How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

How to achieve an orgasm as a girl?.

Orgasm causes not only pleasant sensations, but also useful for the body. During its achievement, special hormones are produced in the body, which positively affect the circulatory, nervous and immune system, in addition, such discharge relieves tension from the muscles, improving their tone. Women who often experience such pleasure look younger and healthier, because inside them all processes proceed correctly. However, recently, women are increasingly interested in the topic of how to achieve an orgasm?

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

What is the orgasm?

Themes of frigidity and how to bring itself to orgasm often began to disturb the weaker sex. Taking an example from the heroines of television series and books, they try to behave in bed like real nymphoans. However, not all of them realize that during intercourse, most of them do not experience real pleasure, and they may not guess about this throughout their lives. You can forget about the problem of frigidity, since it is very rare, especially with scientific confirmation.

According to world research, only 15-20% reach the cherished pleasure. Despite the openness of this topic and the insane availability of information on the network, only a small number of representatives of the fair sex can achieve orgasm. We will try to reveal the secrets of female discharge and how to achieve cherished satisfaction.

So, before finding out what types of orgasm exist, we will deal with the essence of this phenomenon first. It is a spasm of female inner muscles, which lasts a few seconds, then passes sharply. The duration of the spasm is different and individual for each woman, sometimes an orgasm can last up to one minute. The peculiarity of this feminine pleasure is that it can be repeated several times in a short period of time, and the degree of sensations intensify each time. Such sensations are unusual for men.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

Now let’s move on to the types of this feeling. Orgasm can be of three types, but each of them cannot experience, more precisely, not all women can experience them all. What is the reason for this will not say a single doctor, however, every girl needs to get acquainted with this information in order to know his sexual side more.

Types of female orgasms:

  1. Cliter

The most extensive version of the female pleasure that any representative of the fair sex can experience. It is achieved due to the caress of the clitoris or pubic. Thus, the more a man during the preludes will stimulate these points, the stronger and more expressive his partner’s pleasure will be. To quickly bring to maximum sensitivity, masturbation is suitable.

Many girls want to know how to achieve clitoral orgasm, directly on time of intercourse, for this it is necessary to tightly squeeze his legs when the man is inside. This is allowed to fit the member more tightly to the clitoris, and stimulation will be carried out with labia.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

In addition, an additional affection for the fingers of this area during sex can speed up the approach of pleasure, you can still use cunnilingus.

Do not worry, if the long -awaited pleasure does not come, this is most often due to insufficient lubrication. To strengthen the release of internal fluid, it is necessary to get lost by the clitoris on the head of the penis.

  1. Vaginal

The study of the climax of carnal love is closely related to the types of this sensation, because they cause different effects, and at the same time they can stimulate them in different ways. When you get acquainted with all kinds, then you can correctly enjoy your intimate life.

This option is not so often found and not every girl can experience it, because it is called by spasm of the internal muscles. Studies of sexologists have shown that the dynamics and quality of orgasm in this case are completely dependent on the movements of the partner. That is, the faster he moves and stimulate sensitive points in the vagina, the faster the peak of your proximity will come. If it moves smoothly, then the orgasm will have to wait, however, in this case it will last a little longer.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

The question of how to achieve vaginal orgasm, because, unlike the first type, it brings more pleasure, but calling it not so easy. To do this, you need to have intimate muscles in tone, that is, they must be pumped up. The designed this muscle, the simpler and better your sexual pleasure will be.

You can use Kegel exercises as training, this is a special technique for such purposes. Its essence is simple – it is necessary for several seconds to compress and unclench the inner muscles in a calm atmosphere, then they will begin to tone. More advanced “athletes” use special devices from sex shops for these purposes, however, they are not suitable for beginners, so it is best to dwell on ordinary exercises.

But all your efforts will be in vain if the length of the penis of the lover is small, because to achieve this type, it is necessary that the member stimulates a certain zone, which is deep enough. If it happened that there are no other options, then the length can be replaced with frequent friction or in position “from above”.

  1. Extogenital

This is a mythical and magical phenomenon that only one of a dozen girl can experience. An orgasm is achieved in this case with only a look or touch, this is how to describe this, happy lustful ladies.  Alas, there is no recommendations or tips on how to experience something like that, but you can always use your own imagination. When you find yourself next to your man, just imagine touches, kisses, the way his hand is slowly walking along the inside of the thigh. It is not a fact, of course, that you can achieve a personalized goal, but excitement should definitely achieve you.

Achieve orgasm alone with you

There are also such cases that a man tries and applies various poses, however, the long -awaited pleasure is not achieved. What to do in this case? You need to help him in this difficult matter, however, you can do this only when you yourself know that you need. To do this, we suggest you get acquainted with the topic of how to achieve an orgasm yourself. There is nothing shameful in this, on the contrary, you will learn to determine your sensitive places, hold the pleasure longer and, if necessary, call it with internal tosses of muscles.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

In this matter, special equipment from b will help us. Kining. In order for the result to be maximum, it is necessary to clearly follow all the instructions:

