What exciting lubricant to buy for women? 10 best lubricants, reviews, choice of choice | Questions about lubricants

What exciting lubricant to buy for women? 10 best lubricants, reviews, choice of choice.

, What exciting lubricant to buy for women? 10 best lubricants, reviews, choice of choice | Questions about lubricants
Exciting lubrication for women is an opportunity to experience much more pleasure during proximity. She activates the nerve endings, causing greater excitement. How to choose a lubricant to enhance sensations? We have collected simple tips that help buy a suitable remedy, and found the 10 best lubricants that will really make sex brighter.

What is exciting lubrication, how it acts?

Exciting lubricant or lubricant – This is a special cream or gel that is applied to the genitals immediately before sexual intercourse. A special composition causes pleasant sensations in the area of application: heating, cooling, vibration. But the main thing is that the components contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, which leads to a blood flow to the genitals. As a result, a large number of nerve endings are activated, and any touch seems more intense, orgasms happen more often and the speed of their achievement increases.

Cutting drugs also include exciting cosmetics for women. They cause the “swelling” of the walls of the vagina, which leads to a more intensive contact of bodies in the process of intercourse. Entrance to the bosom, point G is stimulated stronger, which causes more pleasant moments for both partners.Intimate exciting lubrication has 3 main actions:

  • Gives new sensations. 3-7 minutes after applying to the clitoris, GO or labia, exciting lubricant gives an effect. It can be cold, warm, pleasant tingling or even a feeling of vibration. It is unusual and very piquant.
  • Enhances excitement. Blood rushes to the pelvic area, and it seems that the usual movements give other sensations. This is an opportunity to feel more pleasant experiences.
  • Improves sliding. Lubrication softens the skin, helps eliminate dryness. All movements become smooth and very pleasant.

How to use exciting lubricant for women?

The lubricant is applied to the genitals during the prelude. The process can be an exciting game. There are lubricants for vaginal contact, there are options only for the clitoris. The product can be applied to the entire perineum area.

The action does not begin instantly. The composition is activated in 3-7 minutes, if immediately after application to start active movements, a woman may not get the expected pleasure. It is recommended to wait a few minutes.

The effect lasts from 15 to 40 minutes, gradually the sensations decrease. But you can always apply the gel again., What exciting lubricant to buy for women? 10 best lubricants, reviews, choice of choice | Questions about lubricants

When to use exciting lubricant?

Exciting grease is a way to enhance the sensation, but it works if a woman herself wants sex. The attraction is born in her head, and if it is not activated, she will only feel warm or cold, but not a passionate desire to make love.

It is worth buying a lubricant for a woman if she herself is ready for experiments if she wants to experience something more. This Excellent help in achieving multiple or jet orgasm. But the lubricant only enhances experiences, and is not a source of excitement.

Security rules when using exciting lubricants

  • Cosmetics to strengthen sexual experiences is safe. But can cause individual intolerance. Before the first use on the genitals, you need to apply a little cream or gel to the bend of the elbow. If there is no redness within 2 hours, it can be used for its intended purpose.
  • It is forbidden to use lubricants with special effects for diseases of the urine system. In the presence of diseases, you need to consult your doctor.
  • If the lubricant causes discomfort, it happens very rarely, you need to refuse its use. The product must be washed away immediately using warm water and soap.
  • The shelf life of each lubricant is indicated on the package. And there is always a “time of use after autopsy”. When the deadline has expired, you should refuse to use. In order not to throw bottles or tubes, you can take options with a smaller volume.

10 best exciting lubricants for women

We have chosen 10 best exciting lubricants for women. They give different sensations, but at the same time are very popular. These intimate drugs were most often selected in 2018-2019 in our store and deserved the maximum number of positive reviews. All of them are suitable for frequent use, safe and suitable for use at any age.

1. The best exciting water -based lubricant JO H2O Warming

Jo lubricant is the perfect solution for women and men who want to improve sexual games. The delicate texture solves two problems at once: it improves sliding and gives more emotions to both. The composition is pleasant to the touch, does not stick and does not evaporate. Water -based lubricant, it can be used with condoms, and it is easily washed off with water. Produced in two different volumes: 60 and 120 ml. Suitable for use with any sex toys, leaves no traces of bedding.Advantages of the best water -based lubricant JO H2O Warming:

  • Produced in the USA. Meets the best quality standards in the world.
  • Does not cause allergies or irritation. There are no fragrances in the composition.
  • Suitable for frequent use, ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Consumed economically, do not need to be added in the process.

2. Excellent exciting cream for women “lust”

Cream for activating the sensitivity of erogenous zones. It seems to him that each touch is more intense. Delicate aroma does not interfere with intimacy. The texture is creamy, not only excites, but also nourishes the skin. One package is enough for 15+ applications. Ideal for women who are excited for a long time, the drug helps them in time for a partner. Can be used with latex products.Advantages of the female cream “Lust”:

  • Attractive cost, intimate tool is available to everyone.
  • Suitable for both young girls and adults.
  • Gives a slight feeling of warmth, which is pleasant and interesting.
  • Based on natural components, suitable for frequent use.

3. The best exciting gels for the Clitor from JO with the cooling effect

Special clitoris creams giving incredible orgasms developed by JO. Two magic creams stimulate genitals, giving a feeling of a pleasant chill. There are two different means: JO Chill with a slight effect, suitable for sensitive skin;Jo Clitoral Gel Arctic with the maximum action, for those who wish intense experiences. It is convenient to always keep a tube with a gel at hand, it takes up little space. At the same time, one package is enough for 30+ applications.Advantages of the best exciting lubricants from JO:

  • American quality complies with world standards. Safely.
  • Easy effect is ideal for beginners.
  • The chill is pleasant, even the air movements around seem caressing.
  • Does not cause addiction, easily washed off with ordinary water and soap.

