Female orgasm: how this happens

Female orgasm: how this happens.

, Female orgasm: how this happens

When it comes to female orgasm, most guys are ignorant in this matter. This is not strange: not all men know that there are various types of orgasms and stimulations necessary for them, not to mention the fact that few people know where women have the same part of the vagina, thanks to which a woman receives a fantastic orgasm. An extremely small part of inexperienced men seek consultation with specialists, the rest leave themselves in ignorance, and a partner in dissatisfaction.

, Female orgasm: how this happens

External manifestations of female orgasm

During orgasm (regardless of how it is obtained), the female body at the physiological level reacts as follows:

  • the heartbeat accelerates;
  • pressure rises;
  • breathing quickens;
  • In the pelvis, tension is felt;
  • The muscles are reduced in the vagina, the uterus, the pelvic floor and the rectum.

At the same time, it seems to the woman that her clitoris is still continuing to stimulate, and at the same time, the whole body seems to be freed from tension. By the way, an excited and unsatisfied woman experiences approximately the same feelings as a man in the same state. Eachs begin to hurt in men, and a woman – clitoris.

The guys need to know that not every girl can experience an orgasm: this feeling is unfamiliar about 26%. And the point here is not how good you are in bed: these girls have the causes of the absence of an orgasm exclusively psychological.

Classification of female orgasms

Sigmund Freud was the first to suggest that women could experience two types of orgasm, but the sexologist Alfred Kinssey refuted this statement and insisted that there was only one type. Modern sex experts identified as many as three types of orgasm: clitoral, vaginal and mixed. So who is still right?

Data of medical research showed that the closest to the truth was Kinsy: Orgasm – this is an orgasm, and there is no difference in which way it is obtained. However, the most sensitive areas on the body of a woman are clitoris and vagina.

, Female orgasm: how this happens

► Cliter

The only reason for the existence of the clitoris – This is the provision of pleasure to women. At least, the researchers did not find any other grounds for the existence of this body. The clitoris is very easy to detect, and most female orgasms happen precisely due to its stimulation.

► vagina

Vagina is practically devoid of nerve endings so that the woman does not die of pain during childbirth. The most sensitive area – The so -called point g or the grapenberg point, namely For point G, these stimulants are created. It is located on the front wall (the one closer to the navel) between the entrance to the vagina and the cervix. It has not yet been established what specifically it is: accumulation of nerve endings, the area of secretion or both.

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