  1. Create a pleasant environment. To achieve sexual pleasure, you should not distract you or bring down from action. Make sure you are left alone at home, then go to a room comfortable for you. Lie on the bed, relax, turn on pleasant music or light candles. Thus, you must create a pleasant environment for you.
  2. Follow your breath. Proper breathing improve your condition, relieve tension and accelerate blood circulation. To do this, inhale through your mouth, then slowly exhale through your nose. You must feel how every cell in your body is immersed in relaxation.
  3. As soon as your body relaxes, begin to caress yourself: drive with your hands or feather at different sensitive points. Carefully monitor the touch of which places you experience the greatest pleasure, then enhance the stimulation of these zones. If the excitement begins to approach stronger, you must instantly stop.
  4. When part of the excitement passes, try to start driving at erogenous points again. Only now it is necessary to stimulate before the moment the grease begins to stand out in the vagina. Then you need to stop and observe your body. If pleasure does not pass and grow, then you can complete everything with masturbation. And if, the excitement subsided, then it is necessary to call it again. This will help you teach you how to control and cause an orgasm.
  5. While the climax is suitable, begin to breathe more often, this enhances muscle spasm, which is why the sensations will only be stronger.

The author of this technique is advised to regularly conduct such secluded training, but only during a good mood and in a healthy spirit. All this will help you in terms of how to quickly achieve orgasm.

Stimulation of erogenous zones

To develop your sexual side, use the fruits of research of a gynecologist from Germany, Grafenberg. It was thanks to him that the world became a point such as g. Many are probably already heard about her, however, few people managed to find her.

Studies of the German doctor revealed that there is only one small point inside the vagina, with the stimulation of which a woman can experience unprecedented pleasure. Such an orgasm belongs to the uterine, since the erogenous zone is placed on the upper part of the vagina, and stimulation occurs due to the contraction of the groin muscles.

It is very important to find it correctly, however, following the instructions you should not have difficulties. It is located about 4-5 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, to the touch this area has a ribbed surface, the dimensions do not exceed three centimeters. It is worth saying that the stimulations of the Gure G are not caused by a strong sensation, but if you want to figure out how to achieve an orgasm, then you need to try all the methods.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

However, it can be stimulated not only in private, because it is best to achieve bliss near your lover. It is best to do this in a position from below when a missionary pose is used. Then the lower part of the man’s abdomen should be densely rubbed against the groin of a partner, as if actively acting on this point. Good stimulation will occur due to caresses with fingers, then you can achieve this point. It is also recommended to use the dog’s pose when the girl stands on all fours, and the partner enters her from behind.

Despite the fact that the Goad is known around the world, there is another zone that is unfairly in the “shadow”. Its discoverer is considered the Malaysian Chua Chu An, and it is called Afe Zone. It is located at the top of the vagina, right at the cervix. The high sensitivity of the zone is explained by the presence of a large number of nerve endings. If you get to these places, then the woman will be in the seventh heaven, but not everyone can experience this. The cervix is far away, so only partners with great dignity manage to “reach” to it.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

If you decide to try to “find” this place, then you need to be extremely neat, because the cervix is easy to injure, so you need to move smoothly and accurately. For greater efficiency, we recommend using the rider’s pose, since in it a member penetrates as deep as possible. It is best to sit with your back to your partner, because due to the curved form of the penis, stimulation will be maximum. You can also use the pose on the stomach, only you must put the pillow under the stomach to reduce the risk of injury.

Now you know how to achieve orgasm yourself or with your partners, through stimulation of different zones.

The basics of good sex

How to achieve an orgasm to a woman – this issue remains relevant and today despite the presence of many information. Not all representatives of the fair sex are ready to admit that they do not enjoy during sex, and very in vain. The first step towards solving the problem is to recognize the presence of this problem. When you come to terms with the fact that you are missing something, then you can already move using different methods.

, How to achieve an orgasm – tips for girls

Most often, for high -quality orgasm, complete harmony in pairs and openness before each other is necessary. In addition, the following factors can affect the lack of sexual pleasure:

  1. The presence of stress. It is stress that is a common cause of sluggish intimate life. Problems at work, health difficulties, disagreements with loved ones, financial failures and the like, there is a negative impact on an intimate connection with the partner. It is important to learn how to leave all these troubles outside your bedroom, all the same, the presence of sex will not affect all this at all, but you can at least relax a little. To tune in to the upcoming intimacy, you can drink a glass of wine, arrange a romantic dinner or massage.
  2. Restrained fantasy. If you do not know how to cause a state of ecstasy, and find a problem in the “cold” between you, then show a little fantasy. Do not be shy and start to flirt with your lover. Send him a vulgar message to the phone or on social networks. Warn him that a surprise is planned at home in the evening, believe me, expectations will only strengthen your general excitement.
  3. Lack of diversity. Of course, it’s good when you have a favorite and proven pose, but still do not forget about innovations. Men are tired of monotony faster, they like it when their loved ones try something new, so be shy and there is no need to be shy. As a novelty, you can try new positions in sex, put on sexual linen, or even play a role scene. Use absolutely all methods, the main thing is to do it alternately so that there is always a surprise effect.
  4. Insufficient lubrication. This phenomenon is common. It should not be taken seriously, especially if the meager lubricant overtakes you only periodically. You can fix the problem by buying an ordinary lubricant.


Thus, female orgasm is a more complex phenomenon than male, since many factors affect it. Most often women do not experience it because of severe stress or their own prejudices. In this article, we described the most popular ways to achieve orgasm, which can be used alone with ourselves or with our partner.

To learn to achieve pleasure with a man, you must thoroughly know your own body, so we recommend spending time and find personal sensitive areas. Absolutely every woman has them, so you should not think about frigidity.

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