Sex with taste: The most unusual oral lubricants | Luburbicants

Taste sex: the most unusual oral lubricants.

, Sex with taste: The most unusual oral lubricants | Luburbicants
Oral lubricants are one of the best inventions in the field of adult -theme. Millions of women and men got the opportunity to enjoy oral sex and even love it, in parallel – to engage in “tasty” massage and just have fun. Edible lubricants and oils, in most compositions of which there are no sweeteners, and some are even acceptable for vegan, very quickly won the hearts of buyers. Moreover? Both those that have found salvation in them, and those who have everything with “licking” and “suck” everything was fine. After all, it is curious, but what it tastes. As if choosing a dessert in a new restaurant. Today I propose to discuss the most vivid, unusual and attractive tastes that I met.

  • System Jo
    I’ll start, perhaps, with System Jo.
    Why exactly from them? At the moment it is definitely One of the best manufacturers of edible lubricants.
    They have excellent compositions, there is no chemical taste, just a huge line of classic tastes – banana, chocolate, Refreshing mint, watermelon.

    What are you saying? This is not a watermelon, but so? There is also a large volume – A whole watermelon!
    What is valuable for JO is different options for volumes – there are small ones (well, as small, in fact there is enough such a tube for a long time) bottles with dispensers of 30 ml – try, and there are 120 ml, if you suddenly fall in love, for example, V “Tropical passion” And you can’t imagine a day without it.

    But let’s lower the classics. The choice is big, yes, but nothing unusual, whom you will surprise vanilla oral lubricant?

    JO has a whole series “Gelato”, where Gelato is from the Italian language “ice cream”.
    Very unusual tastes, exquisite goodies. For those who want something unusual. I personally tried the entire ruler and even added to tea instead of sugar, somehow I had to. You will drive away the mind!

    5 different tastes in the line – Orex espresso, Tiramisu, Creme brulee, Salt caramel, Mint and chocolate.
    Small volumes fly away instantly, and large ones are not often in presence, so we have a hunt for them.
    Which is noteworthy, all oral lubricants JO on water -based, and They can not only be eaten, but also used as a lubricant or with sex toys.

  • Wicked
    But a little popular, but sooo interesting brand – Wicked. They rather have a trip to an exotic country. Luburbicants from the category of “feel on vacation”.
    I am on you, like in war? No! I am on you, like in a dominic! 😉

    Mint cocoa, Ripe peach, Pink lemonade, pomegranate.

    But that is not all!
    For those who are unevenly breathing to fresh pastries – cinnamon bun. Or Vanilla beans. For aesthetes – Salt caramel, Mmm!

    Summer, Park, Ferris wheel, you, he and Sugar apple.
    Want something even more interesting? Cherry liquor or Coffee Mokka?
    And again the water base, and again can be used with toys.

    Very stylish black bottles with dispensers.
    Volumes of 60 and 120 ml, it is more profitable to take a large. In the production of lubricants Wicked sugar is not used, Sweetness gives a squeeze out of the Stevia plant, so the lubricant does not leave the aftertaste and does not stick.

, Sex with taste: The most unusual oral lubricants | Luburbicants

  • Shiatsu
    Garden of Love. They have a large selection of lubricants with the taste of tropical fruits – Lychi, mango, papaya.
    The collection includes edible body oils, however, there is nothing unusual among their tastes.
    But stimulating edible creams attracted my attention – in addition to the classic Cherry, There is mint And Sharp pepper Chili. You can alternate, an interesting combination will turn out.
  • Shunga
    Canadians Shunga, inspired by Shunga Erotic Art, almost became the ancestors of edible intimate cosmetics.
    They have as classic oral lubricants – for example, wild grapes or mandarin (Suddenly, to whom the New Year did not have enough?), and edible massage oils “Almond sweetness” or “green tea”.

    The brand has released a series of fragrant and delicious massage body oils in a breathtaking design – heavy glass bottle in a gift box.
    As you like “Coconut excitement” or “Caramete kiss”? Have additional stimulating effects!

    Shunga generally has a lot of “biting” – the brand releases an edible powder for erotic games, there is honey or With tropical fruits.

    Edible cream-painting for bodybag with Aphrodisiacs – vanilla, Champagne and strawberries, chocolate.

, Sex with taste: The most unusual oral lubricants | Luburbicants
[*] Swiss Navy
They have very tiny lovely bottle of 20 ml, which are very economically consumed and look like a Travel-Size shampoo in a hotel, so sweet lovers can take them with them on travel.
As you like Pina colada or Marakuya, Called by the taste of passion?
20 ml is not enough? There are large jars – 118 ml Cooling Pepermint Ideal for summer and sultry heat.
They also have cool Double Bank with two tastes – kiwi and strawberries. You can use each separately, or you can mix.
Fruit salad, what is it here)

[*] Lick it by Orion
Funny bottles with funny arts, and also suit the vegans! There are volumes 50 And 100 ml.
There are no particularly unusual tastes, but we focus on the compositions.

[*] Other unusual, what can be eaten.
If you discard the classic oral lubricants… Although, it’s too early to discard, I forgot to show you Frenchkiss lemon (Joy Division) – that’s for real gourmets!

Well, having spoke lemon, and returning to non -standard formats – oral stimulating lip glosses! Shunga has – “Strawberry champagne” And “coconut”, There is Concorde – Just sweet.
The chip of these splendor is not only that they can be eaten, they are tasty and are not eaten for a long time, but also that they Erogenous zones stimulate, allowing you to get more pleasure from oral sex.
Effect 3 in 1: heat, cool and tingled. Yes, it happens! You just have to try!)

There is also an unusual format for Tom of Finland – Minet spray “Deep throat” With a taste of mint.
His charm is not only that it is mint and improves sliding, it is also a little muffles the gag reflex and creates a slight numbness in the back of the throat. Voila – the opportunity to suck like in porn. Who could not do it just like that – here is a life hack for sex shops.

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