Features of jet orgasm. How to learn to end with squirt

Inkjet orgasm – what is it and how to experience?.

, Features of jet orgasm. How to learn to end with squirt

The apotheosis of intimacy is an orgasm, without which sex cannot be considered successful. Women in this regard are lucky more men – they are able to end in different ways, while receiving various sensations in force.

The most striking and saturated type of orgasm is considered squirting (inkjet orgasm). With squirting from a female bosom, a special liquid (squirt) is released, which brings incredibly sweet sexual experiences. Sometimes moisture does not just flows out, but shoots with a powerful stream – and the stronger the pressure, the brighter the pleasure.

What is the charm of the jet orgasm?

Cums with a squirt will only be obtained if the excitement is very strong. In the process of preliminary caresses and the active stimulation of erogenous zones, the female body accumulates a special secret, which is spilled out at the time of orgasm.

So far, it is not yet clear what moisture is erupted from the female bosom, more precisely from the urethra. But it is known for sure that this is not urine, since the liquid is almost colorless and does not smell like. In consistency resembles water, but slightly thicker.

The main advantage of the inkjet orgasm is that it can be multiple. If you do not stop after the first outbreak of pleasure, but to continue caresses, it is likely that a woman will experience several more bright orgasms with the release of fluid. And each subsequent orgasm will not concede in the strength of the previous.

Is it possible to learn to end with a squirt?

Theoretically, every woman has the ability to end in all possible ways. But among beautiful ladies, the opinion is that the jet orgasm is available only to the chosen ones. It’s a delusion. With proper preparation, the right mood and skillful erotic stimulation, any woman can in practice find out what squirt is.

However, there are moments that prevent such unusual pleasure from getting. These are complexes, constraint, self -doubt. You need to get rid of all this if you want to feel the whole range of pleasure from the jet orgasm.

What else can prevent a woman to finish with a squirt?

  • Inexperienced partner. A man must at least roughly imagine where the erogenous zones of a girlfriend are located. If he cannot excite a partner to a maximum degree, a woman will not have a chance to finish with a squirt.
  • Fear of embarrassing in front of a man. Some girls who have never heard of an inkjet orgasm are very frightened when it was coming. At such a moment, a girl might think that she simply could not restrain the call to urination.
  • The desire to finish as soon as possible. You can’t rush with squirt. If a woman is used to get a quick clitoral orgasm, she may never reach a jet. For the fluid to accumulate in the body, it takes time. The prelude should be long, and the desire to end must be restrained to the last.

Studies show that inkjet orgasm regularly experiences about 10% of women. The reason for such a small figure is not that squirting is difficult, but that to get it, one should try to both participants of the process – the woman and her partner.

How to find out that the orgasm is inkjet?

The main sign of squirting is the appearance of a liquid, which either flows or fired with a stream of urethra. But sometimes there is very little moisture, so there are doubts whether it was really a squirt or just a lot of lubrication was released. Determining squirting is quite simple:

  • At the time of orgasm, there is a powerful pulsation of vaginal and anal muscles and even the press. It is impossible not to notice this.
  • Redness appears on the skin. This is due to increasing blood circulation. The skin can become pinkish or covered with red spots and in the chest area.
  • After the first explosion explosion, the excitement does not subside, the woman wants to experience another orgasm, and then more and more – until complete satisfaction begins.

It is worth noting that a woman cannot describe when squirting. But sometimes the desire to go to the toilet in a small way contributes to a faster on the onset of the inkjet orgasm.

How to finish with squirt?

In order for a woman to experience pleasure from jet orgasm, her erogenous zones should be “awakened”. If there are problems with ordinary orgasms, it is worth first to learn how to get satisfaction from the stimulation of the clitoris or point g. When the achievement of ordinary orgasm becomes the usual business, you can already try to test the jet.

  • During the prelude, the partner should relax the mistress as much as possible. The tension in the body will not allow to increase excitement, so it is important to completely immerse yourself in an erotic process. The longer preliminary caresses last, the more moisture will accumulate in the female body.
  • The next stage is the active stimulation of the G point, which is located on the front wall of the vagina (about 5 cm from the entrance). On this point you can crush your finger, but it is more convenient to do it with a curved vibrator. In parallel, you should caress nipples or clitoris. Even better – alternate caresses to prevent a partner from ending ahead of time.
  • When a woman will burn with desire, a man must enter her – of course, vaginal. You need to choose a pose in which the penis will actively affect the point G. The best option is doggie. The missionary position is also suitable, but then the girl needs to put the pillow under the buttocks.
  • In the process of frictions, a man needs to stimulate the clitoris to a girlfriend. It is inconvenient to do this with fingers, so it is better to use a vibration supply to stimulate the clitoris. Some women enjoy stretching the anal muscles. In this case, you need to introduce an anal cork into the anus to the partner.
  • Before the onset of the inkjet orgasm, the woman will feel the desire to go to the toilet in a small. These urge do not need to be restrained. If it turns out to relax, a stream will shoot from the bosom, which will be accompanied by saturated and very sweet sensations.
  • So that a woman can experience several orgasms in a row, a man needs to try not to finish himself. Frictions must be continued at the same pace, enhancing the stimulation of other erogenous zones – nipples, clitoris or anus.

The first time with a jet orgasm of a liquid can be very small. But when a woman learns to listen to her body, and the partner will improve preliminary caresses, squirting will become very “wet”, and the sensations will be unusually bright.

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