How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed

How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed.

, How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed

How is not easy with women and their orgasm! In men, it is so clear and easy: receiving pleasure is called “finished”, and the type of orgasm is always one and is achieved by similar movements that with masturbation, in sex with a girl. And only ladies have sexual difficulties out of the blue, and men have to solve problems. Are the guys to blame that the weaker sex is able to experience several types of orgasm? And each female needs individual stimulation, because it is used to ending in one way or another during masturbation!

But this is nonsense in comparison when, after a few years of marriage or after childbirth, the beloved spouse sharply drops the craving for sex, and excitement during sexual intercourse by zero. And even the usual techniques, which previously gave almost 100% success, no longer act. Reveal America? Unfortunately, men follow the least resistance path, or rather, to a mistress, where they realize all their fantasies and lick wounds on a battered males of pride. let’s discuss, How to bring a wife to orgasm, And how to understand what she still wants in bed after several years of life together!

, How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed

What a woman wants in bed, what a female orgasm depends on

It is difficult for many men to understand that the female orgasm in any form is an indicator of your interpersonal relationships, a litmus piece of paper reflecting the presence of problems in family everyday life. When the wife is relaxed and satisfied with the attitude of her husband to herself, she is open to sexual pleasures and experiments. In an established marital communication, a girl can end from one touch of her beloved, and difficulties with obtaining satisfaction from sexual intercourse do not arise even in cases of rate of fire of the second half.

Remember, the main guarantor of the orgasms of the wife is frank open relationships, based not on the benefits and conventions, but on the ability to discuss anything, even unpleasant situations.

What affects whether the girl will end or not

As you know, any woman is individual. Each representative of the fair sex has its own special sexual preferences. For someone it matters The size of the penis of the partner, For others, technology and the ability to give pleasure are fundamentally important. While some ladies prefer soft tender intercourse, give others hard rough sex.

What is the most interesting, During life, preferences may change. This is associated both with the accumulation of experience and physiological changes. The assertion is quite justified that a woman all her life forms a certain type of sexual behavior. She experiments, draws something from the surrounding information field, a circle of communication, and then tries to apply in life.

After childbirth, very often women lose the sensitivity of the vagina, Therefore, the penis of the partner feels purely worse. Complexes based on experiences are added to a reduced tactile perception. Often, the husband also notes the faint girth of the penis and the reduced emotional reaction of the spouse to sexual contact and his efforts to give her the previous pleasure. The voltage in the pair grows and pours into rare bed contacts, connections on the side, scandals and mutual reproaches.

Even if nothing happened to the sensations, after childbirth there is a period of several months to two years, when hormonal changes are very drowned out by libido, therefore, it is quite difficult to finish under conditions of excitation deficiency. On these features is chronic fatigue, in which a young woman with a small child is in. Here is not to orgasms!

Psychological relaxation plays an important role in the issue of female climax. To achieve the maximum effect, the spouse must trust her husband. And on trust, everyday grievances, once forgiven betrayal, intervention of relatives from a man, etc.D. If You live with your parents – This is the root cause of the constraint of any woman, even a very temperamental and not suffering postpartum depression.

More specifically you can dwell on everyday grievances. They are the killers of the highest quality sex that previously reigned in your bedroom! What wives are offended by? Male indifference, lack of help with a child and house, restriction in money, extra doses of alcohol, parties with friends without it, constant hanging in the phone, etc.D. Pay attention to why she regularly “saws” you – this is the main blocker of her orgasms.

Male egoism The enemy of good sex is also in bed. Many men do not consider it necessary to pay attention to the satisfaction of the wife. They are limited to a classic penetrating act, get their orgasm and turn out to the side. It is almost impossible to finish from this approach. Women need a prelude, both physical and psychological, when they pay attention to sexual contact, discarding their favorite smartphone aside.

An ordinary woman needs at least 15-20 minutes to relax and tactile effects on erogenous zones. Then she is ready to finish and, most likely, is almost brought to discharge. Husbands prefer to get rid of sex on duty when their spouse put a pose in a convenient pose, a couple of times they crumble their breasts and then sex until the ejaculation for several minutes. Everything is a classic of intimate relationships in marriage after several years after setting a “bruise” in a passport.

Of course, not all husbands are egoists, and there are very diligent representatives of the male estate who care about the orgasm of their companion. Only they lack experience, practical skills and knowledge, how to properly bring a wife to orgasm. And this psychologically strongly undermines male pride greatly.

