7 facts about masturbation that units know about | Informative

7 facts about masturbation that units know about.

, 7 facts about masturbation that units know about | Informative
Masturbation at different times belonged in different ways. And talking about her today is not accepted. But scientists are actively investigating this area of human life. And today we can say that there are some facts about masturbation that units know about. But this information concerns everyone.

Fact 1. Masturbation is safe

Stimulation of the genitals It does not harm health. Even if you do it often or in some special ways. There is no blindness from this, the hair does not grow on the hands, there are no heart attacks and the libido does not decrease. Doctors claim that this is a natural process that gives pleasure and helps to know your body better.

Injuries in the process are possible. For example, if a man masturbates often or without lubrication, gratitude may occur. But all this It does not threaten life. And at the same time, the process cannot be infected in the process, unlike intercourse.

Fact 2. Men masturbate more often women

Boys earlier discover the pleasure of stimulating the genitals. This happens from 11 to 14 years. And often masturbate to cause discharge.

Girls begin to caress themselves later. And not everyone discovers interest in such actions. By the age of 20 there remains a small percentage of women who have never masturbated in life, Although they could already have sex.

In adulthood, more than 75% of men masturbate, although the frequency of the process is different for everyone. And only 62% of women are experimenting with self -satisfaction, and many are also not regularly.

Fact 3. No concept of “normal” masturbation

Body stimulation for each person occurs in different ways. Sequence of actions, speed, affection are different. And although the main points can be distinguished, they are not completely identical.

The question of “normality” is not correct. If the process helps to get sexual discharge, if it does not harm other people, does not interfere with their lives, then So everything is right. And even if it differs from how others do it – it’s still normal., 7 facts about masturbation that units know about | Informative

Fact 4. Masturbation does not replace sex

To lose tension, to obtain discharge during masturbation is simple, but it does not give an emotional charge. She does not replace communication, proximity. Sex is A completely different process. And therefore, in different situations, people choose different interaction.

Masturbation is convenient when not time, there is no resource for communication, there is no desire to please someone. But sometimes I want contact with another person, and this is a different level of proximity. And these two processes do not replace each other, but complement life, fill it with different sensations.

Fact 5. Pension masturbation exists

Not only young people masturbate. Even after 60 and After 70 years there is self -satisfaction. With age, erogenous zones do not lose their sensitivity, and the orgasm does not become less desirable. Therefore, both men and women do it.

It is believed that the desire is slightly reduced after 50 years. But interest is more likely, and not the number of acts is important, but their quality. More attention is paid to prelude, more important process, not the result. A certain leisurely gives a completely different taste of what is happening.

Fact 6. Not only people masturbate

Surprisingly, animals masturbate and masturbate. This is noticed by dogs, cats, some species of monkeys and even elephants. Animals also strive to get pleasure in a variety of ways.

In nature, the stimulation of the genitals does not always lead to orgasm or ejaculation. Sometimes this is an imitation of sexual intercourse, but without the final. But all this only confirms that this is a natural process, that there is nothing forbidden or shameful in it.

Fact 7. Masturbation with sex toys is several times brighter

The pleasure that sex toys give is brighter than when using only hands. Modern sex-Tovars allow Expand the range of sensations several times. Vibration, rotation, massage, wave stimulation, vacuum – there are many effects, and each has its own regimes and speeds. And all this is created specifically to enjoy.

High-quality sex toys Safe. At the same time very practical. They will be able to use both alone and paired. And do not refuse that it gives new peaks of bliss.

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