As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure

As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure.

Do you know how to get a vaginal orgasm? Most women never once experienced him, content with a “classic” option, because almost any girl knows how to bring themselves to clitoral pleasure. Pleasure is closer than it seems! A little practice, an attentive attitude towards yourself a beloved, as well as a serious approach to a frivolous occupation and voila – you will know such peaks of pleasure that you could not even dream of before.

Someone likes light masturbation, and someone is crazy about hard penetration. Some girls manage to experience an orgasm on a bicycle or tightly clutching the hips at the desktop. Subtleties of the process – the personal business of every girl. But the hot desire to do it again, again and again – one on all.

Sex is extremely important for a woman! At the time of the “peak point” there is a crazy ejection of hormones, which are very difficult to get other, harmless to the body, methods. If you also belong to the army of girls who do not believe that you can experience an orgasm, then this article is a chance to change the situation. Careful reading plus responsible implementation of recommendations, and a new level of pleasure will open for you!

If you also belong to the army of girls who do not believe that you can experience an orgasm, then this article is a chance to change the situation. Careful reading plus responsible implementation of recommendations, and a new level of pleasure will open for you!

What is an orgasm – signs and sensations

Many people think that only the clitoris helps to obtain an orgasm, but this is not so. There are several main erogenous points and types of pleasure – clitoral, vaginal, thoracic, myotonic orgasm and so on.

Before the long -awaited discharge comes, the girl feels an increasing impatient tension. It is preserved until the decisive moment, because I really want everything to happen as quickly as possible. Immediately before discharge, the whole body is covered with droplets of sweat. The nipples harden, the blood rushes to the face, I want to scream from happiness and pleasure without restraining myself.

The main buzz is easy to find out by an extreme peak of pleasure. It’s like a flight, heat and explosion combined.

The body also reacts to this state: the intimate muscles are rhythmically reduced, a lot of lubrication is released. The body seems to live its own life – the back is bending, the muscles of the arms and legs behave as they want, tears can flow from the eyes.

For some girls, all this looks very expressive: if you don’t know exactly what an act of love and unbridled pleasure is happening, then you might think that someone urgently needs the help of a doctor. Well, or a priest.

There are many videos on the Internet with really wild orgasms. If you are shy in bed – a selection of orgasms from masturbation or sex is required to view. You will understand that there is nothing supernatural in this. Hundreds and even thousands of girls shout, sob, bending, bending … And they are quite satisfied with themselves! And their face does not resemble the face of the angel, it can quite remind the face of the Seedgist when he lifts 100 kg.

Then the intensity with which the muscles of the vagina are compressed, gradually fades, the body calms down. Breathing still remains confused – he needs time to return to normal. Immediately after a successful completion, the girl feels pleasant fatigue and heaviness – I do not want to get out of bed or chat on different topics. And, yes, a smile is sure to shine on the face.

Types of the main pleasure

Before you find out how to get an orgasm during sex, we will deal with its varieties. Eight are distinguished (!) species, five of them depend on the stimulation zone, three more differ in the features of the process.

Try to calculate how many of these types you yourself experienced, which you heard or saw in erotica, and which you meet for the first time.


The most common and “generally accepted” view. Almost every girl experienced cramping of clitoral orgasm.

Cliter in the female body – an analogue of a male member. A lot of nerve endings are concentrated in it, so the pleasure is so strong. Find the clitoris is not difficult, it is located conveniently to stimulate during sex with a partner.


Achieved by stimulation of the legendary point G, it is in the vagina at a depth of several centimeters. With this view, everything is a little more complicated.

For a girl to experience an orgasm, her partner must have enviable patience and detective skills. Ideally, if your pair is superior to your pair. Then, for this search operation, you will be able to cooperate and act together without unnecessary and constraint. The vaginal convulsive orgasm is worth it: the pleasure will be stronger and longer, and the peak is higher and brighter.


This female treasure, in the literal sense, is hidden deeply. It is almost impossible to achieve it in the usual way: a member of the average size will not reach the cherished point.

There are two options – vibrator or fisting. In the first case, you will need a solid “tool” bought specifically for this purpose. If you decide to try fisting, the partner should be careful, and you are well prepared. Let your beloved watch our video tutorial on this topic, which is called “fisting and uterine orgasm”, it presents the best techniques for relaxing and exciting a woman. Plus your man will know exactly how to make you very pleased, but it doesn’t hurt.

For what is it all? It’s hard to understand until you try. Compared to two species described above, the convulsions of orgasm from the stimulation of the uterus will be the most powerful.


