Methods of masturbation for virgins

Methods of masturbation for virgins.

Methodurgical methods for virgins are different from the self -satisfaction of girls who have begun a full -fledged sex life. It’s all in the presence of Himen, that is, rings with a hole partially closing the entrance to the vagina. Any penetrations can lead to its break and then innocence will already be lost.

Previously, we discussed the opportunity to prove the presence or absence of a virgin rod and came to the conclusion that even a gynecologist could not do this during the inspection. Nevertheless, it is important for many to lose it precisely during sex with your first young man, which means that masturbation, if practiced, should guarantee Gimen safety.

Methodurgical methods for virgins using improvised means

For pleasure during intercourse and masturbation, the clitoris is responsible. Only he and almost nothing else. The stimulation of other erogenous zones is unconditionally leads to excitement and is able to strengthen the overall impression of what is happening, but the orgasm is achieved exclusively due to the clitoris and nerve endings of the exiting from it.

By and large, both the vaginal and anal orgasm is also considered clitrial, because irritation of the branches of the “nervous tubercle” is also a kind of stimulation. From the penetration of the penis into the vagina, the girl experiences completely different sensations, but again an orgasm is impossible without a clitoris. They figured it out.

For masturbation, a virgin can use both improvised products in the form of a finger and a jet of water from a crane or watering can, and special sex toys. An ideal option would be a clitoral stimulant, which due to vacuum-wave movements leads to the peak of pleasure in 1-3 minutes.

It can also be used in the bathroom or soul in combination or instead of a stream of water. This method of self -satisfaction is safe from the point of view of possible defloration, since nothing is placed inside the vagina, which means that the rupture of the virgin can be impossible.

How to masturbate a virgin

Given all of the above, it becomes clear how to properly masturbate to the virgin in order to have fun and at the same time save Himen with untouched. Absolutely everything is available to the girl in this situation, except for penetration.

Water masturbation is one of the most popular, according to the pinks. In second place are fingers and palms, which stimulated both separately the clitoris and the entire perineum of the crotch, including the labia. The main thing here is that fantasy works well.

Sex toys are less popular because many just regret money on them, and someone is shy to buy. Although today online stores have learned to solve this problem. Fully anonymous delivery is carried out using post offices.

The phallimitator to the virgin is definitely useless, like vaginal balls, a masturbator of the ji point, other things to penetrate. But the clitoral stimulator on the forums is appreciated. It acts on the basis of vacuum-wave stimulations, that is, it is contactless. It cannot be damaged by definition, but to bring to the peak of pleasure in a couple of minutes, easily.

There is one advice that affects the quality of masturbation. It is proved that blood flow to the genitals increases the sensitivity and quality of intimate life. For virgins, this is also not just words. Active sports, namely cardio load and squats, will positively affect health and specifically on the strength of orgasm.

At a young age, as a rule, there are no problems with lubrication of the vagina and sexual attraction, but sport clearly enhances the effect. In addition, it has long been proven that after training I want sex, which means that the excitement will be an order of magnitude higher. With proper masturbation, exparction is not excluded.

What other ways are there?

Teenage masturbation is built on two fundamental things – the knowledge of their body and a sharp surge of hormones that cause excitement and increased lubrication of the vagina in girls and pollution in boys. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with self -satisfaction, but it is important to comply with the safety rules.

The possibility of defloration has already been said above, but there is also a risk of infection or injuries. So the use of foreign objects, such as bananas and cucumbers, is fraught with serious consequences. This should not be forgotten.

Cliter stimulation is not the only way to know their erogenous zones and the so -called fantasy masturbation. During excitation, you can actively use the effect on the chest, lower abdomen and hips. The latter can lead to myotonic orgasm.

This is when a girl squeezes a blanket or a pillow strongly with hips, sometimes this happens while driving a bicycle or performing exercises in the gym. This method is safe, develops sensitivity and sexuality.

Other adequate methods of masturbation for virgins do not exist. Everything related to any penetrations and use of unsuitable objects can lead to serious problems. Which, as it seems to us, nobody needs.

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