Oral sex products guide

Oral sex products guide.

Want to improve oral sex, or maybe diversify the sensations during cunnilingus or blowjob? Nowadays, there are many products intended for oral sex, which can be divided into several categories.

Water -based oral lubricant

Oral lubricant is a lubricant that can have a variety of tastes. As a rule, such lubricants are made on water -based and have a composition completely safe for swallowing.

They can be used with sex toys, condoms, as well as as an ordinary lubricant.

Such a lubricant will not only make oral sex more pleasant, but will also give more moisturizing the intimate area. Due to its taste, it will make oral stimulation more interesting and exciting, hide the taste of natural secretions, and also enhance salivation. Therefore, the oral lubricant is able to make oral sex more pleasant for both partners.

Cream for technology "Deep Throat"

A deep blowjob cream is perfect for oral sex in technology “deep Throat”.

It is safe for swallowing cream with a dense consistency. He covers the throat and tongue with a thin butter, which gives additional moisture during oral sex. A pleasant taste of such a cream is able to hide natural aromas and reduce the chance of the appearance of a gag reflex.

Since a deep blowjob cream contains oil, it cannot be used with condoms.

Oral sex spray

The spray for oral sex has a desensitizing and slightly anesthetic effect.

Since, when using sprays with this effect, sensitivity decreases, with oral sex they can reduce discomfort and reduce the likelihood of vomiting reflex.

It does not serve lubrication and will not give additional sliding. Sprays for technology “deep Throat”, As a rule, they contain benzocaine, which they give “Frozen effect”.

This is a local anesthetic that has no contraindications except individual intolerance.

Edible "Liquid vibrator"

An edible liquid vibrator is an edible gel that, when applied, has a pulsating effect and vibration effect.

Such a gel can increase blood flow to intimate areas, increase excitement and interestingly supplement oral sex with an original taste. Edible liquid vibrator does not replace the lubricant and does not provide the necessary sliding. You can apply it to external erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, vulva, penis, nipples, or you can apply it directly to the lips by giving the partner a passionate kiss or oral sex.

But be careful – the amount of application of any liquid vibrator depends on the individual level of sensitivity of each person.

Edible body paint

Edible body paint can be applied to the entire body and external erogenous zones, after which the body can be covered with kisses and lick the paint. It cannot be used as a lubricant and does not have the necessary sliding. In addition, body paint has color, but is easily washed off with water.


Exciting lip gloss – edible liquid vibrator in lip glossy format.

Such lip gloss creates an amazing gloss on the lips, enhances the sensitivity of the lips and increases their volume. Like an edible liquid vibrator, shine gives the vibration effect, has a pleasant aroma and is safe for swallowing.


Oral sex can be supplemented with pastilles and caramels. Mint loafs are thin like paper. They melt in the tongue during oral sex, due to which they provide mint freshness, which is ideal to stimulate the clitoris, oral sex or amazing kisses.

Explosive carats are caramel granules, which when they enter the tongue begin "explode", Creating sensations of erotic tickling. You can apply a drop of oral lubricant to the tongue and sprinkle with such caramels on top. When the granules begin to explode, you can start oral affection. Such caramels are completely safe for use on genitals and any parts of the body.

Edible gel for massage

Oral gel with a warming effect is an edible gel that has an additional effect. Such a gel enhances salivation and hides natural aromas, so that oral sex will become even more interesting and nicer. The warming effect appears in contact with the mucous membrane or air, and to activate it, it is enough to blew into the place of applied gel or lick it.

The warming gel enhances blood flow to the application zone, increases excitement and makes the zone more sensitive. The oral gel with a warming effect is more suitable for oral caresses and erotic massage.

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