Anal sex is a sensitive topic and even sharply unpleasant for many girls. They miss a lot, because a member during anal sex acts on many nerve endings located just at the desired depth, and around the anus there are more than 70,000 nerve endings. This means that reaching the finish line will not be so difficult if you organize everything correctly and carefully. Many girls receive a random orgasm during anal, and can no longer stop in the effort to repeat. If you do not belong to this category, watch our video course “Love anal sex by 100%”, in it you will find recommendations for preparing for painless anal sex and how to achieve anal discharge with a man.


A rareer beast than a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. In the video, the jet discharge looks incomparable. The world was literally divided into two camps – some believe that the directory of thematic films came up with the squirt, while others have no doubt in his reality.

From the point of view of physiology, everything is obvious. The point is at U, it is located near the release of the urethra. Search and stimulate point U must be purposefully, and most couples do not do this. Therefore, squirt comes to units, and the rest write off everything for a conspiracy. By the way, our video tutorial “Techniques of inkjet orgasm” will be an excellent assistant to your boyfriend so that he gives you this type of pleasure.


Test several discharge in a row one by one? Easy to. This is a very real situation if you are friends with your body, you know how to enjoy and you can agree with your partner. As you can see – there is not a single impossible requirement in the list, only the most pleasant part of the training remained – practice.

To experience several characteristic “waves” or “impulses” in a row, ask your man to continue affection even after you finished without stopping, but slightly reducing the moment. Prolonged moderate stimulation is a key that opens the door behind which a multiple orgasm is hidden. And on this subject we have the same lesson, go and look how to teach to get such a pleasure.

From the chest

Oddly enough, breast caresses can also be an answer to the question “How to achieve orgasm”. This refers only to breast caresses, without any penetration. This part of the female body is especially sensitive and delicate, skillful actions of the lover here by its weight in gold.

The breast belongs to those erogenous zones that need to be awakened. If for you now it is not connected with special pleasure, it means that the awakening has not yet taken place. The “breast” convulsive orgasm of the girl is actually vaginal or uterine, a wave of pleasure comes from there.


If you look at multiple orgasm on a slightly on the other hand, we get a looped. Unlike the multiple, in which the discharge of one type is followed in a row, the looped gives a whole palette of pleasure at a time. The most affordable combination is clitoral + vaginal, but any other combinations are also possible.

More sensations – more pleasure, sounds great. True, there is one “but”: you need to own the body on the five and know perfectly how to bring yourself to the finish. First you have to arouse erogenous zones, normalize self -esteem and psychological state, completely love and accept yourself, create trusting relationships. Even if now you cannot boast of ticks on this list, do not worry, over time everything will come.

Why there is no discharge

Calm down, take a deep breath, count up to ten. Lack of full discharge is not a sentence. Take off your shortcut and throw away, it will not be needed if you are seriously tuning to correct the situation. The first peak of pleasure in a woman can occur at any age, it is never too late.

Work on your pleasure does not sound as serious as some complex medical term, but you should not treat the process frivolously. The peak of pleasure can bypass you by psychological or physiological reasons. The condition in question is called anorgazmia. You think this term is serious enough to take it seriously?

And a violation may be situational. This means that in some conditions you get what you want, and in others – no. Let’s say you can easily experience an orgasm from a stream of water in the shower or end exclusively to the music of regga.

Common psychological causes are extraneous thoughts, underestimated self -esteem, negative experience in the past, uncomfortable conditions, distrust of a partner and many others.

Imagine that the guy in whom you were in love with school was publicly ridiculed. There is no difference that seven years have passed, that you look great and that you have more subscribers on Instagram than its salary in six months. If you were at least Miss World – there is a risk that the tragedy left the deepest imprint on self -esteem and completely killed confidence in men.

The cunning catch is that psychological problems are sometimes hidden deep inside, and all this time you sincerely do not understand what is wrong with sexuality.

Physiological reasons are conditionally divided into two groups: the state of the body and the awakening of erogenous zones.

If the body is not in order, problems may arise with sex. The level of libido and the ability to get a magnificent buzz is affected by a lot, including:

  • chronic diseases, and not necessarily at the stage of exacerbation;
  • fatigue and stress;
  • momentary factors – overeating, full bladder, heartburn, state of intoxication.
  • Awakening of erogenous zones is an approach aimed at a conscious training of strategically important points. First you need to find out where the points are and what to do with them, and then start the process and bring it to the end. Well, connect your partner so that you don’t get bored.

    Frigidity and anorgasmia – truth or myth

    Between these two concepts lies a huge abyss. Judge for yourself: anorgasmia, as we have already found out, is an inability to experience discharge due to a psychological or physiological malfunction. And the term “frigidity”, which is used by everyone who is not lazy, is an outdated name of a state in which a woman is not at all capable of receiving sexual pleasure. It turns out that if a woman receives an orgasm in a dream or is excited while watching erotica – it is impossible to call her frigid. The difference is obvious!

    The term “frigidity” officially has long since been used in science and medicine. In colloquial speech, he is mentioned by habit and ignorance.

