How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?.

, How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?Delive the girl a variety of sexual pleasure – The dream of any man. And a question “how to bring your woman or wife to jet orgasm” Many are asked. With all the apparent complexity, learning this is not at all difficult, possessing certain knowledge and packed in bed in bed.

Inkjet orgasm – Squirt – one of the types of female sexual climax. Due to the features of its course, squirt is the most saturated and vivid of orgasms. Unlike the clitoral peak of pleasure, the jet orgasm lasts several minutes, spills throughout the body and does not require time to restore – That is, it can be achieved in a row several times. At the same time, a woman experiences great sexual pleasure, incomparable with pleasure received from other types of sexual discharge.

You want to make an inkjet orgasm to your girlfriend or woman, so that your partner experiences all his power on herself? Then read further and acquire new knowledge in your piggy bank of sexual skills.

The main secret of Squirt – Stimulation of the point G. Many have heard about this point, but not everyone imagines where it is and how to influence it. And all due to the fact that with classical sexual intercourse, the member touches the point G superficially casually, and its sensitivity to external touch decreases, we can say – Point G «falls asleep». Wake her up – The first task to achieve jet orgasm.

It is necessary to stimulate the point G during the preludes. This must be done regularly, since the process of awakening can take more than one day. Gain patience and listen to the reaction and sensation of a partner.

During caressing, penetrating one or two fingers into the vagina to a depth of 3-5 cm and begin to press with different intensities and stroke a small tubercle on the front wall of the vagina. Bugorok – This is the desired point g.

If the partner is not sufficiently excited and penetration causes her discomfort – Use warming or moisturizing lubricants. They will provide a quick blood flow to the erogenous zones, accelerate excitement and reduce friction on the walls of the vagina due to natural discharge or artificial substance.

Gradually, from session to session, the stimulated point will begin to respond to your effect. Other orgasms, your partner will become brighter – Ask it be sure to tell you about it. It will be a signal for you that you are doing everything right and move in the right direction.

Stimulation of point G can be combined with oral caresses. Use taste lubricants to feel the taste of your favorite fruit or berries, or apply a cooling gel to the clitoris to cause a contrasting sensation in a woman. The main thing is not to overdo it with oral caresses and not cause an appropriate orgasm – After all, your goal is a completely different finale.

Preliminary actions will help you determine the zone on which the woman gives the woman maximum pleasure. In addition to your own fingers to call jet orgasm, you can use sexy toys.

Stimulation of the point G should be intense and not terminating. At this moment, an excited woman may feel the urge to urinate. This is a deceptive sensation, since urine and sexual excitement cannot occur at the same time. Calm your partner and know that the desire to go to the toilet – The phenomenon is short -term and speaks of the approach of squirt.

, How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm?Conducting experiments in your bed and, learning something new with the partner, it is important to know and use the inventions of the modern sex industry. Special vibrators to stimulate points G are designed to help experience previously unknown sexual sensations.

Artificial phalos has a bent head. On it at the very tip is a vibrating site. By introducing a toy to the required depth, you can have mechanical vibrating effects on the desired erogenous zone. When regulating the degree of vibration, the jet peak of pleasure will not be long in coming.

Most importantly in all described actions – Emotionally and psychologically prepare yourself and your partner for new, bright and stormy explosions of sexual sensations. I am ready to add a new achievement to your sexual piggy bank? Follow our recommendations, purchase intimate toys and funds in the Eroticavip online, and your girlfriend will not want to change you in bed with someone else.

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