Guys, whose wives are ending and are quite satisfied with sexual relations with husbands, but they themselves fixed to bring the missus to some specific type of orgasm. It is useless to convince them that it is worth changing anything, because from an overabundance of porn and light Internet reading about uterine orgasm and squirt, the tower tears them. Such spouses have fixed obsessive ideas that the wife should end exactly vaginally, and not clitore (as she is used to). A specific type of orgasm becomes an end in itself.

We will definitely tell you in this article how to quickly bring your wife to orgasm, just let’s agree that we are throwing stereotypes, and we will not fix all our consciousness on certain types of orgasm, about which so much recently write! Our task is with you – to get any type of discharge, regardless of the method of its achievement, applied techniques and the accompanying atmosphere. We do not throw anchors and do not hang on the shallows, but go on an interesting journey!

How to bring a wife to a strong orgasm

How to quickly bring his wife to orgasm with every intimacy, no one will definitely answer, since there is no single rule. However, the experience of masters and real guru of sex will come to help here, who know exactly how to give an young lady an unearthly pleasure.

How to bring a girl to a clitoral orgasm

The simplest type of orgasm that is achieved elementary! It is girls who get it during masturbation due to the stimulation of the clitoris. The release of accumulated energy occurs in the clitoris – the most acute sensations are present in this zone, and then spread over the body. By the way, the habit is a thin matter, so you should carefully ask what technique your wife used before learning the joy of vaginal contact with a man.

Most often, girls masturbate with their hands, caressing the clitoris with fingers or with the whole palm. There is a category of ladies reaching the discharge by tension of the muscles in the lower abdomen or crossing the legs. Pay attention to how your chosen one ends up! It is important. If she is used to reaching the climax, for example, by a water jet, it is difficult to imitate a guy, so the “assistant” will be needed in any case. And first, master the techniques, how to bring your wife to orgasm with a finger.

Fingers + moisturizing

From a technical point of view, there is nothing complicated in bringing his wife to the clitoral orgasm with fingers. Stell your moisturizing lubricant or massage oil so as not to erase its charms “in meat”. With any fear or discomfort, the vaginal muscles are clamped, and the cycle of a sexual reaction is greatly lost, so we caress it with your fingers in a pleasant environment.

Since the sensitivity of all women is different, movements will also differ. Someone likes at an accelerated pace, others slowly and gently. Some love light touches, and someone prefers with pressure. That’s why:

  • We stimulate the clitoris vertically, stroking the fingertips from top to bottom and bottom up, as if we were jerking off our own member;
  • We use circular movements and caresses around the clitoris, getting to the point of pleasure gradually;
  • Horizontal caresses involve the study of this erogenous zone along the entire length.

By the way, the first method is ideal for those who have a noticeably protruding the labia and resembles a mini-copy of the penis. Many ladies – owners of a unique structure – masturbate mainly by this method.

Want to quickly bring your wife to orgasm? Do not forget about the stimulation of additional points on her body. The wrists, fingertips and the inner surface of the elbow are especially susceptible – slightly tune them during the caress of the clitoris with your hands. Nervous receptors will work in such a way that the response will instantly go to the main point of pleasure.

, How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed


Start with frantic clit licking stupid. This is equivalent to the fact that in a restaurant at a dinner dinner you will fall into dessert before you set the main dishes. Try to start caresses from your hips and buttocks. Stick them with the back of the palm, kiss, barely touching your lips and slightly covering with warm breath. The buttocks can be passionately squeezed with two hands. Be sure to draw a palm with an edge of the place where the priest goes to the legs – this is a particularly sensual zone.

When you reached the crotch, relax your tongue, otherwise the touch will seem rough. Kiss, lick, get the clitoris with warm breath. You can suck a little, just do not overdo it: if the strong retraction of the clitoris brought crazy joys, the girls would have long mastered a hose from a vacuum cleaner! Do not forget about the labia – they are not so sensitive, because light bites will give piquancy to the process.

You can strengthen sensations by introducing a finger into the vagina simultaneously with the execution of Kuni! Stimulation is carried out synchronously, while recalling the movement of the member. As a rule, one hand is placed on the lower abdomen, and the second caresses the vagina. This technique can be modified: instead of a cooney, we caress the clitoris with one hand, and the other – the vagina.

Sex toys

A good option would be to buy special vibrators or massager for clitoral orgasm. You can combine caresses with your hands and tongue using sex toys. Believe me, your wife will very much like experiments of this nature. In addition, the use of a vibrator or other device facilitates a man of his task when the lady needs prolonged mechanical excitement to discharge. Well, who will withstand the clitoris of 40 minutes without a break in the name of female orgasm every day? It’s complicated and tedious!

Dear men, do not compare yourself and rubber dick. Many perceive the fact of its use as competition or not at all the viability of their male potential. Do not come up with nonsense, because it is just a variety that makes it pleasant.