    If you sincerely do not know how to get a peak of pleasure during sex – this does not mean that you are frigid. You can call the girl so only if her body has a serious violation that prevents her from getting any sexual pleasure.

    Why enjoy sex

    What if a woman’s pleasure is not necessarily at all? Maybe frigidity or anorgasmia, or as it is there, is a normal state?

    Absolutely not. Nature has created you just like that – adapted to get pleasure. Just in case, she provided you with several bright erogenous zones at once. You don’t think it happened by chance?

    Good sex for a woman is the best way to get your dose of important hormones that affect health and beauty. These hormones are always in the body, but they are, as it were, locked in a safe and you can’t use them at will simply.

    To provoke an release into the blood, you need to open a safe. High -quality sex and powerful cool convulsive orgasm is the key to the castle. Alcohol, wagon of sweets, antidepressants and prohibited substances are mounting, scrap and home assembly bomb. You can, of course, break through a hole or break the loops, but this will break the mechanism, and it will no longer work as it should be.

    What is happening at the peak

    The first peak of pleasure in a woman changes her life forever. In these sweet moments, even the brain begins to work in a completely unusual way. Specific pleasure centers are activated, which usually turn on when you eat something delicious.

    Completely predictable areas of the brain: those who are responsible for a sense of joy and happiness, bright emotions, memory, satisfaction.

    It is interesting that part of the brain responsible for control, rational thinking, a critical assessment during the finish of sex is disconnected. You stop holding yourself in your hands even at the biological level. The pleasure is so strong that the brain itself does not mind surrendering and swimming with the flow, enjoying the process.

    What to do to get pleasure

    It seems that enjoying is just. You just need to relax and completely plunge into a sweet process.

    But you read this article for a reason. If you are here, then the awareness of the problem has already happened. It remains to understand what to do with it and how to learn to get an orgasm.

    Yes, in this world, even a pleasure is just impossible to get. It is necessary to carry out a whole range of measures: “train” the body, configure the mental background in the right way, create stable trusting relationships with a partner, and also prepare immediately before sex or masturbation.

    Train the pelvic bottom muscles

    The training of the vaginal muscles should ideally be engaged in every girl and woman. The sooner you master this cunning type of fitness – the better. Regardless of how much a girl or woman is satisfied with a sexual life, training of the pelvic floor muscles will only be for the good. If you are looking for how to strengthen an orgasm and make it brighter – it will definitely suit.

    Kegel’s exercises are a davo and very well -known technique that will never be out of place. She is simple and universal. Exercises consist in the work of the muscles of the vagina for compression and relaxation. Like any other training, this complex will not give visible results immediately, but after a few weeks, it must be performed regularly. But if you want to do it quickly, then the most excellent way is to watch our video course “Training and development of intimate muscles”, which will allow you to train muscles around the vagina in 21 days. Just imagine, only 21 days and intimate muscles are in good shape, and you are ready to experience the highest pleasure. A good bonus will be the lack of symptoms of PMS, female diseases and a great mood, coupled with delicate and clean skin, magnificent hair, strong nails and a charming gleam in the eyes.

    Good news – during training you can do your own business. Most of the exercises can be performed anywhere and not be afraid that someone will guess. Try not to make too serious or dreamy facial expression.

    As a result, the muscles will pull up and will be tightly wrapped in a dick during sex. Your man will be in the seventh heaven – it causes a stormy delight with them. You will also be better and “more details” feel it inside.

    From the point of view of health, the result is invaluable. Exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor is a sure way to bring yourself into a form and experience an orgasm after childbirth. And those who only plan a pregnancy, the complex will help more easily cope with the painful process. In addition, exercises are the prevention and treatment of all kinds of incontinence, hemorrhoidal nodes, inflammation of the genitourinary system.

    Know your body and arouse erogenous zones

    Remember your apartment. Mentally answer the questions: where are clothespins or clamps? How much there are chandeliers in it, floor lamps and sconces? Where is the crane that can be covered with water? Where, most likely, it will turn out to be charging for the phone if it is not in the usual place?

    You see, you perfectly know your home and easily orient yourself in it with your eyes closed to the touch. Why is your own body, in which it passes much more time, it is not known to you in such detail?

    If you think this is not so – check. What is your height, weight and normal blood pressure. Answer whether you can find a point g in 10 seconds? Remember the five types of masturbation that you tried personally – which one you like more? How do you need to breathe during sex to get the maximum pleasure?

    Four questions about the house and four – about your body. Compare the results. Try not to deceive yourself: the answers are not considered in which the words “did not pay attention” or “probably”.

    It will be difficult for a man to give you pleasure if you yourself do not know how to bring yourself to orgasm. Study the body and work with it.

    To develop healthy sexuality – get acquainted with the body again, explore its most hidden corners. Study erogenous zones and awaken them.