4. Stimulating spray for women – LovesPray Active

An intimate tool with instant effect is the LovesPray Active spray. It sprays on the skin and is quickly absorbed, it does not need to be rubbed into the genitals. For the desired effect, 1-2 presses are enough, and then you can immediately proceed to action. No need to wait for the drug to activate, this happens instantly. It is important to understand that the effect will be exciting, but will not affect sliding. “A pleasant burning sensation, and then a passionate desire” – this is how users describe it.The advantages of the female stimulating spray LovesPray Active:

  • Very simple application, and the bottle cannot roll over or the contents to lead.
  • Very economical consumption, packaging for 15+ applications.
  • Stylish design, in appearance it is difficult to guess the purpose.
  • Democratic cost for an excellent result.

5. Exciting lubricant for women ‘Cosmo Vibro’

A special vibration effect is given by exciting cream for women “Cosmo Vibro”. It is worth applying it to the clitoris or labia, and they begin to shout inside. This is a magical sensation that can cause goosebumps. The pleasant texture is compatible with intimate goods and any means of protection. The effect of the drug lasts 30 minutes, but it can always be added. Suitable for paired games and masturbation.Advantages of the best exciting cream with vibration Cosmo Vibro:

  • It is difficult to compare the action with other drugs, it is unique and very interesting.
  • Made in the world, in natural herbs.
  • The texture is creamy. Does not leave traces of linen, easily washed off with water.
  • A man in the process can also feel an action if you apply the cream to the head of the member.

6. Cleer cream that excites and enhances sensations – Shunga Secret Garden

The strength of orgasms with this cream increases significantly! It is applied to the clitoris, and it causes powerful experiences. And a special composition stimulates the release of natural lubrication. Trying such a gel is worth those who seek to experience several orgasms in a row or want to make them more interesting. How to apply an exciting gel? 10 minutes before penetration, it is applied to the clitoris with light massage movements. Can be used with any intimate goods, does not affect barrier contraceptives.Advantages of clitoral cream for excitation of Shunga Secret Garden:

  • Shunga is an intimate cosmetics from Canada of the highest quality.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, does not cause allergies or irritation.
  • Recommended for women in adulthood, solves dry issues.
  • A very small amount of 1 use is required.

7. The best stinging cream for women Happy Lady from Germany

Ideal cream for stimulation – Happy Lady. The composition of pepper, cinnamon, which make the aroma magical, but most importantly, activate the work of nerve endings. And also in lavender oil, it cares for the skin, softens delicate areas. The cream must be applied to the vulva with massage movements. Activation occurs immediately, but the maximum effect is achieved after 10 minutes.Advantages of Happy Lady – Courting tools to excite a lady:

  • Created in Germany, high -quality and safe.
  • Can be used every day, does not affect the mucous membrane.
  • Suitable for women at any age, pH-neutral.
  • The composition is balanced, gives a feeling of warmth and desire.

8. Magnificent female cooling silicone lubricant Jo Premium Women Cool

The perfect lubrication on silicone basis is Jo Premium Women Cool. It is created for bright sex with a special effect. In menthol, it cools the skin, making touches with magical. You can use even in water, it is not washed off immediately. At the same time, the sliding is very light. The lubricant from JO is the best, it really suits most users and gets many positive reviews. Does not irritate the skin, but cares for it. And can be used for any type of sex.Advantages of the best female lubrication JO Premium Women Cool:

  • Very pleasant texture, based on silicone.
  • For vaginal and anal sex. Add to the clitoris.
  • Gives a slight cooling effect, causes a strong response inside the body.
  • Does not evaporate, you need only a couple of drops per one application.

9. Vaginal narrowing gel that enhances viamax tight sensations

You can enhance sensations due to more intense contact. And Viamax Tight helps this greatly. It narrows the vagina, as a result, the member enters tightly, stimulating more actively the entrance to the bosom and point g. Pleasant experiences are available to both partners. At the same time, a surge of blood to erogenous zones occurs, which leads to stronger orgasms for her. The effect occurs 10 minutes after application, it is important to introduce a small amount of the product inside the vagina. Due to the plant components, an unusual penetration is achieved, which should be tried.Pros of narrowing lubrication for women Viamax Tight:

  • The special composition was developed in Sweden, it has passed dozens of tests, completely safe.
  • The narrowing effect is very noticeable, but temporary, lasts 30 minutes.
  • Exciting gel can be used with sex toys and condoms.
  • When applying the body, pleasant heat is poured, but the effect is noticeable with vaginal penetration.

10. Stimulating gel for the JO 12 VOLT clitoris

Sensations from the use of gel can be compared with mild myostimulation. It seems that something “buzzes” inside. It is like light goosebumps that are activated precisely in erogenous zones. A cream for the clitoris was developed, but it is interesting to use it on the nipples, the head of the penis. The action is caused by plant components, it is safe. An unusual feeling lasts 40-45 minutes. Such cosmetics is ideal for a gift, because new emotions are the best present.Advantages of the exciting female gel JO 12 VOLT:

  • The effect of vibration or buzzing is very interesting, not comparable to familiar caresses.
  • The gel is designed for delicate skin, does not dry, does not cause itching.
  • Can be used in the game solo or paired.
  • Guarantee of new sensations and rapid approximation of orgasm.

What lubricant excites more? There is no single answer to this question. The list of the best exciting lubricants for women included 10 products, but there are much more excellent cosmetic drugs. The best are collected in our catalog, we care about our customers, selecting only proven brands and models.

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