Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm

Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm.

, Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm


What is cramps during sex

Convulsions during orgasm are observed both in men and in women. This is a reduction in muscle tissue. And this is not a random phenomenon.

An uncomfortable pose — The most common cause of convulsions. We all love to bring diversity to bed. Having read the Kama Sutra, we find an extraordinary pose and experiment. The more sophisticated the position, the higher the chance to catch a cramp.

, Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm

And now a man or woman is puffed in an extravagant position, muscles strain, do not withstand excessive load, and unexpectedly relax. And this muscle tension difference causes convulsions.

This is we about the process of sex. As for orgasm: convulsions at the finish — This is a double phenomenon. And normal and deviation.

Orgasm causes cramps due to chaotic and unexpected body overvoltage. When a person experiences an orgasm, in this short period of time, the whole body is constrained, compressed, tapped, and then instant relaxation of the whole body occurs. Muscles do not withstand this load and convulsions appear. Painless convulsions — it is very important.

People who lead an inactive lifestyle are most prone to convulsions during orgasm.

, Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm

Male convulsions

Convulsions occur during ejaculation. Rhythmic abbreviations, pulsation throughout the body and exciting convulsions. This is nice, it speaks of a powerful orgasm.

As a rule, cramps in men appear in the abdomen and legs. They cannot be interrupted, because it is a pleasant aftertaste of orgasm.

Aerobatics — These are facial convulsions. Only 10% of men experienced convulsions in the face, and this suggests that the man experienced an enchanting orgasm.

Verdict. A cramp without pain — This is the norm. Enjoy and enjoy!

If cramps proceed painfully, this indicates possible deviations: varicose veins, venous insufficiency. And in this case, it is better to contact a specialist.

Female cramps

Muscle contractions occur from three to fifteen seconds. If a woman experiences convulsions longer than fifteen seconds, this indicates hyperorgasm. And here, as a rule, a new feeling arises — Numbness of limbs: toes, feet.

And you knew that during a stormy orgasm, the ears move!

, Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm

Why do women have convulsions during orgasm

Cramps during female orgasm — A sign of good sex, as violent pleasure gives an impulse to the legs, pelvis and crotch. As a result, the girl can shake from overstrain. Does not hurt? It means everything is OK.

But on the other hand, convulsions during orgasm can be dangerous. First, the girl experiences a slight tingling and contraction of muscles, the impulses become more frequent every day, and cramps bring pain and discomfort. Why?

One of the common reasons — Magnesium deficiency in the body. That is, convulsions — This is not a aftertaste from orgasm, but a sign of deviation.

And also convulsions can be the cause of banal stress. Bad mood, body in tension, and the husband insists on sex. As a result, the girl cannot relax, after which convulsions come. It won’t even reach orgasm.

The most dangerous cause of seizures during sex — diabetes. In this case, damage to the nerve endings may develop. This is scary.


Pregnancy a priori implies convulsions in the body. As a rule, they appear at night. If we talk about sex, then cramps arise due to powerful contractions of the uterine muscles. And if the gynecologist does not prohibit sex life, then everything within the permissible norm.

Convulsions due to problems of the pelvic organs

Uterus, bladder, rectum — do not joke with these organs!

Short -term convulsions in the pelvic organs — norm.

If impulsive abbreviations are constantly pressed on one of the pelvic organs, causing pain — Is it dangerous. As a result, pain in the lower abdomen appears. In this case, the qualified help of a specialist is needed.

Convulsions and dorgasmia

We are not talking about how to understand that a woman suffers from dsorgasmia. This diagnosis can make an exclusively qualified gynecologist, sexopathologist.

Dorgasmia: a woman does not enjoy sex, during intercourse experiences pain in the lower abdomen.

And one of the possible causes of seizures during sex, we emphasize, painful seizures — Dorgasmia. But it is impossible to determine it yourself. Here we need high -quality help from a specialist.

, Cramps during orgasm. What is it and in what cases you need to sound the alarm

Convulsions during orgasm. Do I need to sound the alarm?

The strongest convulsions, seizures, unconscious coordination of movements. This is often shown in porn. Convulsions can be the result of good sex and at the same time problems in the body. Everything is individual.

Convulsions during orgasm compress a woman in a chain. She is constrained, does not make loud sounds, does not control her movements. If the girl has reached an incredibly powerful orgasm, there may be multi -ilalism, then convulsions can be considered a safe consequence of good sex.

It is dangerous if a girl does not control her actions at all, faints, feels dizziness and weakness. As a rule, convulsions never occur by clicking fingers. At first there will be painful convulsions, unpleasant pain in the abdomen, and in the end everything is summarized, forming a convulsive seizure.

When to go to the doctor? When you are unpleasant when you feel pain and discomfort. But in any case, it is relevant to carry out comprehensive prevention before sex: hot bath, massage. You must be relaxed.

Prevention of seizures

This is much easier than you think.

Morning work-out. Not instagram, but simple physical exercises that knead the body, preventing muscles from stagnation.

Active lifestyle. If you lie on the couch all day, and in the evening have stormy sex, do not be surprised at the appearance of cramps. Better think about your lifestyle.

Relax therapy before sex. Take a bath, bring a massage to each other, relax, have fun. The muscles will thank you, and the risk of convulsions will decrease significantly.

Briefly about the main thing

You have just read possible theoretical causes of seizures during sex, orgasm. The main thing is that you need to learn: if something torments you during sex, contact a specialist. There is nothing more effective than the individual assistance of a medical worker.

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