Masturbation at home

Masturbation at home.

Creative thinking and great fantasy allows you to discover new worlds of pleasure. This is itself. And it also helps to get out in difficult situations.

Imagine that you forgot your favorite sex toy at home, going on a trip. Or decided to have fun with their beloved, but there was nothing suitable at hand.

This is what girls offer in such situations. List of the most ordinary and unusual sources of pleasure!

1.I can put my phone on a soundless mode, leaving vibration. One of the phones I have healthy, still classic rarity, it has vibration that you need. And I put it on autonar from another. !

Maria, 26 years old

2. Classically use a stream of water in the shower. You need to remove the shower head, and choose the appropriate pressure and temperature. Only you need to do everything carefully, otherwise you can harm yourself. And you direct the stream to the clitoris area, more precisely a little higher…what buzz, girls! I also tried to stimulate the nipples with a weaker pressure, also a pleasant sensation. And in the bathroom it is also relaxed and solitary…

Elena, 32 years old

3. Once I saw in the series, as they said about masturbation on a washing machine. I decided, honestly, for the sake of laughter, to experiment. Included the longest washing mode with the regime of high -speed pressing. Sat on horseback, and when the washer began to jump and vibrate, it became very ashamed that I was so excited. But a feeling of shame passed a few minutes later, when it was no longer a childishly covered pleasure!

Alena, 23 years old

4. I had a small manual body massager. It was intended for relaxing shoulders and back massage. To be honest, this Chinese thing did not give anyone an effect. Until I tried to lower it just below the shoulders…there this thing worked perfectly! And most importantly, the massager can lie anywhere, and no one will dig up with suspicious issues.

Olga, 25 years old

, Masturbation at home

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