Viamax – the most natural intimate cosmetics | Intimate cosmetics

Viamax – the most natural intimate cosmetics.

, Viamax – the most natural intimate cosmetics | Intimate cosmetics
Today, people do not have enough natural compositions. Synthetic products literally filled the entire market, starting with food and ending with intimate cosmetics. But there are still manufacturers who care about naturalness and environmental friendliness. Viamax is a Swedish company producing premium intimate cosmetics. They focus on safety and efficiency, and therefore use natural components collected in wild and environmentally friendly places in production. Viamax is contact with virgin-clean nature, natural ecstasy and tender care for the most sensual places. In today’s guide – all the details about the sensational brand, and a complete overview of the legendary products.

Brand history

The company began its active activity in the production of lubricants and intimate cosmetics in 2001.
The first -out gel was the first product they put out on the market Sensitive.

The idea of its creation belongs to the stock broker Robert Algstedt. Having studied medical documents, he became interested in the scientific discovery in the field of exposure to the substance of Arginine on the human body.
Deciding that this substance will become an ideal main remedy to increase female sensitivity, Robert began to select auxiliary components for him.

Soon, with his idea, he shared with the sales manager Peter Akerfeldt, and together they began to study and at the same time develop an innovative agent for excitation.
Search for components was decided among traditional ingredients – herbs and plants. Together they visited Africa, Asia and Latin America, where they were able to collect a lot of knowledge about ancient herbal potions, healership and folk medicine, not particularly known in the Western world.

The first product was created, all clinical research has passed, and now the Swedish market first learned about Viamax.
Sensitive gel quickly became a real hit in Sweden, and soon all over the world.
Both Peter and Robert had sufficient skills to advance their new unique product in the field of sex.

Given the consumer requests, They released a whole line of intimate cosmetics – lubricants, narrowing gels, creams to improve erection and excitement.

What else you need to know about viamax?

Viamax products – Leaders in the market of intimate cosmetics. There are not many means in their line, but each of them is a real hit.

And all because viamax is:

  • Natural ingredients. It is enough to look at the composition of any means, it is rich in healing herbs and beneficial substances.
  • Caring for the quality of raw materials. All herbs gather in wild places, away from civilization, in territories, with good ecology.
  • Elegant packaging. Cosmetics tubes deserve separate attention.
    A pleasant, slightly matte surface, noble shades, stylish inscriptions – it is really nice to hold in your hands.
  • Compliance with high world standards. Confirmation of this – numerous quality certificates.
  • Modern laboratories of isolated type, which use high -tech equipment. The company is constantly engaged in active development of new drugs.
  • Unique formulas. There are no viamax analogues. Their goods are really the only one.
  • Consumer orientation. Among the few products, only the most relevant and necessary means.
  • Caring for intimate health. Good sex is a medicine, and the medicine should be safe.
    All gels, creams and lubricants underwent quality control, absolutely safe and even recommended by doctors.
  • Millions of satisfied consumers around the world.
    Yes, you did not rush, the turnover of these products is colossal. It is enough to look at the numerous reviews left under Gel-Lubricant, as it becomes clear – the consumer is really crazy about Viamax.

Viamax cosmetics

, Viamax – the most natural intimate cosmetics | Intimate cosmetics
But let’s move from the analysis of the brand directly to the products itself.

  • Water-based gel.
    In the Viamax line, this is the only full -fledged water -based lubricant.
    By the way, this is another distinctive quality of the brand. They do not produce many products, since they work on each product for a long time, carefully, select the perfect consistency and composition.
    The output is the perfect product, excellent quality and action.
    Water-based gel-based gel from Viamax almost completely copies a woman’s lubricant. The main component in it is Aloe Vera. The acidic environment of this plant is similar to the acidity of the body, so the lubricant acts, as it were, an addition to natural lubrication.

    He also:
    – virtually no smell. So, if you want only to the smell of each other’s body, nothing will hurt.
    – edible. Of course, this is not a dessert, but the lubricant can be swallowed, it is absolutely safe. Want to use the gel in oral affection – dare.
    does not create a sensation of stickiness. And neither during use, nor after it. As soon as the lubricant is finally absorbed, it appears cool – wet sensation.
    – provides prolonged and full sliding. With such a lubricant you can forget about gratings, as well as a painful entry.
    – It does not cause itching and irritation. The components in the composition are natural and at the same time hypoallergenic.
    can be used as a face cream. Yes, it sounds strange, but the manufacturer thought out even this. Aloe Vera has restoring properties, nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin.

    The main difference between this lubricant and most other water -based lubricants – There is no glycerol in its composition.
    This substance can violate the natural vaginal environment. Its absence in the composition is another significant plus in favor of Viamax.

  • Silicone-based universal gel lord.

