Facts about masturbation – truth and fiction

Interesting facts about masturbation.

The long period of history, the theme of masturbation was forbidden in European civilization and self -satisfaction was condemned by both the Church and society. Now, after the sexual revolution, we can safely talk about your desires and needs, and therefore a selection of interesting facts about masturbation will have to be by the way.

, Facts about masturbation – truth and fiction

Facts about masturbation:

  1. Even less than a hundred years ago masturbation and masturbation was considered a perverted occupation that is associated with a violation of the human psyche. In the period of the 18th and 19th centuries, it was believed that own satisfaction could cause terrible diseases: inflammation of the genitals, rabies or even death. It is not known in what period of time and how masturbation has become a very ordinary phenomenon, but now there are many studies confirming that such a lesson has even a positive effect.

  1. When a person completes the process of self -satisfaction, he begins to better perceive smells by 30%. This is due to the fact that in a fit of feelings there is a sharp throwing of hormones, due to large new olfactory nerve recipes is formed. It is also noteworthy that the increase in smell is more effective after masturbation than after sex, with which scientists do not know this.
  2. Statistical data indicates that people who lead regular sexual life are more likely to satisfy themselves alone. Moreover, in men, this tendency is observed in large cases than in women, an approximate ratio of 85% by 50%. Therefore, the facts about male masturbation are easily visible in the historical prospect. The reasons for such an advantage in the direction of the stronger sex are unknown, although they say that there can be many: dissatisfaction of sex itself, weak orgasm, as a variety and the like. However, this does not indicate that sexual discharge men need more than women.

  3. There is such a moment in the process of masturbation, which is associated with a mental deviation. However, you should not worry that you should contact specialists if you often do self -satisfaction several times a day or week. No, it is worth alarming only in cases where there is a strong craving to engage in masturbation right in front of people, without their consent or even by violent way. In this case, such a desire is associated with a disorder and a consultation with a psychologist is necessary.

  4. Despite the fact that self -satisfaction does not cause harm and perhaps it benefits to some extent, does not mean that it can be kept in priority compared to the traditional form of love. The number of people who decided to take the appearance of the “hermit” and give themselves love alone is growing every day, but this trend can adversely affect. A person begins to close more in himself and get away from the real world. He has less chance of making contacts in society and finding a life partner to further continue a kind., Facts about masturbation – truth and fiction

  5. If it seems to you that the topic of masturbation is associated only with the male sex, then we will give you facts about female masturbation. When a woman is engaged in self -satisfaction, her sexual craving is more associated with an emotional background than with physical needs. It is so accepted that the weaker sex is more inclined to fantasize, imagine and use various “toys” for their pleasures. There are common cases when a woman is in a regular relationship and leads an active sex life, but she never experienced orgasm. This is the proof that gentle girls just need to be in harmony and constant contact with their own body.
  6. To date, stores of intimate things provide a wide selection of various “toys” that will help with masturbation and give more sensations, but men remain faithful to their right and left hand in case with masturbation. They consider it humiliating and committing sex shops only for the sake of a joke or for a variety of sexual activity with their partner. Women on the contrary, they are more than slopes to bring innovations to masturbation. This trend is due to the fact that the weaker sex, due to its natural properties, is more inclined to fantasize and imagine, and various vibrators and strapons will only help them in this.

  7. Self -satisfaction of his libido through masturbation is not the key to strong physical and psychological health. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you are not one of 85% of men and 50% of women who masturbate. And even if you never thought about it, this is also quite normal and natural. Each of us has our own norms and principles, to which we adhere to throughout our lives and there is nothing like that if they diverge a bit with strangers. True, it is always useful to learn something new and put it into practice, but this is already each of us.

We hope that the facts about masturbation And masturbation They made you understand that there is nothing shameful in these processes. Perhaps one of you learned, something new and revised your views, but maybe someone on the contrary-he was even more embarrassed regarding this topic, but do not forget that everyone is free to do as it will be pleased (if, if,Of course, this does not burden the people around).

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