    Awakening of erogenous zones is their “inclusion” after a long downtime. From important points on the spinal cord in the brain from birth, the tracks of the nerve impulses are laid. Due to the fact that no one ever really used these ways-their condition leaves much to be desired.

    Roads passing through the desert regularly sweep out special machines. If this is not done – in a week in the place of the road there will be a thick sandy layer, under which it is impossible to discern the asphalt fabric. Clearing the listed road is not easy.

    To awaken erogenous zones, patience. No matter how pleasant and interesting it is-treat him seriously as something compulsory. Try a couple of times, and then abandon – bad approach.

    Anatomy of female orgasm

    We have already mentioned some key points of the female body, which, with skillful “mixing” turn into a whole orgasm cocktail. We will analyze them in more detail: give accurate location coordinates and instructions for use.

    • Point G is the most famous of the female erogenous zones. Everyone heard about her, but the units reached the practical application. This is not very fair – if you wish, you can find a point quickly and easily, and the result of its stimulation is definitely worth it.

    Point G will give you a vaginal peak of pleasure. It is located in the vagina in front, that is, closer to the stomach, at a depth of about two phalanges of the finger. All women have it without exception. A waking up G will take only a week if you use a special system.

    • Point A – “culprit” of specific uterine pleasure. It is located at the entrance to the cervix, because of this, get a member or hand to it problematic.
    • Point K is the most controversial and contradictory from the list. And all because its stimulation occurs during anal sex. It is, however, in the vagina, on its back wall.
    • Point U is near the urethra, we mentioned it above, speaking of Squirt.

    If you master the listed points, then all seven types of high will become available to you. Of course, not immediately – to experience the “looped” orgasm will take time, instantly it will not come.

    How to get a discharge as a woman, working with erogenous zones described in detail in the video course “Wake up all 7 types of your orgasm”. It will be clear and interesting even if you have not encountered the topic so close to the topic.

    Be able to turn off your head

    No matter how sad it may sound, we often harm ourselves, consciously or not. Conscious wrecking is “another candy” or “Perhaps, I will transfer a run for tomorrow”. You can fight with it by developing steel willpower.

    And what to do if you involuntarily perform (or do not perform) actions that do not carry anything good? Even cooler – when you don’t even understand what the problem is, you are looking for a cause of a violation … And she sits right in your skull all this time all this time.

    So, learn to turn off your head correctly.

    Women are indisputable champions in this sport as “to think too much”. No one can compare with us: he only glanced at you briefly, and you have already found a thousand answers to the questions “Why is it?”,” Why looked?”,” Why exactly?”. This is not good and not bad, it is just a given that you need to get along somehow. Or still fight?

    Every girl has complexes, and they constantly play a cruel joke. A pimple, which in the mirror seems to the size of Jupiter, in fact, no one will notice separately from the rest of you. Men evaluate the girl entirely. In their heads there is no constantly growing list from the nuances and disadvantages. Your microcatastrophes exist only in your head.

    You know perfectly about your shortcomings, because you spent more than one hour looking at and pondering them. And since people tend to judge everything by themselves – it seems that others have the same opinion.

    Some women have the pleasure of sex after childbirth-it seems that the body looks bad, fatigue sits on the shoulders with a huge mountain, and a loved one is probably interested in someone better.

    An important step towards healthy sexuality is to accept yourself. Accept your beauty and stop making an elephant from a fly. Accept that the partner sees an integral personality, and not a set of pimples and folds.

    Men, of course, look at extreme beauties – models or stars – but they never compare with their girlfriend. For them, it is like a still life with apples in a gallery – it looks aesthetically pleasing, but it has nothing to do with reality. It would occur to you to compare painted apples with real?

    Household issues, problems and experiences should be left outside the bedroom door. You can think of these unpleasant thoughts later, they are not so important to spoil the pleasure.

    Well excited

    Amat Victoria Curam is a winged phrase, from Latin it translates as “Victory loves training”. Take it a note if you look for an idea for a tattoo with the inscription.

    Almost the most important thing in sex occurs even before it starts – of course, if everything is in order in the couple. Preliminary caresses and flirting configure subtle trust between partners, as a result, both catch one wave and perfectly understand each other. The chances of a sexy van are growing rapidly.

    Everyone knows that girls need preliminary caresses. The man is “ready for battle” after 120 seconds, and your body will need 15 minutes or more.

    If you skip this stage and immediately go to the sexual intercourse, then the simultaneous orgasm does not shine for you: 5 minutes to excite a partner + 10-15 minutes for sex = the same 15-20 minutes. That is, by the time he finishes, you will just be ready to start. If your chosen one does not know how to excite you and does not know what to do during the prelude, let him see our video course for men “Scenarios of an unforgettable night”. We assure you, you will be very, very grateful to us for the breathtaking pleasure that you will experience when your beloved will master all the techniques.

