The best lubricant for masturbation: how to choose a lubricant for masturbation

How to choose a suitable lubricant for masturbation?.

The effectiveness of masturbation and sexual stimulation largely depends on how well moistened with the genitals. Given the physiological characteristics of the body, specialists created a special lubricant for masturbation, and later different types for oral, vaginal, anal sex and other areas appeared. The article further discusses in detail the types of lubricants in composition, effects, as well as criteria for the right choice and alternative options.

, The best lubricant for masturbation: how to choose a lubricant for masturbation

Types of lubricants

A lubricant is considered an organic substance intended for external application with the aim of moisturizing the genital organs. Only in this case, friction of the mucous membranes will be pleasant and safe during sex or self -satisfaction. Depending on the composition and properties, 4 types of lubricants are distinguished:

  1. Water – neutral and safest products for human skin, do not cause allergies and irritation. The main components are water, glycerin and propylene glycol. The plus is hypoallergenicity, the minus is a liquid consistency and rapid drying. Such lubrication is inappropriate when stimulated in water.
  2. Silicone – perfect choice for massage and manual practices, anal sex. The main component silicone provides the most delicate sliding. A significant advantage will be the fact that such a lubricant can be used in water. The minus is that silicone lubricants cannot be applied to toys, contraceptive from silicone, since the material can destroy itself.
  3. Oil – massage oils, which are often used for sexual stimulation. The main advantage of this type of lubricant is a pleasant aroma, high indicators of moisturizing and sliding, various compositions. The minus will be that the oils are a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms, they cannot be combined with condoms and other rubber, latex objects, the basis of which will be fat -soluble.
  4. Hybrid -Most often, these are water-oily and water-slylic lubricants, the latter cannot be combined with toys of silicone composition, and the former are acceptable along with condoms and masturbators.

, The best lubricant for masturbation: how to choose a lubricant for masturbation

Initially, all such funds were created for women who did not have enough natural lubrication. After a while, they began to be widely used in different ways of sexual stimulation. The main classification is based on the composition of lubricants, respectively, the most important criterion for the choice will be the component component of the lubricant.

Lubrication with effects

Having decided on which composition of the lubricant is optimal for masturbation, a man should think about what effect he will expect from its application. On sale today you can see a huge variety of offers – prolonging means for extension of sexual intercourse, warming to enhance the sensitivity of the penis, cooling to reduce sensitivity, anesthetics to solve the problem of premature ejaculation and exciting, which enhance libido.

For masturbation, you can consider the following lubricants with effects:

  1. Anesthetics – The main task of such funds involves a decrease in pain, so most often they are used for anal sex. They differ in a thick structure and maximum sliding effect, and lidocaine or benzocaine are the main components. The anesthetic effect helps to extend the frictions and stimulation of the penis.
  2. Flavored – Gels that have a pronounced smell of fruits, berries, herbs. Ideal for oral sex and caresses, but in the process of masturbation can be excellent accompaniment.
  3. Antiseptic – lubricants with a high sliding and structure density. But in addition to other components, the composition contains miramistin, chlorhexidine, the action of which is aimed at destroying pathogenic flora and irritation. Applying them, you can not worry about hygiene and injuries of the mucous membrane.
  4. Taste – lubricants, lotions and gels of jelly -like shape with fruit taste and aroma. Their main orientation is oral sex, but some gourmets use them during masturbation.
  5. Prolongators – Such lubricants with their composition not only moisturize the skin, but also cool, have a prolongating effect. This helps a man to reduce sensitivity, prolonging stimulation before the start of ejaculation. Gels, sprays and creams reduce the reaction of the nerve endings, which allows a man to enjoy masturbation longer.
  6. Warming – Such funds are supplemented by herbs and other burning components that enhance blood flow to the penis. This action promises an increase in erection, libido, as well as strengthening potency with regular use.

New means on sale are lubricants with vitamins and herbal extracts. They not only improve slipping, but also protect against infections, irritation, microtrauma and gratings.

What grease to choose

How to choose a lubricant for sexual stimulation and masturbation? You need to rely on several defining criteria:

  1. Purpose – It is necessary to take into account what kind of sex you need lubrication, with which toys and means will be combined. For example, water and silicone lubrication does not contradict latex and rubber, but oily species will violate the integrity of the materials.
  2. Compound – you need to choose the tool in which there will be no harmful components for health. On sale today you can see a lot of hypoallergenic agents that do not irritate the skin.
  3. The main component – High -quality, but the most expensive products contain silicone, such lubricants do not dirty clothes, for a long time retain sliding. Aquatic lubricants are the most safe, well moistened, but they are quickly absorbed and are worth an order of magnitude lower. The cheapest will be oily products, but they are suitable only for massage a penis without the use of toys, contraceptives.
  4. Price – The safest and most high -quality lubricants cannot be cheap. On average, a worthy option will cost from 250 to 1500 rubles, we are talking about a 50 ml bottle.
  5. Manufacturer – You can see a huge number of brands on sale, but give preference to better proven manufacturers. In the rating of leaders in the release of intimate lubricants, you can see names such as Durex, Contex, Luxury, Pjur, Okay, Vizit, etc.

The choice will largely depend on the effect of the lubrication of a man will expect. If he has a problem of increased sensitivity, anesthetic or prolonging lubricant is suitable, with low sensitivity you can try a warming gel, thick lubricants are appropriate for prolonged stimulation, etc. P.

What can be used instead of lubrication, home remedies

If for some reason the use of lubricants is contraindicated, a man can resort to the help of alternative lubricants of home purpose. Most often they are the following funds:

  • whipped cream;
  • olive oil;
  • natural creams;
  • fat sour cream;
  • The crushed pulp of the banana.

Solia helps some as a temporary, but affordable humidifier of the penis. The most safe foods are, but it is better to refuse unverified cosmetics, for example, from coconut oil, children’s oils, liquid petroleum jelly, detergents, otherwise you can clog the sweat glands, provoke the development of a fungal infection.

Why many men prefer to look for alternative lubricants instead of pharmacy intimate lubricants? Many of them contain components with side effects, for example, glycerin can cause candidiasis, parabens provoke irritation and allergies, oil and paraffin disrupt skin functions, sugar provoke the development of fungi, propylene glycol causes burning and pain, fragrances disrupt the functioning of the hormonal system, alcohol and chlorhexidine dryingmucous membrane.

Tips for experiments

Masturbation is an excellent alternative to traditional sex, training sexual endurance and libido. The main condition to get the maximum of pleasure from such a process is to use moisturizing lubricant. For the choice they rely on the composition, brand, purpose, effects of the product, as well as individual characteristics of the body.

For masturbation to be productive, you need to try something new all the time. If the usual stimulation of the penis no longer brings proper pleasure, you can try urethral masturbation, prostate massage, use different sexual toys, vibrators and masturbators. Paying attention to different zones of the body, you can find many new erogenous points.

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