Masturbation for women: harmful or not

The benefits and harm of female masturbation.

, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

American sexologists conducted a study and found out that only 65 % heterosexual women experience an orgasm. The survey results became known after they were printed in Archives of Sexual Behavior. In this situation, masturbation becomes the only way to enjoy. Let’s talk about how to diversify masturbation for women.


, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

Judging by the information from the Runet forums, the girls begin to play with their vagina not at all because of the lack of sex. Many ladies say that they hooked on masturbation at a very early age. The first experience was already in 3-4 of the year. The latest period – from 19 before 22 years.

Usually it all starts spontaneously. Here is how one of the women from the forum describes his adventures: “I pressed the crotch against the armrest of the chair, moved a little and finished”. It is a habit. I would like to receive sexual discharge again and again.

Even when the first partner appears, a passion for masturbation does not fade away in the fair sex. They continue to satisfy themselves with a shower or manual stimulation of the clitoris. And some go to sex shop for erotic devices.

Popular myths

A lot of myths have been formed around the theme of female masturbation. Logic distorted by public morality seeks to find something unpleasant and harmful in a harmless procedure. So opinions are broken down that can develop an inferiority complex. And then everyone is lamented over the theme of female frigidity.

This is not appropriate

Conservative parents day and night follow their daughters. It is worth a girl to retire for a long time in the bathroom, or to hide her hands under the blanket, questions and psychological pressure immediately begin. The child understands that he is engaged in something obscene, but cannot stop.

As a result, the brain gives rise to a lot of complexes, and a person closes from the world, ceases to trust relatives and others.

But who said that masturbation is indecent? Another ancient Roman philosopher Seneca spoke a winged phrase:

“What is natural, it is not non -baptized”.

Sexuality lives in every girl. No need to limit it.

Sexual attraction is reduced

Favorite mantra of Soviet sexologists. Say, from frequent self -satisfaction, ladies cease to pay attention to men. Bed scenes with guys cause rejection, because the discharge is more than enough.

No study confirmed a decrease in excitability due to masturbation classes. On the contrary, playful girls easier go to experiments, skillfully give pleasure to their partners.

With orgasm is also all right. It remains intense and bright. So frigidity develops for other reasons. It arises “thanks to” public pressure.

Mental disorders appear

Circular rumors circulate that early masturbation completely breaks the psyche of the child. The shock dose of hormones literally drives crazy. Hypersexuality is harmful, it must be suppressed. Monitor, punish, conduct preventive conversations. And it is better to select a porn magazine and block Internet access.

The poet from ancient Rome Ovid wrote in one of his works:

“The Forbidden fruit is sweet”.

The girl likes pleasant sensations. I want to repeat them. From parental notations, anxiety intensifies. Masturbation improves the condition.

But the feeling of guilt begins to form. For the fact that you cannot stop for disobedience to the senior. It is prohibitions that form psychological problems.


, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

If you discard mythology, it turns out that female masturbation is able to benefit. Here are just part of the advantages of sexual practice:

  • Strengthens the muscles. Pilling bottom muscles are responsible for female health. Their training helps in the prevention of many gynecological diseases. Abbreviations improve blood circulation, prevent stagnation.
  • Reduces the risk of infection. During orgasm, the cervix partially opens. Harmful microorganisms go into the vagina and outward with natural lubrication. Such “cleaning” helps to cope with bacteria.
  • Improves immunity. Scientists have proven that immune cells work better when exposed to cortisol hormone. It is thrown into the bloodstream at the time of the onset of sexual arousal. Herpes, colds and flu pass by.
  • Facilitates the condition with menstruation. Stimulation reduces the intensity of spasms that occur during menstruation. The effect is superior to the one that occurs after taking antispasmodics like “no-shpa”.
  • Fighting with depression. When a black strip comes in life, you need to add pleasant emotions and sensations. Masturbation triggers endorphin. They are called “hormones of happiness”. The state of the psyche improves.

It turns out that self -satisfaction is full of positive influences. The main thing is not to go to the virtual world for a long time, forgetting about the real.


, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

Harmful effects on the woman’s body are not proven by science. There are only circumstances that the girl provokes herself, for example:

  • Overwork. Sexologists recommend limiting the number of masturbation sessions before 5 in a day. Otherwise, there will be a risk of obtaining physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Mechanical injuries. It is enough to refuse lubrication, and then for half an hour to “polish” the vagina with a vibrator. Microtrauma will appear on the mucosa.
  • Fucking items. The cap from the spirits can easily fly off the bottle and stay inside the rectum or vagina. Will have to contact a doctor to extract.
  • Psychological dependence. When you like more than with a partner. It is difficult to establish a new relationship. There is an illusion of self -sufficiency.

Do not forget about hygiene. Wash toys and arms, treat them with an antiseptic. Then the risk of getting harm from self -satisfaction will be zero.

Methods of masturbation

Scientists and sexologists regularly conduct polls to learn more about women’s sexual life. These are the girls like masturbation:

Stimulation method Percent
Massage with the hands of the clitoris and vagina 48 %
Using the vibrator 26 %
Introduction to the phalloimitator 10 %
Friction about objects 6 %
Application of a shower 4 %
Squeezing the hips 4 %
Other options 2 %

Most of the fair sex prefer to cope with the difficulties of sexual tension with their own hands. This is a simple way that does not require devices.

In second place is an old-lubious vibrator. It can not only be rubbed against the sensitive walls of the mucosa, but also massage the erogenous zones, trembling with a small tremor.

The third step of the pedestal is occupied by sex shops and improvised means. If there is no silicone dildo nearby, you can replace it with a bottle or even a banana. The effect will be no worse. It all depends on the details of the imagination.

The rest of the methods are not too popular. Although, according to reviews from women’s forums, shower is used more ladies than indicated in our table. Total 4 % Little. But, scientists sometimes make a too small sample of respondents.

Types of masturbation in women

The process of self -satisfaction is associated with age and social factors. Typical types of masturbation are as follows:

  1. Early. Begins in childhood from 3 before 7 years. Occurs with spontaneous stimulation of the genitals. Garbed about a plush bear – I liked it.
  2. Teenage. Starting during puberty. This is a puberty. .
  3. Adult. When the girl was fulfilled 1618 years, she learned the necessary information about sex and decided to experiment.
  4. Replacement. When there was a full sex with a man in life, but the partner is far away, or the relationship ended. Characteristic for diluted.
  5. Climacteric. Comes during menopause. A woman in this way successfully fights depression.

The methods can also be distinguished:

  • Adaptive. Impact during sex. The girl and her partner can use.
  • Disadaptive. Self -satisfaction alone. Using available methods.
  • With penetration. The lady introduces various oblong objects into the vagina.
  • Without penetration. Hands, shower. The main object of stimulation is the clitoris.

Any type can be used to the maximum. You just need to study popular techniques.


By the mature age in the arsenal of girls, there are a lot of tricks that help to reach the finals in a matter of minutes. They know how to massage the clitoris to get a bright orgasm. We will only designate the main directions and give some tips.


Playful handles – the main tool of women on the way to satisfy their sexual needs. Fingers are used. One can be driven around the clitoris. Two are perfect for stimulation of the labia. Three will become a good replacement of the phalloimitator.

Each girl has her own preferences. One likes strong pressure on erogenous areas. The other experiences a real buzz when barely touches the skin or mucous membrane. Rhythmic tapping, stroking. All this exacerbates feelings and excites.

Your free hand can massage and squeeze the nipples. I like games with the anus? Then there is an option to insert a couple of fingers into a narrow hole. Just take care of cleanliness first: use sprint or enema.


Here we are talking about a shower watering can. Its elastic jets perfectly stimulate the vagina and clitoris. Before water procedures, you need to adjust the temperature and pressure. Too hot liquid will not allow to end, like cold. All that is needed is rhythmically drive a watering can along the vulva.

If the pressure is weak, you can apply technical life hack: unscrew the watering can, use only the hose. You can not enter it inside! Otherwise, there will be a risk of damaging the organs.

Water masturbation is suitable for period of menstruation. It is hygiene, a decrease in pain and a pleasant procedure at the same time.


