret. Some ladies do not moisturize enough in the process of excitement, as a result, sex may not be too pleasant. But you just have to add artificial lubrication, and everything changes. This is especially true to the ladies in the period after menopause, because the hormonal background changes, and the body does not function like in his youth.
  • People who are looking for new sensations. Exciting compounds, lubricants, narrowing vagina, increasing penis lubricants can make sex unusual and fascinating. Those who want to find something new in proximity do not miss such opportunities.

Various foundations of lubricants

All lubricants differ in their composition. It is the basis of the product that you need to look when choosing vaginal or anal lubrication. Some options are ideal for oral sex, others are categorically not suitable for this. Understanding the difference, it will not be difficult to buy a lubricant.

  • Water base. The most common lubricants are created using ordinary water. They moisturize the skin perfectly, help smooth gluing. At the same time, they do not leave traces on the surfaces and do not create a sensation of stickiness. But water lubricant has the properties of evaporates, sometimes it has to be added to continue the pleasant process. The composition is washed off with ordinary water, to use in the bathroom inconvenient.
  • Silicone. Lubrication is ideal for sex in the bathroom, shower, in the pool. A very small amount of composition is required for any kind of penetration. Does not evaporate, does not wash off without detergent. There may be traces on bedding, but they are easily washed. It can not be used with all types of sex toys, but with any condoms (they lie in their packaging in silicone lubricant). It does not affect polyvinyl chloride, elastomers, and even hard silicone.
  • Oil. It occurs today infrequently. Leaves fat spots on clothes and bedding. Washed off the body only with a detergent. Spoils sex toys, interaction with many materials is unacceptable. Cannot be used with condoms. But it is ideal for massage, heated quickly and holds the temperature.

Each type of grease is suitable for different caresses. For example, for oral sex it is worth choosing only a water lubricant.

What lubricants are in texture?

In terms of density, lubricants are different. The consumption of the substance depends on the structure of the lubricant. Someone prefers liquid compositions, and someone dense creams.

  • Thick liquids. Terminal liquid is a possible lubricant texture for anal sex. She does not hold shape, spreads on the skin. It is this form that can be “poured” into the body that causes pleasant experiences. There are lubricants on any basis, they are easy to rub them into the skin. In this case, this type cannot be called economical.
  • Gels. A denser mass, but also does not hold shape. “Melts” on the body, gradually spreading on the skin. But when applying it does not run away instantly. To the touch is a light mass that is nice to hold in your hands. Can be placed in the palm of your hand, but you can not hold your fingers.
  • Creams. Dense mass that rubs into the skin. The most economical form. A drop of the product holds the form, does not spread, does not change without human intervention. The cream is convenient with point application.
  • Sprays. A liquid lubricant can spray onto the body. Depending on the dispenser, the product is evenly distributed in some kind of skin. No additional rubbing is needed.

Types of lubricants

All oral, vaginal and anal lubricants have their own special properties. They make their use more pleasant and effective. Depending on these qualities, proximity changes.

  • Exciting. Greeds for excitement cause a rush of blood to the genitals. This involves a large number of sensitive endings, and each touch seems more sensual. There are lubricants for men, women and steam. Help to accelerate orgasm, and sometimes lead to multiple finals. Begin to act 7-15 minutes after application.
  • Extending (prolongers). Special compositions can slow down ejaculation in a man. A slight decrease in the sensitivity of the head allows you to increase the duration of sex by 10-50%. The product is safe, often created on the basis of menthol or painkillers. Mild numbness passes in a few minutes. But the effect of the drug does not begin instantly.
  • Cooling or warming. Heat or cold can excite people. And such feelings are very popular. Such lubricants can be bought separately, but sometimes they are used in condoms. Heat or cold activate the receptors on the skin, enhancing the experiences. It is worth trying this both in pairs and with sex toys.
  • Painkillers. Lubrices for anal sex are often done with anesthetic. This is an opportunity to completely exclude pain. Easy “freezing” anus helps to relax, which is very useful for beginners . At the same time, sensations do not become less interesting, fully sensitivity does not disappear. The effect of lubrication begins 10-15 minutes after application.
  • Oral. Lubricants with pleasant tastes and aromas are made for lovers of oral sex. They are needed if the natural smell of man scares away. You can use them for other caresses, and then, before oral sex, you do not need to wash off. Often are fruit. Always on water -based. Safe consumption inside.
  • Antibacterial. Lubrices can destroy part of the bacteria. But they do not protect from STD completely. Such compositions are relevant for anal sex without a condom, this reduces the risk of infections when the penis enters the unnatural environment. The composition is useful when alternating vaginal and anal sex, but doctors argue that such shifts of holes even with antibacterial lubricant are dangerous for health.
  • Sterile. Lubrication for urethral masturbation is made by sterile. These are compounds in special packages, they can be used even with the most unusual experiments. Such lubricants are highly worth.

Special properties of lubricants

Some lubricants have special properties. They not only improve sliding, but also give special effects.

  • The narrowing of the vagina. The lubricant can make a female bosom much less. The effect lasts 30-40 minutes, but this is enough to feel close in a new way. In this case, the sensation of both a man and a woman increase. Tannins are safe for the health of the lady. But they cause a light tumor in the intimate area, which causes the effect of narrowing. The tool can be used by a woman with any vaginal size, but the lubricant will not solve the problem if there are ruptures or atrophy of the internal muscles. With complex diagnoses, you need to go to a specialist.
  • Increase penis. Thanks to a special composition, the blood actively rushes to the penis, causing a stable erection. The composition is applied 10-15 minutes before sex. This is a great remedy for people with an unstable erection. Gives confidence during intercourse. But the result can be not only temporary. If you use the cream regularly and do a special massage, there is a chance of a constant increase by 1-2 cm. Sometimes the cream is combined with the effects of a vacuum pump or extender, which also increases the possibility of a positive effect.

Which lubricant to choose for a beginner?

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