Tenga Egg Mashtilor: As create, views why you should choose a tenga masturbator?

Tenga Egg Mashtilor: As create, views why you should choose a tenga masturbator?.

Tenga history

Tenga was created on March 25, 2005 in Tokyo, former auto mechanic Koiti Matsumoto. The first line of products was released on July 7, 2005.

«Tenga» – This is a Japanese word meaning «Correctly arranged and elegant», It is usually used to praise the beauty of Kimono or Bayo (Japanese dance). This name was chosen to resist the public image of adult goods and to create high -quality products with new ideas.

One of the directors is Masanobu Sato, who is responsible for the company’s foreign business department. SATO – champion in masturbation, which set the world record for «The most long time masturbation» in 2008 (9 hours 33 minutes). In 2009, he increased his own record to 9 hours 58 minutes. He participates in competitions using his own set of Tenga masturbators.

In the first year (2005), more than 1 million goods were sold. Japan accounts for about 80% of sales, where 13,000 units are sold daily. Tenga is a known brand of masturbators in Japan, whose recognition level exceeds 55% among men aged 20 years and approximately 47% among men aged 30 years.

The remaining 20% of sales are divided between 41 other country, primarily the United States, Spain and China. In the world, the brand is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to fresh solutions and unusual design. Every year the share of Tenga sales is becoming higher, not inferior to sales of realistic masturbators.

The most famous toys Tenga

Tenga offers several categories of goods. The assortment is constantly expanding, offering more and more innovative reliefs to achieve maximum pleasure.

Tenga Cup – Tenga branded masturbator with vacuum suction function in the form of a cup. It is available in several versions with different texture and degree of hardness. Series "Cup" According to the manufacturer, it is suitable only for one -time use. However, it can still be used again with proper purification or when used with condom.

Masturbator Tenga Flip – This is a device that can be decomposed as a book for the lightness of purification and drying after washing. Supplied in four different colors;White, black, red and silver. Each color gives different sensations thanks to different internal sleeves.

The compact series Tenga EGG, resembling Easter eggs – One of the most cults in the history of the brand. There are eighteen different textures that are suitable for all sizes due to their elasticity. Masturbators-Yaitsa – These are the most inexpensive masturbators from the Tenga product line. It is the Tenga egg that is recommended for those who want to get acquainted with the brand. Due to its size, it is popular not only in men, but also in steam. It makes the prelude even more interesting, in addition, it perfectly complements oral affection.

Masturbators Tenga 3D with geometric stimulating patterns are somewhere between Tenga Cup and Tenga Flip Hole both in the similarity of sensations and in price. This is a reusable sleeve available in five different textures. After using the sleeve, you can turn inside out to facilitate cleaning and drying. Masturbators Tenga 3D were awarded the Awards Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012 in Germany. This is the first male toy for masturbation to receive this award.

Why the Tenga brand is special?

  • Tenga does not develop its products as a replacement vaginal. While other manufacturers tend to imitate the appearance of female organs in detail, Japanese masturbators have completely focused on male pleasure and the formation of the perfect internal filling.
  • Erotic or sexual images are deliberately avoided in product design and advertising. Products and their packaging were developed by a stylist for consumer goods, hired personally by the founder of the brand. Japanese masturbators usually have plain colors: red, white, black or gray. Design reduces the embarrassment of potential customers. Mastrubator Tenga does not look frank, he looks like «Innocent» And stylish. It is difficult to suspect a sex toy in it. Do not worry that relatives or friends will see her.
  • Tenga does not just caress the penis, it caresses each of its police. The inner surface of Tenga has a complex geometric pattern with various protrusions. Tenga picked up a special, most pleasant form of stimulation for each centimeter, making a man’s sensations as deep and saturated as possible.

  • Tenga is not relied on vibration, it relies on simplicity and convenience. The Tenga design is brilliantly simple, but it turns this product into a real mini-user of male pleasures. This is the first male sex toy that is so ergonomic and thought out. Japanese masturbators – This is an experience that is absolutely different from American masturbators.

  • The price policy of the brand allows the user with any budget to try Tenga masturbators. The line presents a huge number of devices with different costs, while even the most inexpensive toy will not differ in quality from the toy of the premium segment. For example, Masturbator Tenga Egg is half as much as any other toy of a third -party brand, so anyone can evaluate Japanese devices.

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