6 reasons why there is no orgasm and what to do about it | Questions about orgasm

6 reasons why there is no orgasm and what to do about it.

, 6 reasons why there is no orgasm and what to do about it | Questions about orgasm
Male orgasm, as a rule, is a fairly simple story, and female is a completely different story. Almost 80% of women experience difficulties with achieving climax due to the actions of a partner or ignorance of their own body. But if you eliminate the factors that prevent the discharge, then the situation may change. So because of what there are reasons that interfere with getting to the finish line, and how they can be corrected?

Lack of lubrication

  • There are many factors affecting the failure of the natural lubrication formation:
  • Hormonal balance violations,
  • Psychological factors,
  • Incorrect drinking mode,
  • Medication,
  • the absence of a prelude or she is too short (a woman does not have time to get excited well),
  • chronic diseases and t. D.

How to fix?

Lubrication helps to make the erogenous zones of any person more responsive to sexual touches. Each woman has an individual speed and degree of isolation of natural lubrication. And there is nothing wrong with the fact that sometimes (or even always) it is necessary to use help for additional moisturizing.

High-quality lubricant improves skin contact with skin, or skin with a sex toy, and also reduces friction, providing smooth sliding. What type of lubricant to choose depends on your personal preferences.

Water -based lubricant Perfectly compatible for use with any sex toys and condoms. It leaves no traces on clothes and beds, it is easily washed off with water, but quickly evaporates from the skin, so it must sometimes be added for comfortable penetration.

Silicone lubricants more dense in consistency, they need to be applied in fewer quantities, but at the same time they work longer. With such a lubricant you can have sex or masturbation in the shower, but with silicone sex gadgets they will not be able to combine them.

Oil -based lubricant It is perfect for those who do not want to be distracted by re -application in the middle of the process, it “works” even longer than the previous. But with intimate toys (except glass) and ordinary condoms it will not be possible to use it. She washes very poorly and strongly dirty linen and clothes, leaves fat spots on them.

If you want to get more intense sensations, think about using lubricants with various additional effects, for example, warming or cooling. And you can also use special gels to enhance excitement – Liquid vibrators.

You do not strain the muscles

Women who have difficulties with obtaining orgasm are often advised to “try to relax”, but sometimes the opposite is true.

When a woman experiences excitement, several processes affecting the receipt of orgasm occur in a pelvis at the same time, and the tension of the vaginal muscles plays an important role. It is they, filled with blood and narrowing, tightly “hug” the penis, which helps to strengthen all sensations and achieve climax.

But the influence of certain factors (age, birth of children, injury and disease) leads to a deterioration in blood flow, a decrease in elasticity and muscle tone, a decrease in lubrication production, so there are problems with the occurrence of orgasm in women.

What to do?

Strengthen the muscles of the vagina, increase their elasticity, improve blood circulation using simple physical exercises (deflections of back, squats, stretch marks), or using special Vaginal balls, Kegel simulators.

They are produced in various versions, many can include additionally vibration or remote control functions to make training more useful and fascinating.

Inappropriate type of stimulation

Although the stimulation of the clitoris with the help of vibrations is a fairly popular way to achieve orgasm, it is not suitable for all women. For many representatives of the weaker sex, the clitoris head is highly sensitive to physical touches. Therefore, girls quite often find vibration in this area irritating, too intense, and as a result they cannot enjoy.

What to do?

In this case, it is worth replacing the vibrator with Vacuum-wave stimulator. These devices do not contact directly with the clitoris, but affect it with the help of a unique Pleasure Air technology. Thanks to it, the clitoris is stimulated by sucking air flows, which certainly leads to instant and multiple orgasm.

There are different types of stimulants, some of them represent 2B1 toys, where the vaginal process additionally affects the point G so that you can experience a mixed orgasm.

There is no variety

When you have been living with your partner for a long time, it’s quite easy to get used to each other and once understand that your intimacy has become boring. There is no longer a trepidation and fire between you, as it was before.

What to do?

Say no boring sex! Forget about making all the movements in the usual order, use the same poses. You need to find a completely new erotic experience, for example, try Sex toy on remote control. This is an ideal way to wake up a “fallen” passion. There are many options for devices: diverse vibrators, anal traffic jams, vibrovalics, prostate massages. At the same time, they can be controlled both from the remote control, when you are next to each other, and through a special application on the phone. And here it does not matter the distance between you, because the partner can bring you to orgasm from any corner of the planet.

Do you find a refusal to control the exciting for yourself, or just want to pamper each other with a secret erotic game in public, the toy on remote management will significantly expand your sexual boundaries., 6 reasons why there is no orgasm and what to do about it | Questions about orgasm

Anxiety and stress

The feeling of depression or stress, of course, affects the sexual reaction. It is difficult to relax and get an orgasm if thoughts about work, children, household problems, etc. D. The American gynecologist Alissa Devea believes that “in women sexual intercourse often begins in the brain”.

Thus, if you think about anything other than proximity, the brain is tuned not to get pleasure, but to solve current problems.

How to fix?

There are several ways to solve this problem.

Have conscious sex (or masturbation). To do this, you need to concentrate and enjoy what is happening “here and now”, pay attention to everyone that arises and touch your body. It is important not to rush, “drive away” distracting thoughts and not act according to the usual sexual scenario.

Light BDSM game subordination It will also help to cause an unusual and pleasant state of excitement, stimulate the production of the hormone “pleasure” of endorphin. This creates a sexual state of relaxation and exacerbates your feelings. Use thematic toys: blindfolds, handcuffs, bondage ribbons, etc. P. Of course, before starting this practice, talk about it with each other, and be sure to follow 3 principles: security, rationality and consistency.

There is no feeling of comfort next to a partner

If you can experience an orgasm alone, but not with your loved one (situational anorgasmia), you are not alone. This is a common case, and usually arises due to the impossibility of relaxing in the presence of a partner. Or because you cannot tell how best to stimulate you.

The conflict in relationships is also often a serious reason that the orgasm is elusive. If you do not feel safe with a partner or there are resentment, misunderstanding, orgasms may be an accident. To work out such situations, it is better to use the help of specialists (sex -therapist, psychologist), if it is not possible to solve the problem on your own.

How to solve?

Women are often inconvenient to ask for what they need in bed, for example, because of fear of touching a partner’s feelings, seem too active or to be rejected. But tell your loved one what you want and need sex gives you great advantages. Couples who learn to open in real communication often say that this brings them together in sexual and planes and helps to expand intimate boundaries.

Use Sex toys for steam. They stimulate both partners in the process of intercourse, making orgasms brighter. This is an interesting way to update relationships, get an unforgettable sensation.

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