Fleshlight Masturbators: How to create, views why it is worth choosing Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Masturbators: How to create, views why it is worth choosing Fleshlight?.

The story of the creator of Fleshlight

Steve Shubin is an ordinary young American who worked as a police patrol, and then was promoted to SWAT officer. He lived with Katti’s beloved wife, their sexual life was on top, so he didn’t even think about creating, but even about a simple purchase of sex toys for personal use.

In the early 90s, Steve’s wife suffered heavy births, giving birth to twins. For medical reasons, any sexual contacts were temporarily prohibited for her. Steve, of course, took into account this, but his attraction remained unchanged. Having talked with his wife, he made the only right decision: to buy a sex toy as a temporary decision.

In fact, the plan was perfect. However, the first bought masturbator was trite rubbed. The following attempts were no more successful: too narrow, too hard, too wide, some masturbators were completely torn at the slightest stretch.

Steve Shubin was surprised by the fact that the sex-toys market was so huge, but could not offer him anything that could satisfy him. This prompted him to the idea that he could create something with his own hands to help all the men who would ever be in the same situation as he.

The birth of the masturbator Fleshlight

Steve decided to immediately start with the great – from the creation of a full-sized sex doll that would satisfy any male fantasies. He liked the first trial models, he shared his best practices with friends, and they gladly offered their services to testers.

However, his comrade, who most of all wanted to try the doll, immediately changed his mind when he saw its size. It would be very difficult to hide a full -size artificial woman from his wife and children, and the weight of 45 kg only exacerbated the situation. A friend asked if Steve could give him only the most intimate part of the doll for testing.

At this moment, Steve dawned on: why spend a huge amount of money and resources on the production of dolls that will be inaccessible to people due to the cost and problems with the storage of the house? After all, you can focus on the production of only individual parts of the body.

The copper-inventor in love with his work was inspired by his own official flashlight when he developed a tube for storing the first portable toy. In English «flashlight» pronounced as «Flashlight»: from the words Flash – Flash and Light – light. Thinking a little, he called his invention «Fleshlight», Where «Flesh» translated as «flesh».

First «flashlight» appeared on the windows of US sex shops in 1998. And a year later, their sales were brought by Shubin about $ 2 million, he soon left the ranks of the police and founded the Interactive Forms of Life with headquarters in Austin, Texas.

How are Fleshlight created

For the manufacture of vaginas, ass and mouth imitators, not photographs or imagination of designers began to be used, but real casts of films for adults. If at first the search for actresses was not the easiest task, now for any of them – The great honor of becoming the inspirer of the new device from Fleshlight. Now every fan can get to know his favorite actress even closer.

Tender material Real Feel Super Skin – This is a patented type of cybercumor, which makes all the brand masturbators unique. It conveys the texture of real human skin as accurately as possible, creating unique emotions during the use of the masturbator.

The internal relief of each toy also has differences – From the most smooth, without relief, to futuristic from the Turbo collection. The color of the material can be either light bodily, or transparent, brown or even blue in the style of the film «Avatar». The colors of the case (tube) also have several options depending on the model (white, black, blue, orange or transparent).

Each package is protected by two holograms with the inscription Security and the brand logo that protect the goods not only from fakes, but also as a guarantee that the packaging was not opened earlier.

The number of fleshlaite masturbators sold today is already calculated by tens of millions of units. A day, the plant produces about 7 thousand sex toys, among which there are also accessories and even toys for steam.

Types of masturbators Fleshlight

The permanent classic of the brand – These, of course, are casts of famous actresses. Tera Patrick, Riley Reed, Asa Akira and many other adult films stars. Each masturbator of the flashlight differs not only by the appearance, but also by the individual relief of the inner sleeve, so the experience from different toys is unique and unique.

For pleasant endurance training, there is a flashlight Stamina Training Unit. This device allows men to restrain ejaculation, which positively affects sexual life and self -esteem.

The ICE line is also in demand. These Flesh Light masturbators are made of material that looks like ice. In addition to the aesthetic component, the device is interesting in that it allows you to observe the process. This can become part of an erotic game in a couple, because peeping according to statistics is a fetish of a huge number of people.

By the way, about paired use. Quickshot – This is not a classic vagina masturbator Fleshlight, but a small toy without a realistic design that is perfect for joint use. Size and shape allow you to easily fit it in the palm of your hand and use it during the preludes, as well as supplement oral affection using the device.

There is a compromise between classic flashlight and miniature quikt – These are GO series masturbators. They differ in a reduced size, preserving all the proportions of the originals. Such a Flashlight masturbator is suitable for those who do not want to part with a toy on vacation or on a business trip.

Why is it worth choosing Fleshlight?

Flashlite – This is a brand with a long history that always keeps up with the times, offering customers the highest quality materials. A huge number of lines allows each man to find a toy that is suitable for him.

Many years of experience allowed Steve Shubin to create universal sex devices that combine anatomical comfort, aesthetic beauty and long-term preservation of the properties of masturbators.

With proper care, the flashlights serve twice as long as cheaper analogues, and the Real Feel Super Skin material does not lose its properties even with severe stretching.

Fleshlight – This is a real legend among masturbators. To get acquainted with her is worth everyone who wants to get a modern and reliable sex girl who guarantees pleasure.

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