What is masturbation? (masturbation)

What is masturbation?.

Masturbation (masturbation) is the self -satisfaction of sexual feeling by irritation of the external (in women and internal) genital organs with hands or other objects. He has many synonyms. In Greek, masturbation is masturbation, and in Russian-handwritten or childish sin.

Masturbation has many folk synonyms, and here are some of them: puffing up, do it yourself, troubles, masturbation, night exercises, solo, polish, pull, masturbate, end from fingers, fucking hand, manual labor, aerobics of wrists.

Men’s masturbation: start a car (clockwork) with a handle, come on, come on, a dance with a single-eyed Johnny, manage a leather bus, a fucking fuck, go on a date with the palm of Rosie and its five daughters, lubricate the member, let the juice, take in the hand, take it in hand, pumping it outMove yourself, shaking the fool, polish the pen, the game “Five against one”, slide along the pillar, light the pink match, stroke with your hand, tickle the hut, dissolve the hood of the ball, lubricate the surfing board, pull the groovy handle, , What is masturbation? (masturbation)
engage in nonsense, slap a monkey, beat the bucks, crush the walnut, click a whip, fuck it, hold the cucumber, make your own mayonnaise, lower it down, strangle the chicken, put on the worm, “break” the bone.

Female masturbation: to bring gloss on the lips, fry the tuna, beat the beaver, snoop with your fingers, bay with two fingers, drumming, stroking pussy, lubricate the phone, play at the home entertainment center, “Remove, Red Sea!”, Caress the cat, remove the patch, play with a small peasant in a boat, dive into a pot of honey, clitoris.

A lot of superfluous and wrong is written about this extremely common among young people and adults. So, for example, individual authors are overly exaggerating the consequences of masturbation, which lead readers to cruel torment about their masturbation. I will calm the reader in advance – not every masturbation does harm. Separate persons are recommended by doctors. This is primarily about women who have lost the opportunity to live sex life in the color of years. Do not forget that there are millions of such women, especially after the war.

There are many reasons for female loneliness. Some are afraid of unsuccessful marriage, others cannot make a choice, others do not take. And there are many people on whom the tragic death of her husband or the sudden loss of her beloved left an indelible mark, and they are afraid that the tragedy will happen again.

There are cases of fear of marriage because of the difficulty of future genera, especially among those who have lost their mother or relatives who died from childbirth. Many are extremely exaggerating their physical disabilities, considering themselves “unsuitable” for one reason or another for marriage.

The overwhelming mass of the widows, who lived in the past of sexual life, is quite correctly believed that random ties with men are not ethical, bring divorce, other families, lead to moral torment, to­laughs and condemnation of others. An important role is played by fear of infecting a sexually transmitted disease.
Agree that all these reasons are quite thorough. But no matter how a person suppresses his instincts, he still does not learn to manage himself to perfectly and is unlikely to learn when he learned, the burden of heritage in our blood, which remained for us from the ancestors, is too great.

A person is inseparable from instincts, says the young science-biofire. Some instincts turn pale, others develop. Millions of years will pass, and if human civilization is destined to be preserved, then there will be a person, there will be instincts. Perhaps not the same as now, but changing in something, but the main ones will remain. Such as the instinct of self -defense, knowledge, reproduction, food. Lack of instincts means death. And although the sexual instinct is slightly easier to suppress than others, it also requires satisfaction. Sexual dissatisfaction negatively affects the emotional mood of a person, can lead to a difficult general state – a violation of equilibrium in the body, a deterioration in metabolism, the appearance of headaches, nervous and other disorders. So it is given, as a measure of deliverance, to recommend masturbation to individuals.

It is proved that moderate masturbation is harmless, especially for adults. Moreover, removing the voltages described above in the female body, it brings certain benefits.

A great supporter of self -satisfaction was the ancient Greek philosopher she (hence the name), who described in detail the various methods of his. Female masturbation is especially colorful to him . During masturbation, women are not limited to the irritation of the external genital organs alone (clitoris, labia, vagina entrance, female breasts and jumps). With a special device, they also caress the vagina and the uterus. So it was during the time of Hellas, so it is being done now, although centuries have passed.
For example, during the Second World War, remaining without husbands, many women, like Greek women in the 5th – 5th centuries BC, masturbated with sexual devices. Magyars tightly stuffed male condoms with delicate filler (warm gruel, minced meat, etc.) and introduced them but the vagina, thus achieving strong sexual arousal.