    Ways to get excited yourself

    Before moving to sex or masturbation, fantasize. Imagine in detail what feelings you want to experience, what caresses are most tuned. Do not rush not to focus on finishing, as a necessary and main goal, free your head from these thoughts. Otherwise, the obsessive idea will ruin everything: “Where is he? And this is it already? Not yet? And now? Well, when?”.

    Learn your body, pamper it with attention. Even for masturbation, you need to prepare as thoroughly as gather on a date. After all, this is also a date, with your beloved.

    Calm familiar atmosphere, muffled light, comfortable and large bed – these are the best conditions for independent caresses.

    Dress, take a comfortable pose. It is best to bend your knees and place them on a comfortable width. Remember that there is nothing to be ashamed. Caress yourself with your hands where you like. Listen to how the body responds. Try different ways – from soft strokes to compressions or even tongs, but never do what does not bring pleasure.

    There may be surprises in the process, for example, it turns out that this or that area is especially sensitive. The main thing is not to rush. If you so well know how to bring yourself to a clitoral orgasm, do not succumb to the desire to quickly complete the process.

    How to quickly get excited with a man

    Trust and mutual understanding are the sexiest that can be in your relationship. In fact, you know very well how to quickly get excited with a partner, right?

    If you conscientiously performed the stage of “independent work”, then you can easily list what touch, actions and words include the Niagara waterfall regime. The most difficult stage is to achieve what is desired from a man.

    Keep the perfect picture in your head and hope that one day he will guess everything – not at once.

    Instead of googling “how to imitate an orgasm?»Talk to a man to be honest. Be sure: he will not think “something wrong”. Even more – the girl’s open approach will lift the fire of desire and delight anyone. Unless, of course, you are not going to start this conversation on the first date or your second half does not belong to the people or religion of strict morals.

    By the way, talking on this subject is better right in bed, in an easy and unpretentious atmosphere. At the same time there will be a reason to immediately try new skills.

    Try to convey this information:

    1. You really need a prelude.
    2. These points drive you crazy.
    3. But it is better not to touch these places, because it is tickled or unpleasant.
    4. Here you need to be more tender, but here – on the contrary, you can act tougher.
    5. You are a little shy of this fold, so you do not need to consider it point -blank.

    Of course, every girl has her own preferences, someone receives an orgasm in a pose 69, and someone cannot stand oral sex, one likes smooth movements, and the other-real jerks. But in this secret conversation there is one rule common to all: do not load the ton of information into the head of your favorite ton, only important. Including information about pleasure in 69 pose, do not be shy.

    Create a suitable atmosphere

    Circumstances decide a lot. I need iron excerpt to enjoy sex in a student hostel if he sleeps two meters from you (or does not sleep?) the roommate.

    Curtains Blackout, candles, skin oils, lubricants, aromatic sticks, pleasant music, neutral or erotic video, pleasant to the body, underwear and bedding, canopy and other attributes – your friends.

    During masturbation, of course, you do not think about how remarkably the aromatic. But this information is imperceptibly processed by the brain. And his reaction on the mood affects directly.

    Masturbating is very important for the pleasure of sex!

    There is one common one in the world for all people, but a very, very secret secret.

    Everyone does it.

    Humanity calls this masturbation, masturbation, ownedness and a million more threatening and funny terms. This is really nice, otherwise why would it be so popular.

    And in our case, it is also useful: masturbation for obtaining an orgasm helps to get acquainted with itself again, find out your own body. And, no matter how strange it may sound – it is better to masturbate with the mind. If you pay attention to your body, this will certainly improve the quality of sex as a whole.

    However, there is nothing wrong with just enjoy. But why not combine pleasant with useful?

    Buy a vibrator

    If you are still reading an article, then you can’t scare sex toys, it’s time to think about buying. Phalloimitators, massagers, vibrators are very different, so you can choose the most suitable.

    Remember how carefully you need to choose a dress so that it “sits”? Size, style, silhouette, open and closed areas, color … A huge assortment of sex shops allows you to choose an intimate toy according to the same principle.

    The prelude will still have to arrange. “Heat” the body, prepare, as described above – create an atmosphere, tune in a pleasant way, take a convenient position and start affectionate.

    Gradually move from “harmless” areas to the most intimate. Start with the clitoris, a special vibrator is useful here, for example, a vibrating. Try not to linger at this point, otherwise everything will end here – brightly, but premature.

    When you are ready to penetrate – change the clitoral vibrator to a suitable phallic vibrator, Lelo Ina is ideal. Do not rush in your actions, do not chase the discharge. Let everything be smooth and leisurely. Vibration at the very beginning is better to put at a minimum and gradually increase the level. Pay special attention to the point G (or the other, if you are engaged in its awakening). By the way, Lelo Ina just works so that it perfectly falls on your zone g and arouses it in 2 scores.