    The most smooth sliding will ensure precisely silicone lubrication. And Viamax also has this. It is impossible to say that it is better or worse than a water -based lubricant, since they are completely different in composition and properties.
    Unlike water -based lubrication, silicone:
    – Very persistent. It holds on the body longer than other lubricants, so if you prepare for a long “run”, it is worth using it exactly.
    Ideal for anal sex. Natural lubrication is not released from the anal opening, so here you need to slide to the maximum.

    It goes well with glass toys.
    Yes, water -based lubricant is also combined with such toys, it is generally combined with everything. But glass is stronger than other materials used in the production of intimate – goods.
    Silicone helps eliminate friction and prevents tender injury.

    – Provides additional protection, Possessing antibacterial properties. Bacteria and microorganisms are not able to survive in the silicone environment.

    – Economic. In order to get a super-kept effect, you need not so much such a lubricant.
    Suitable for sex in water. Yes, silicone cannot be washed off with water, soft soap, gel or special cleanser should be used here. So for proximity in a bath or pond, this is the right option.

What distinguished the lubricant from Viamax? It was produced on the principle "will become the best of the best". The correct structure was carefully selected, and the output was lubrication of the perfect consistency – not liquid, but not thick.
The composition included three types of silicone, each of the highest quality., Viamax – the most natural intimate cosmetics | Intimate cosmetics

  • Gel to strengthen erection viamax maximum.
    The tool stimulates the blood supply to the penis, due to which it becomes firmly and significantly more in volume. It works by principle "Access".
    That is, as the gel is used, the effect accumulates, each time it becomes more pronounced.

    In the description to the gel, the manufacturer emphasized that he It has a quick effect.
    But this does not mean that the result will appear in five minutes. The product must be applied to the penis and scrotum for several days in a row, and only with massaging movements.
    Many natural products do not work with lightning speed, and this is more plus than a minus.

    Take the same Viagra and all kinds of tablets for erection. Yes, many of them give a good riser immediately, but at the same time provide a tremendous load on the body, in particular on the cardiovascular system.
    Natural products prepare the body, swing it, And as a result – an improved erection without harm to health.
    In addition to improving the erection, gel:
    – makes the penis more sensitive;
    – has a small prolonging effect;
    – helps to become more resilient in bed.

    The composition of the gel is a mixture of Afrodisiac grass. The main component is the root of the red kwao kroa, or as it is sometimes called – the root of Bute.
    To enhance potency, it was used many more centuries ago. And yes, there were always problems with the riser and at all times, the topic is not new. In addition to increasing blood flow to the intimate organs, the root increases sensitivity, enhances sexual desire, tones, gives more energy and effort.
    At the same time, there is no increase in pressure, so this is almost the only aphrodisiac that suits hypertension.

  • Exciting and warming cream for women Viamax Warm

    The cream, as can be seen by the name, is two in one, but in reality it gives much more result, namely:
    – Enhances sensitivity. Moreover, both from sex and from masturbation;
    – enhances sex drive, excites;
    – enhances blood flow to the labia. It turns out that one "The effect of warming up";
    – stimulates natural lubrication. This is already a side, but a very necessary action.

    In addition, this is an excellent means for intimate care.
    After all, you need to follow not only the body and face, but also the intimate area. The cream has a pleasant soft texture, it is suitable even for the most sensitive and prone to irritation of the genitals.

    The cream is really "fiery", So for the first time you need to apply quite a bit, overwhelming you can get excessive ardor. And only if you understand that you want more, you can apply more.
    You need to deal with these sensations, get used to them, feel them, the pleasure of heating is growing gradually.
    At first The product is applied to the clitoris and labia, Massaging movements rubs.
    And then everything is very individual. One will need five minutes, the other is twenty.
    Here, as always, you need to try and select the right amount of cream for yourself individually.

    In the composition of plant extracts that favorably affect the skin and body as a whole:
    – Oats vitaminizes, nourishes and moisturizes;
    – Siberian ginseng – has an anti -inflammatory and antifungal effect;
    – Damiana takes off "clamps", relaxes (this is one of the most "delicate" Aphrodisiac).

    The main task of the cream is to make an orgasm to a longer, sensual and strong. And he copes with this with a bang. Checked!

  • Vaginal narrowing gel – viamax tight

    Another legendary remedy, helping to return the vaginal tone, make it narrow, tight, as if virgin.
    A great option for those who want to please themselves and a partner with close contact now.
    Vaginal narrowing A lot has been developed.
    These are special balls, and simulators, and sprays, and creams, and lubricants. But most of them do not work at once. When pumping muscles, simulators must be expected until the result appears.

    Viamax Tight works in fifteen to twenty minutes after application.
    It has an astringent effect, pulls it off, and as a pleasant bonus – makes the area of the clitoris and labia more sensitive to touch.

    Useful tool if:
    – The partner is not a very great dignity, but I want to feel each other literally with every cell;
    – The vagina has lost its elasticity (after childbirth, with age, etc.P.);
    – I want new sensations. But the main thing is not to overdo it.

    By the way, if you use a gel in combination with Kegel exercises, the vagina will be tight constantly.

Viamax – these are organic products, careful care and effective action!

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