Women’s condom. Video Instruction – how to use a female condom

How to use a female condom.

Women’s condom (Femide – reduction from English. Female+Condom) is a cylindrical tube with elastic rings from both ends made of polyurethane or nitrile. It is introduced into the vagina or an anus before sexual intercourse and is a kind of barrier that prevents an unwanted pregnancy, as well as reducing the risk of infection with sexually transmissive diseases.

How to enter a female condom correctly

It is quite simple to use this type of contraception, you will need only a little patience and, of course, practices. And first, let’s watch a video where it is clearly shown how to use a female condom.

  1. Carefully open the package, trying not to use sharp objects (scissors or knife) so as not to damage the femid.
  2. The condom has two rings: internally (blind) and external. Enter a condom is necessary so that the internally ring is inside the vagina.
  3. If necessary, use water -based lubricant.
  4. Before introducing a condom into the vagina, it is necessary to squeeze the blind ring so that it becomes a little elongated. So it will be much easier for you to introduce him into the vagina.
  5. Choose a convenient pose. It can be a pose, squatting your legs, lying or sitting.
  6. Carefully introduce a strained condom ring into the vagina in a similar way, as a swab is introduced. For convenience, insert your index finger into the female condom (only make sure that the nails are tonsured and the rings are removed!) and push him deep into the vagina as much as possible. After that, make sure that he did not twist inside and that the outer open ring is located outside the vagina by about 2-3 cm.
  7. Before sexual intercourse, carefully send a member of the partner to the condom so that he does not pass by him and does not plug him into the vagina. In a word, the member should be inside him, and not on the side between the outer wall of the vagina and the condom.
  8. After sexual intercourse, it is necessary to remove it so that the sperm does not flow out. To do this, hold the ring with your fingers and slowly stretch.
  9. Throw a condom into the garbage urn, and not in the toilet, after previously wrapping it in toilet paper or in the fabric.
  10. Use only once!
  11. Never use a female condom with a male condom, since one of them can be damaged or slip.
  12. To use it for anal sex, follow the same instructions.

During intercourse, you should stop if a partner’s member slipped out of the condom, being between the outer wall of the vagina and the condom or when its outer ring is inside the vagina.


  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmissive diseases protection.
  • Can be used during menstruation.
  • They do not cause an allergic reaction, so Femis is an alternative way of contraception for people who are allergic to latex.
  • They do not cause hormonal disorders in women.
  • The partner himself can introduce it, thereby turning this process into a prelude.
  • There is no need to immediately remove the female condom from the vagina after ejaculation. In this case, it will be enough only to twist it a little, without taking it out immediately.
  • The outer ring can additionally stimulate the clitoris during intercourse.


Despite the fact that few have problems using this product, several disadvantages are still noted.

  • There is a chance that he can penetrate into the vagina completely during intercourse.
  • A female condom can sometimes spin around its axis, while creating a barrier that will create certain difficulties to continue sexual intercourse.
  • The inner ring sometimes irritates the head of a penis or vagina itself, since it is quite solid to the touch.
  • Sometimes a sound like a creak is heard from the friction of a member about a condom.
  • High price.

Where to buy and how much is a female condom

This type of contraception is sold without a prescription in pharmacies or in supermarkets. And you do not need to rack your head about the size, since they are only one size. But, unfortunately, in the CIS countries this type of contraception did not become popular because of its rather high price, which ranges from 2.5 $ -5.00 $ per one piece.

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