    Use the fact that you control the process: experiment with speed and angle, vibration modes. Pleasant muscle contractions in the lower abdomen is a sign of a quick finish. Concentrate on them and do not stop, bring the matter to the end. That’s all that is needed is not the most difficult training, right?

    How to bring yourself to the peak solo – technology

    Masturbation of girls to orgasm can be amazingly diverse. These are not only exercises in tandem with an “electronic assistant” or an independent “handmade”, but also more interesting techniques that will help to achieve that very point faster and more pleasant.

    Technique for the clitoris “Smooth cat”

    Permanent classic solo-technician, which requires nothing but a playful mood. Create a pleasant cozy atmosphere with a muffled light and relax in a comfortable pose. Caress your body from the shoulders to the stomach, dropping down from top to bottom, as if stroke a delicate kitty (from here, by the way, the name of the technique went). The main thing is to completely surrender to the process, not to be distracted by nothing.

    Lubricate your fingers and labia with a lubricant and go to the clitoris. Study it as if for the first time touched this part of the body, pay all your attention to it. Watch what emotions and sensations you worry in the process. Try to move your fingers faster and slower, more tender or intense. .

    Now you feel great and know what the most delicate part of your body likes.

    Technique +100500

    Most women speak vividly to the caresses of the clitoris, but if there are difficulties with this, a clitoral stimulator is used, for example, a champion in this Womanizer category or a more ascetic version of Satispier Pro2. It will help to solve the problem – to become more sensual, to awaken the most important zone of the female body.  

    The clitoral stimulator is not suitable for ordinary entertainment with penetration, it differs from vibrators and phallimitators with a special anatomical form. The secret in the vacuum principle of work: the silicone tip fit tightly to the clitoris, and is gently attracted to it from all sides. The hugging nozzle with pulsation stimulates the most sensitive point of the body, the hurricane peak of pleasure overtakes after a couple of minutes. And behind him is another or more. Intensive stimulation will wake sexual interest in any, even the coldest … No, not the heart.

    Important: Do not get carried away with such toys, if you easily get a clitoral high from masturbation, otherwise interest in other pleasures can fade away. After all, the rest of the points still need to work, but here everything is ready. It is better for girls with an awakened clitoris to concentrate on how to strengthen the orgasm of other zones, to pay special attention to them.

    Vaginal “DIY” technique (do it Yourself)

    Masturbation with orgasm is not so difficult if you maintain a meaningful approach. Turn on the music, turn off the phone, make nothing to distract from the process. Stand on the bed more comfortable. If desired, the curtains in the room can be tightly closed or left open.

    Caress yourself as you like the most, do not rush to move to intimate parts, the process should be measured and gradual. If at some point you feel a special pleasure, stay on it longer. Listen carefully what wants to tell the body. Gradually go to the caresses of the clitoris, be sure to use grease. Do not succumb to the desire to endure the process violently, because the clitoral solo orgasm is not that goal. If you feel the approach of discharge, stop and calm down a little. Go to caresses at the vaginal entrance and inside it, only when the excitement is incredible. Your own lubrication should be extremely a lot – this is a sign that everything is going on as it should. If you suddenly experience some physiological problems, then the lubricant Bio Aquaglide to help you, it will improve sliding, moisturize the vagina and will not cause allergies, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties.

    Find the point g and massage it using the “Come here” technique, it is described just below in the article. Add a lubricant if you feel that it is necessary.

    Listen to what your body wants – slow down or accelerate the movements, make them smoother or sharp, soft or rigid, and so on.

    Add another finger and move your hand as if it were a male cock. You can use a vibrator or dildo. Continue the experiments until you feel a powerful and stormy vaginal orgasm from masturbation. By the way, Lelo Ina, which we talked about above, will do this technique for you, since he has one of the motors that copies this technique.

    Arcourse technique

    If in childhood you were fond of computer games, then you know what a “cheat code” is. This is a way to deceive the system using an internal error or your own trick. So, the Arca technique is also suitable for the description: knowing how algorithms work in the body, use them in your interests.

    Let’s get down to business: let’s say, you can easily get a clitoris orgasm, but no vaginal, but I really want to. The simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and points G will help a couple of times a week. Important: in no case can you allow yourself to reach the peak. When the discharge is about to come-sharply stop exciting the clitoris, but don’t stop in the second zone. Repeat the cycle 2-3 times, allowing you to reach the finish not earlier.

    The magic is that after some time the brain will respond to the stimulation of the “inactive” zone. The sensations will seem to be transferred to another point.

    With the help of this method, you can arouse any zone, a bright convulsive orgasm will not be long in coming.