In the current sex shops there is nothing. Vibrators, clitoral butterflies, nipples clamps. According to statistics, 26 % of girls choose vibro devices. But what prevents the anal plug from the launch? So the level of sensations will be much more intense.

Lovers of BDSM practices will appreciate the clamps. Devices have an adjusting screw. It is easy to configure the desired pressure with it. After a couple of minutes, the nipples will begin to pulsate, transmitting nerve impulses directly to the clitoris.

Like fisting? Then it is worth paying attention to a dildo of large diameter, or stimulants in the shape of a hand. They don’t have to use bottles and bottles with them.

Toys must be carefully lubricated. Otherwise, damage the mucous membrane.


To ensure a powerful orgasm, you do not need to go anywhere. Everything can be done at home. Sit with a naked vagina to the armchair armrest and rhythmically move back and forth. It is better to cover the surface with a towel.

Hands are completely free. With your fingers, squeeze the nipples and massage them. The effect will not be long in coming. It will turn out after 58 minutes.

There is an option to quickly make a device with your own hands. We turn a tight towel in the form of a phallus and put on a chair. We sit on top, holding the edges. We rub the crotch on rough fabric.


The position of the body sometimes affects the intensity of orgasm is stronger than the stimulation rate. In a relaxed pose, there are only sensations, and in tense – completely different. For romantic girls who like the idea of subordinating the partner, we advise static poses without muscle tension. For active ladies, options are more complicated.

Lying on the back

, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

Everyone started with this situation. How nice to caress yourself before bedtime, lying on a soft bed. But you can do this immediately after awakening. The main thing is to get comfortable, forget about problems and plunge into your favorite imagination. The palms squeeze the chest, and slowly sink below, sliding along the stomach and pubis. The index finger of the right hand massages the clitoris. With your left hand you can play with the labia: spread and then squeeze. Divorced legs relax. Compressed – create an additional voltage.

Three dots

, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

The lady gracefully knelt down. With one hand rests against the surface, the second masturbates its heated vagina. Better to do it on a bed or soft sofa. Otherwise, the legs will get tired of pressure quite quickly. Perfect pose for fantasies on the topic of sex. The girl bends her back, moves the booty. She represents how a tense member penetrates behind the vagina and moves. At the same time, the head rests on the cervix, and the partner’s hands squeeze the waist or slap on the pope. Great fantasy.

On the stomach

, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

The position is suitable for active girls. You need to lie on your stomach, press your palm to the crotch. Then move back and back so that the arm and fingers slide along the vulva, massaging the clitoris. The stronger the voltage, the more intense orgasm. During masturbation, it can be imagined that you need your wet vagina on a partner’s member, pressing a solid barrel to the stomach. There are options to strengthen the sensation: put a couple of fingers in the vagina and sit on your own hand at the moments of the pelvis.


, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

Great option for watching porn on a big screen. A woman sits on the ass with her legs spread. With his hands caresses the chest and holes. You can diversify the process using toys: put an anal plug in the ass, squeeze the nipples with clamps. At worst, clothespins and a bottle from spirits are suitable. You need to remember the safety rules. You should not use items with lids that can get stuck in the anus or vagina. Better to take a monolithic structure. Falloimitator – perfect choice.

On the knees

, Masturbation for women: harmful or not

Position for girls who like to massage both holes. Standing with slightly placed legs, access to vagina and anus appears. We put one hand on the crotch, the second touches the priest. If you put in the holes for 23 finger and swing back and forth, you can imagine that you have sex with two partners. If you do it on the floor, you will feel strong pressure on your knees. I like it to those who prefer to feel in the role of a slave. Nipples are available for clamps.

We talked all about masturbation for women. Recall a number of recommendations:

  • Use more lubricants. Otherwise get microtrauma mucous membranes.
  • Follow hygiene. So you get rid of dangerous viruses and pathogenic microbes.
  • Apply toys. Sexhop devices can greatly diversify games.
  • Fantasize boldly. If you like to imagine how a couple of men fucks you, feel free.

No need to believe myths. For centuries, society has constrained girls with moral chains. It’s time to break the vicious circle and get maximum pleasure alone with you.

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