What’s happened "Oral affection"?

What is “oral affection”?.

, What’s happened "Oral affection"?
These are the main types of caresses designed to incite passion in the genitals of both men and women before copulation. Their purpose of them: make an orgasm available to every woman, regardless of the device of her sexual apparatus, temperament, age, sexual excitability (libido) and psyche state. And if oral caresses (“Greek affection”) are produced both on male and female external organs, then “Jofrey’s caresses” are applicable only to a woman.

With their help, partners annoy each other the genitals not with the hand, but with the tongue (kissing). The history of these caresses goes into the distant past. In search of reciprocity, a person has long noticed that kissing the genitals greatly excites sensitivity and is a more delicate sexual affection than the irritation of the genital organs of the partner with his hand.
The ancient Greeks were one of the first to ask themselves the question: why can a friend’s genitals be caressed, but you can’t tongue? Especially if we love a partner? And if there are all conditions for bringing bodies into an ideal hygienic state?

At first they arose in ancient Greece, apparently, as the equivalent of oral erotica widespread at that time among men and lesbian love among women. Gradually they replaced these perversions in sexual life completely and became known to most families of aristocrats. Their success was largely facilitated by “Oral affection guidelines” for men and women Anacreon. In ancient Greece, two temples of bodily beauty were created, the worship of the genitals arises – an interesting and fascinating ritual. In addition to displaying scenes from the sex life of a person, the frescoes decorating the walls of temples, who wanted to teach the art of sexual love here. To do this, they were brought into a special “sanctuary”, where on a wide bed of love the priests and priestesses of the temple taught their art to incite passion in the genitals, or demonstrated them on their partner.

Due to its exceptional tenderness and in the highest degree of exciting effects, oral caresses soon became a constant companion of every enlightened family. And finally, when it comes to such kind of caresses as kissing the genitals to each other, partners should clearly imagine what exceptional attention should be paid to the issue of genital hygiene. In their purity, the male and women of the man and women should surpass the purity of the face before affection. It is also recommended to irrigate slightly hair on the genitals with perfumes or other aromatic substances to give the genitals a pleasant, slightly exciting smell.
Thus, the kissing of the genitals is known to mankind for a long time (more than three millennia), and since the priority in this belongs, undoubtedly, to ancient Greeks, the whole complex of caresses produced by the language and lips of a man on the female vagina and clitoris, and women on the penis head, in sexology began to be called one term – oral affection (“Greek affection”).

This type of affection (“Greek affection”) is extremely useful to both partners. In terms of exposure to the body, they surpass all tonic substances. They allow everyone, without exception, women (even frigid) experience the strongest ejaculation and orgasm;improve the swelling of the genitals;contribute to the rapid flow of coatus;form an orgasm of higher degrees, and most importantly, nullify the consequences of the disproportion in the size of the genital organs of partners.

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