    It is not necessary to use only fingers and ordinary lubricants. The vibrator will help to achieve the result faster due to more intensive work, VIWibe, Miss B will be perfect, they will complement the arsenal of Viamax cream cream.

    Technique “Come here”

    You can perform this “exercise” in two ways. First – use a finger. It must be inserted into the vagina to a depth of 3-4 cm so that the pillow is directed to the front wall. Next, you need to bend your finger, as if saying: “Come here”, massing the point g thus.

    The second way is to use an assistant, ff Miss B of a special shape. Its intensive vibration is great for awakening the point G. Vaginal orgasm from masturbation will come faster if you use the vibrator in combination with exciting cream. A large process of the vibrator must be placed on the very point and massage it for several minutes.

    The technique is designed for cycles for 4 days: 3 minutes, 4 minutes, rest, 5 minutes – respectively.  You will find even more techniques for awakening female pleasure in our special course “Wake up all 7 types of your orgasm”

    Our best friends are not diamonds

    A faithful companion and dear friend of every girl is a vibrator in a bedside table, under a mattress or in a bedding box. With the method of conspiracy you will have to figure it out yourself, and we will talk about the intricacies of choice below.

    First of all, decide why you are going to purchase this interesting accessory. Now you know that there are several key points in the female body in which the compilation of female orgasms is hidden. Different toys are suitable for different areas.

    Most often, there are vibrators in stores to stimulate points G, slightly curved in a special way. Such a model is a must have every girl, a woman and even a high -fierce arrogant lady.

    To get solo pleasure from the uterus, the Big Size model is suitable, but before making an order, make sure that such dimensions will suit you.

    Choose a vibrator model that you can take with you to the shower. Even if you do not want such experiments yet – later interest will appear.

    Additions and options – mobile parts, relief, protrusions, etc. – not so needed to awaken pleasure. Unless, of course, they are not intended to stimulate certain points. Despite the fact that the choice in sex shops is just a whole planet of pleasure for every taste, sometimes such bonuses can interfere with “training”.

    , As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure


    A wonderful and stylish masturbator that any lady will definitely like. It is very simple to use it – the device does not need to be moved, just place it on the clitoris and wait until satisfaction comes. Discharge will not be long in coming. Yes, clitoral, but multiple!

    , As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure


    A wonderful toy made of medical silicone is already much more like a male penis. In fact, it is an analogue of the penis, only she can pulsate, creating axial impulses. This mode of operation differs from a conventional vibrator radically, since it is it that helps to imitate sex – reciprocating movements. This thing will come in handy for you to awaken the A zone A (it is located at the cervix), where the member will not get out almost a guarantee.

    , As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure

    Miss BI from Fun Factory

    A small compact vibrator that is more like an element of decor from the future than a real sex toy. But in addition to its mimicity, this little thing is really capable of a lot – two engines actively stimulate the most important erogenous zones – the clitoris and point G. A powerful friend will definitely break even the most insensitive area of the most anti -sensitive girl.

    , As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure

    Lelo Ina Wawe

    We have already written about him a hundred times, but more details. A great toy from Lelo, which is ideal for female anatomy and physiology. The developers thought out almost everything – the toy trunk is moving in exciting, which creates a feeling of real sex, it is possible to change the speed and intensity of vibration, turn on one or two motors at once. The diameter and length of the barrel are perfect – the toy stimulates everything that is needed, but does not cause inconvenience. Visually, Ina Wave is similar to a classic vibrator-red, but at the same time very stylish and high-quality. And by the way, Lelo is Maserati among vibrators.

    , As a woman to achieve orgasm herself and always experience pleasure


    The unique invention from Gvibe is not much like a realistic phalloimitator or even a classic vibrator – rather it resembles a process divided on one of the sides in half. It turns out a kind of fork (or a bunny, as you like), which is ideal for stimulating the G zone, and it can also be used for vaginal anal or clitoral-vaginal stimulation, or when you make a blowjob it. Plus a great design, three powerful motor – in the barrel and each of the processes.

    How to do it with a man

    If you desperate and no longer see any choice but to simulate an orgasm, here is the great news: the result of “independent work” will change cool sex and ordinary sex. In the process, you develop your own sensuality, awaken erogenous zones, learn to understand the body and correctly control it. These skills will find application in all episodes of intimate life.

    It is worth learning to experience solo orgasm, and repeat success with a man will not be difficult.

    And again about excitement and prelude

    Excitation solves everything! If you miss the preparatory stage, you can forget about the peak of pleasure with almost 100% probability.

    There are exceptions-when passion surged sharply and forced you to act decisively, but such a scenario usually precedes something-views, hints, flirting. All this creates stress, which is your option of prelude.

    Each girl needs time to prepare for sex physically and emotionally. And literally units from the first seconds enjoy the act without prelude. Do not be shy about talking to a man and be sure – it is easy for him to hold zeal for a couple of minutes to give you a real pleasure.

