Realistic masturbator or ultramodern? | Masturbators

Realistic masturbator or ultramodern?.

, Realistic masturbator or ultramodern? | Masturbators
The male masturbator can completely copy the human body, or can have a unique relief that exceeds the usual body. Is it worth buying a masturbator vagina or is it better to dwell on an unusual design? We decided to figure out the pluses and minuses of devices for man masturbation. Compare realistic models and ultramodern.

What is the difference between realistic masturbators and modern?

A realistic masturbator is a copy of the human body. There are 3 types of similar devices:

  • vagina masturbator;
  • masturbator anus;
  • Masturbator mouth.

The relief inside is created in this way, then when immersed, sensations arise as from ordinary sex. Some models turn on two holes at once so that you can alternate pleasant experiences.

Realistic masturbators to the touch are very similar to the human body. These are special compositions that are being developed for a long time. They are velvety, gentle. Each company stores the secret of its own material. And these mixtures quickly take body temperature, stretch, but require special care.

Ultra -abundant masturbators give very pleasant sensations, but they cannot be compared with ordinary sex. Inside, a special relief is provided, but it is not a body. Immersion inside is noticeable and interesting, you can often change the pressure inside. But the creators specifically make experiences from use different from the usual experiments, because realistic sensations are available with a person.

The material of ultramodern models is different. It can be dense or soft, elastic or elastic. Not trying to copy the body, there is a great opportunity for experiments. And immersion can be very tender or very difficult. And such tests are very exciting.

The main difference between masturbators of realistic and masturbators of ultramodern are a different relief inside the device and different materials.

The pluses of realistic masturbators

Masturbators of mouths, buttons and vaginas have their advantages:

  • Realistic masturbators give familiar sensations. If an anus is bought a masturbator, then the sensations will be like from anal sex. You can understand in advance what to expect from a sex toy.
  • Realistics is often made according to the cast of the body of a real person. Today you can buy a masturbator – a copy of porn stars. And this is a great opportunity to realize long -standing fantasies with the actress you like.
  • Tender material is very pleasant to the touch, it is not in vain for a long time. It is almost impossible to distinguish from the skin closed from the skin, and this is a certain plus of vaginas, anus and mouth masturbators.
  • There are realists with different skin color. You can immerse yourself in a black girl or mulatto. The color of the vagina of a masturbator or butt is an important aspect of excitation, and you can choose to your taste. And some models are even painted manually to give them visual realism.
  • Today, realistics are of different sizes. You can buy a full -size ass with two holes. There are whole legs with buttocks or just breasts and a couple of holes for love games. Such mega-monastery are very interesting, and they can have additional functions: massage, vibration, heating. They are often controlled from a remote remote control.

Cons of realistic masturbators

But the masturbators have realistic and disadvantages:

  • Most realistic materials are very demanding to care. In order for the surface to remain velvety, it is necessary not only to clean the sex toys, but also to store them in a special talc. The powder will have to be changed regularly, even if the masturbator is not used.
  • Tender material is afraid of intense loads. Serves for a long time, but with excessive pressure it can even break. Wash and use carefully, trying not to damage the walls. It is better to buy a masturbator with a plastic outer shell and an internal tunnel, this is a durable structure. One delicate material without an external corps does not serve for long.
  • The price of the vagina or the mouth is very high. Their famous companies are made, and their assortment is not cheap. For a realistic, you will have to pay a decent amount, and also additionally buy a case for storage, talc and a cleaning cliner.

Pros of male masturbators with unusual relief

What are the advantages of masturbators that are not like a person?

  • Modern masturbators can give a variety of experiences. The relief massages, compression changes the pressure inside, and the hole in the toy allows you to create a vacuum. And you can combine all this at the same time. And this is not like sex with a woman, but very interesting.
  • The cost of new generation masturbators is not high. Make them from silicone, thermoplastic rubber, PVC. These are affordable materials for which you do not have to overpay.
  • Masturbators do not require special care. They are washed after use, wiped with a towel. No need for storage and additional accessories are needed.
  • Some masturbators today are permissible even without lubrication. For example, in Pucchi from Men’s Max, you can add a few drops of water, and sliding will be excellent.
  • Masturbators can have a different size. There are pocket versions with a length of not more than 4 cm, but when used they stretch. They can easily be taken with you.
  • There are disposable and reusable masturbators. Some are suitable for one application, then they are thrown away. It’s convenient for traveling.
  • There are models of masturbators with vibration or massage. These are additional sensations that help strengthen excitement. The more functions, the more interesting the sex toy.
  • Hidden form is a masturbator that looks like other items. For example, on a beer jar or even a figurine. No one will ever guess the true purpose, which means that the device does not have to be hidden.

Cons of modern masturbators with a special texture

But there are also disadvantages of masturbators that give special experiences:

  • Most masturbators need to move your hand. About 70% of models still require the physical participation of a person. Although there are already models with motorcies that do everything themselves, but their price is still high.
  • Some materials may have a slight smell. It is released over time. This is a sign of not the highest quality. It is recommended to buy a model of a trusted manufacturer to avoid this effect.
  • Impact on the penis may not be too strong or very intense. The relief is gentle and almost invisible, and it is difficult to finish. And sometimes the entrance is too narrow, and the protrusions inside are hard. But the impressions are very individual, when choosing it is worth relying on reviews about masturbators from users.
  • The length of the masturbator may be a problem. Not all models are designed for deep penetration. Sometimes they are suitable only for head massage. Especially often this problem is faced with men who have a big cock. Before buying, it is important to find out the depth of immersion.

When to buy a realistic masturbator?

The choice of masturbator is an individual process. But there are situations when a realistic model is better than modern:

  • If there is a preference for some kind of sex. For example, I want anal, And it is not always possible to implement with a woman. Then the ass masturbator realist will give the most close to such sex sensations.
  • When there is often separation from a loved one, and I just want Remove the stress, not some unusual sensations.
  • When I have time and the opportunity to care for a sex toy.

When to buy a masturbator with an unusual center?

  • For traveling, experiments in unusual places you should choose a small masturbator. Even if you can’t wash it at once, it will not deteriorate. And just take a mini model with you.
  • When I want unusual sensations. This is especially interesting for experiments in pairs, and the usual types of sex are available without sex toys.
  • For the sake a greater spectrum of sensations: massage, compression, vibration, heating. Such models are not realistic, but no less pleasant.
  • When You need to save And buying a masturbator is not expensive. Modern options can cost many times less than realistics. But they still fully fulfill their purpose.

Sex with a masturbator is exciting. And it is necessary in moments of loneliness, in moments when I want something new. And you can choose hundreds of different models. Which option to choose? The pros and cons of the masttates are described above. And you can also know a lot from a special article – How to choose a masturbator.

Masturbators are different. And every man in his own way evaluates a certain intimate-corn. But we always offer hundreds of excellent models at an attractive price. And delivery is carried out throughout the country – quickly and anonymously.

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