Sometimes devices made of soft rubber were used, like the genital organs of a man. Such homemade penis, when introducing them into the vagina, excited women well. Their touch to the cervix and vagina resembled a woman sexual intercourse.

The phalloimitator gave more pleasure and faster if the woman sat on him from above. In this position, the uterus is more easily excited, an orgasm is formed faster, thanks to the lightness with which vulva can be pushed into the “sector”. And, of course, it is necessarily accompanied by caresses on the clitoris, which a woman, like a man, excites a hand.

Distinguish between mechanical masturbation and mental. Mechanical is produced almost exclusively on the genitals (men – PO penal pen, women on the clitoris, small labia, entrance to the vagina, vagina itself, the uterus and on the breast nipples):

  • Mental – It consists in causing voluptuous sensations and ejaculation using fantasizing erotic topics.
  • Mental – possible only in the presence of abnormally increased excitability of the center of ejaculation in the spinal cord.

The main biological cause of masturbation should be seen in the disharmony of nature. Sexual sense is versed at a age when there can be no talk of sexual intercourse. For women, the cause of masturbation may be late marriages.

No external signs indicating the masturbation of men and women. However, doctors often go to a provocation: they declare a closed patient that there are such signs. The calculation is simple: almost all boys are engaged in masturbation (95% and more than half of the girls 51%). The exposed masturbator recognizes the doctor in everything, surprised at the possibilities of medicine. The female sex has a suspicion of masturbation: significant compatibility of the vagina and moisture of the labia, and often stagnant hyperemia of the clitoris, which in girls and women who do not live sexual life. must not be.

A man engaged in masturbation often does not marry up to 30-40 years, t. To. He believes that his sexual powers are “wasted” that he will not succeed in sexual intercourse with a woman, that he will only disgrace in front of her and t. D.

However, sexual life in people involved in the past masturbation proceeds normally, without any deviations. Therefore, masturbation due to its mass and practical lack of functional disorders to the present is considered a normal, quite physiological phenomenon.

With age, the need for masturbation, as the equivalent of sexual intercourse, changes as follows: a man is engaged less, a woman more. This is explained by the fragility of the family and a large number of divorces. A man who has left the family relatively quickly acquires another family, it is more difficult for a woman to do it. The sexual sensitivity of a woman (her peak occurs by 25-30 years) does not find an outcome awakened with her husband.

It should be noted that even the perferorized mechanistic masturbation in men and women is necessarily accompanied by erotic representations. A man often masturbates when considering images of naked women, represents them in a certain position, mentally makes sexual intercourse with them. For girls and women, the appearance of a naked man or male body is not a pathogen, their erotic performances go to another area. For example, a woman fantasizes that she loves a good and gentle man, “almost a hero”, that he affectionately hugs and kisses the lady, puts her hand on the clitoris, strokes the wow (although at that moment the clitoris she strokes itself) and tells her affectionate words.
If a woman lived sexual life and her sensitivity has already awakened, then she, masturbating, loves to look at pornographic cards or photographs depicting sexual intercourse. At the same time, a woman involuntarily breeds her hips, as for copulation, and mentally “gives” a certain man (sometimes a husband that has left the family can be such a man).

There were cases when, due to masturbation, women appear the so -called sexual anesthesia – the insensitivity of erogenous zones to sexual intercourse. This happens because those erogenous zones that the woman most often irritated during masturbation artificially, during sexual intercourse are either not enough, or not at all irritated, or the intensity of these irritation does not coincide with the usual. Most often, this occurs with the following types of prolonged masturbation of a woman: on the breast nipples (a man during sexual intercourse can let them out of sight), with uterine masturbation – touching the head of the penis to the uterus does not always occur with sufficient clarity and frequency and, in addition, canmake the sensations that differ from sensations during masturbation. And only clitoris vaginal masturbation never lead to violation of sexual sensations when the female sexual life is resumed.

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