    If he still does not do that, do not rush with conclusions. Maybe it seems to you obvious that preliminary caresses set the mood for everything else. But this is only your body and your sensations. A man (and of any age) can skip the most important stage simply because he never thought about it or attached significance. Let him watch our video course “Scenarios of an unforgettable night” and the question of his inability to immediately disappear.

    4 phases of human sexual reactions

    The need for preliminary caresses can be easily explained. From the point of view of a person and his body, sexual intercourse is divided into four stages:

    1. Phase of excitation – the preparation of all body systems, as well as the brain. This stage is responsible for setting up systems and their correct work in the process.
    2. The Plato Plato is the longest part during which you and your partner “work” at a flat pace and with even efforts.
    3. The phase of orgasm is the shortest part of the time, you probably do not need to explain its meaning.
    4. Phase of resolution – as a setting, only vice versa. Body and mind calm down, return to normal.

    The first phase is the foundation for the rest. Passing or reducing it is not the best thought, it will ruin all the stages that should follow the script. A woman needs an average of 15-17 minutes of good and high-quality excitement.

    Use the lubricant

    Lubrication will be able to fully replace the natural. Moreover, its characteristics can even surpass. Modern lubricants do not cause allergies, give perfect sliding and are relatively inexpensive. In general, there is not a single reason to refuse to buy.

    Even if it seems to you that everything is in order with natural lubricant – a lifebuilding bottle should always be at hand. Take the lubricants of the best quality, for example, the German Fun Factory Body Fliud, it passes as many as 8 levels of verification at the manufacturer.

    Those who like the masturbation of the point g or entertainment with “adult toys” lubricant is completely required to acquire, otherwise you should not count on something other than discomfort.

    Choose the right pose in our video

    The angle of penetration of the penis and the nature of his movement in the female body depends on the pose. This largely determines how strong both partners will receive from sex. Try different options!

    Classics of the genre, kamasutra – far from the best desktop book. Before proceeding to an advanced level, squeeze everything from the standard positions that have been tried a thousand times. The difference will be mandatory – from the above you learned a lot of new things, so you can even survive the usual bed scenarios at a new level.

    For the development of sexuality, a girl is especially recommended to be on top more often. In this position, she completely controls the process and can adjust it, as she wishes.

    Other tricks that will help choose the right pose are described in our video. How to get an orgasm – see below.

    Breathing – Acceleration to reach the finish line

    An interesting life hack will help to bring your finish line closer if it is already “visible on the horizon”, but still does not want to get closer. To test the equipment, you do not need to have special skills.

    When you feel that the desired peak is already close – begin to control your breath. Make sure that it is deep and relatively even. Just do not transfer all attention to this process: remember where the main events take place.

    The essence of technology is to provide each cell of the body with a sufficient amount of oxygen. It often turns out that the discharge does not occur due to banal oxygen starvation. The body is strained with all its might, the heart is pounding like frantic, the brain is on an emotional limit – to provide nutrition to all organs, you need more air.

    Another respiratory technique is called “shock tandem”. It will be more correct to call it a combination of two other techniques, the “hot point” technique and special breathing diaphragm.

    Diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing, is when it does not work the top of the chest, but its lower part. When inhalation, imagine that you have inside, behind the navel, the balloon pouted. On the exhale, respectively, it needs to be blown away.  It is easy to check yourself – everything is done correctly if, on inspiration, not shoulders rise, but the stomach.

    Next – “hot point”. This technique is based on the work of the pelvic bottom muscles. Feel the muscle of the anus and squeeze it very much, as if pulling up, to the crown. In the process you will feel how the abdominal muscles work. Repeat several times.

    Now connect both techniques together. The same “shock tandem” turned out. Everything is simple. Look even more in our lesson on this topic.

    Squeeze the muscles

    It will be cool if you learn to control the muscles of the vagina, squeezing and relaxing them. The partner will be in the seventh heaven with happiness, your sensations will also become many times brighter. Plus a huge health benefit – no negative aspects.

    If you do not know how to get a vaginal orgasm, start with shopping: buy vaginal balls, lubricant, toys. Do special exercises and do not be lazy from our video course “Training and development of intimate muscles”. There are even special simulators who act as a projectile in the exercises, increasing and distributing the load. It is not necessary to immediately buy a simulator, light artillery is suitable for starting.

    Vaginal orgasm can experience the withdrawal of every woman

    The vaginal peak of pleasure for every girl consists of physical health, normal self -esteem, even psychological state, body preparation, technology and relations with a partner. If there is a minute, re -read the list again to make sure that there are no unicorns, flying cats or star dust – nothing supernatural or unattainable.

    Any business on the shoulder, if you take it seriously. The success in the sexual field depends only on you, so it’s really worth trying. Good luck!

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