How to choose a masturbator? Hyde, advice and recommendations

How to choose a masturbator? Hyde, advice and recommendations.

Do I need to deprive yourself of pleasure when your partner has a headache or have you left for a long time? Of course, no. Sex is not only the need for physiology of people, but a wonderful option for relief relief, relaxation method. So we can enjoy not only the sensations themselves, but also prevent stagnation in the pelvis zone.

Undoubtedly, sexual discharge can be obtained manually. But the use of such a little thing as a masturbator will make it to the maximum of such an act. When selecting such a device, it is very important to consider a number of characteristics: material, type, size of the product.

The choice of material

In the production of a masturbator, modern materials are used, which will allow you to create very real sensations:

• PVC – This is the most democratic choice. Products from this material are available in price, but they are short -lived, have a characteristic smell;

, How to choose a masturbator? Hyde, advice and recommendations

• Gel – Such a material that is pleasant to the touch, it does not have a smell;

• Cybercro – This is an extremely realistic material, which requires care;

• Silicon – Soft, strong, moisture water. Although products from this material are expensive, magical sensations, the long service life fully justifies this acquisition.

On the shelves of sex buts, you can invariably choose a model with a suitable size, which will fully meet your desires.

Choosing the type of masturbator

Modern manufacturers of such sex toys take care not only about those who love classic vaginal sex, but also about those who choose oral, anal options;

• Artificial vagina is soft, gentle, affordable. They will allow you to simulate sexual intercourse very well. Simple vagina options are performed according to the type of hollow tube, which closely covers the phallus. However, you can indulge yourself with a much more interesting model with diluted legs, which is very similar to the real crotch of a woman;

, How to choose a masturbator? Hyde, advice and recommendations

• Seductive lips of the masturbator in the form of a mouth will take your phallus with pleasure, giving the brightest orgasm. These products, being made of soft materials that are pleasant to the touch, stretch well, fit the penis well. Tongue, soft ribs or spikes will give a special piquancy to your sensations;

• With a masturbator-back you can even embody secret fantasies! It gently covers your genital organ, its internal reliefs will provide a member with additional stimulation;

• The combined model does not limit you in desires. You can at least move from one type of sex to another, bringing yourself a maximum of pleasure.

To increase the degree of pleasure, you can purchase a realistic masturbator that will copy the organs of famous porn actresses, or a model with vibration, which will increase your pleasant sensations many times.

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