Pose 69 – The best pose for oral sex – about sex and not only

Pose 69.

, Pose 69 – The best pose for oral sex – about sex and not only

Most people agree, there is nothing more pleasant than oral sex to give great pleasure to the partner. In truth, most women love oral affection, and they also like to deliver oral pleasure to a man. A wonderful way out when a couple can simultaneously enjoy each other – Pose 69.

Why the pose is 69?

As a rule, simultaneous, mutual, Oral satisfaction between the two partners, comparable to these two digits standing nearby. The tail of the six is directed towards the head of the nine and vice versa, which reflects the idea of two people who seek the perfect position to give oral pleasure to each other.

69 not for everyone.

For certain steam, this position simply does not work. For example, as a result of physical maneuverability, or it may be more difficult for one of the partners in focusing on another partner at a time when his genitals caress. Before proceeding with mutual oral caresses, you need to find out from the partner if he is ready to try.

Dont be upset. If you decide to make an attempt, fine. Everything works perfectly. If this does not happen, you should still not be upset. The goal is to try something new and enjoy the experience, no matter what happens.


During intercourse, partners seek to prove themselves from the best side. During classes in Pose 69 We’ll have to spend time with the genitals of a partner, this is a great idea to take a shower immediately before the start. Men may want the partner to remove vegetation on the body, or, given the preferences of the partner, to arrange Intimate haircut, What will help to make this experience much more pleasant.

Find out the best position.

All couples are different and therefore must find their own position convenient for them. One position from above, the other from below or side on the side, or switching between the two positions? However, choosing a position one from top below, most couples consider it a preferred man to be below. This is explained by a great weight of a man. A woman who is above is more controlled by oral sex.

And finally, the most important rule of pose 69 is reciprocity. It is unacceptable to lie and enjoy. This is mutual experience, both partners must give and take caresses.

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