Why are color condoms needed?

Why are color condoms needed?.

Color condoms can be a great addition to your sex life. It may seem to you that fellation with a color condom gives more pleasure. Visual stimulation can be an important part of sexual experience. Multi -colored condoms can be an interesting way to diversify sexual life.


You can buy a basic supply of color condoms no more than paid for any other latex condom. However, some more intricate color variations can cost more. Make sure you buy real condoms- on the packaging of the condom, it should be indicated that it is intended for safe sex.

The ease of acquisition

Our online store sells both classic color condoms and more interesting options. Of interesting options, you may be interested in multi -colored assorteds, condoms with original aromas and even gold condoms.

Use during vaginal sexual intercourse

Color condoms can be used wherever ordinary latex condoms are appropriate. Just make sure that they are not souvenir products. The packaging should indicate that condoms are approved to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Use during oral sex

Color condoms can be an excellent accessory to increase the safety of oral sex. If desired, you can choose the color of condoms for one of the accessories or to a sex toy. You can also choose oral lubricant to taste to the condom.

Use during anal sex

There is no reason not to use color latex condoms for anal sex. But color condoms will not replace good grease, even if they are beautiful and make people relax. With anal sex, use the lubricant on water or silicone -based condoms together with condoms.

We will summarize

Color condoms can be an interesting way to diversify your sex life. They create a pleasant visual stimulus for oral sex and generally add some variety to your safe sex. But you should be careful – you must make sure that color condoms that you purchase are designed for safe sex, and are not souvenir products.

If you don’t like the change of colors, there are other options on how to add a little visual excitement. There are condoms and condoms with various tubercles and textures luminous in the dark. You can choose condoms for any mood, just do not forget to monitor their expiration date.

If you have sensitive skin, pay attention to the reaction of your body. Color and flavored condoms contain additives to which you can be sensitive, even if you have a normal reaction to latex condoms. If you have problems with the condoms of a particular brand, try different or return to ordinary condoms. In the end, the comfort of using and ensuring security condoms than their beauty is much more important.

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