In our sex shop you will find excellent vibrators for clitoral orgasm, as well as devices with two processes (to stimulate the clitoris and vaginal walls). To get to the clitoris, which many are securely hidden in the replete folds, nozzles on a member with different shapes of rings and texture will help.

How to bring a wife to vaginal orgasm

The vaginal orgasm is more difficult, because the sensitive walls in the vagina are felt blindly unrealistic. Without practice, nowhere! But still finding the point G-the most erogenous in this place-you can try. Only you will have to do this first with your hands in order to have landmarks on a penetrating act in the future.

How to find a GO with a wife and bring her to a powerful squirt

We are talking about an inkjet orgasm. To find out how to bring your wife to him and hear a bunch of alias in your address, you should understand the intricacies of female physiology.

Not far from the urethra, the beautiful ladies have iron, which is largely a prototype of male prostate. Its stimulation can provoke intensive production of fluid. Grind near the entrance to the vagina, a small tubercle on its upper wall. If you have found, the probability that the wife will be able to know the squirt has increased several times, because this is the famous point G in women.

The fluid produced by the “tubercle” is excreted by orgasm through the urethra. This is not urine, it has neither smell nor taste. Not every girl can ejaculate such a substance during intercourse, but even if this happened to his wife, her husband does not need to jump up and run away to the shower. On the contrary, he must support her, give her strength and confidence that she was sincerely happy for her (after all, she reached unprecedented bliss, which she probably never experienced in life) and for himself (after all, he did everything right and was able to bring his wifeto a powerful orgasm). Regardless of how he did it, a member or hands, the final result is important.

By the way, that the man plans to do with his wife, it is better to tell her in advance and be sure that she will also want it. In the end, an orgasm is great, but no one canceled a feeling of awkwardness and constraint. After Squirt, some girls develop complexes, they become clamped and indecisive.

The predominant part of the young lady is theoretically capable of testing such an amazing and strongest orgasm, but in practice, as it turns out, only a small percentage of women got acquainted with the concept of “squirt”. The reason for this is the inept actions of the partner. The question of how to properly bring his wife to orgasm should be asked by every man, because for a loving and noble spouse it is extremely important that his half is as good in bed as him.

It may not work to bring his wife to Squirt, even if you did everything right. But the vaginal orgasm will most likely be obtained, and bright and exciting.

By the way, some vibrators and dildos have a special shape – they are curved at a special angle so that point G is stimulated when contacting is in contact. They also have a more ribbed surface structure and several vibration modes for individual selection.

Vaginal orgasm from a member

Sensitization of the vaginal walls will occur if you break the usual ring of sensations. To do this, you need to change the poses. We already wrote in what positions the ji point is best stimulated, and other sensory vaginal zones. Train in pleasure! But do not forget to change the angle of the penis, the pace and rhythm of frictions, their speed. As a rule, deep rhythmic movements help to reach the top of pleasure.

Try to influence the head of the penis on the lower third of the front wall of the vagina – this is just the part that gives a powerful vaginal orgasm.

To achieve vaginal orgasm, first bring the clitoris to maximum excitation. This will help transmit stimuli to the labia and the inner part of the clitoris (of the organ cuff), where vaginal discharge is emerging.

In this case it will help Popular technique “Bridge”, giving the opportunity to end vaginally from a male member. When the wife is as excited as possible with preludes, we introduce the penis into the vagina, but do not move in the usual rhythm, but continue the impact on the clitoris. As soon as the partner feels that she is on the eve of the first wave of high, the husband stops caressing the clitoris and goes to standard vaginal frictions. The internal orgasm is usually achieved the first time, but regular training help to fix the effect. In fact, we teach a woman to end in the way we need.

, How to bring a wife to orgasm and understand what she wants in bed

How to bring a wife to a powerful orgasm, additional tips

No wonder they say that female orgasm is impassable jungle. Until now, scientists have not come to a consensus on how many types of orgasm exist, whether one is actually one discharge differs from another intensity and location of localization, etc.D. In general, female orgasms are like a cat purring, about whose origin no one can say for sure. However, male efforts to give his wife pleasure give a result.

In fact, if desired, a woman can end with the power of thought, the main thing is to cause this desire! First of all, the correct behavior.

  • The partner should not be annoyed. At a subconscious level, angry or cause irritation in a girl during sex, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol can. The issue of hygiene also plays an important role here, so the partner should not have extraneous smells.
  • Bring a pregnant wife to orgasm, will just not be a lot of work. During the period of bearing the fetus in most women, sexual attraction increases, which is the fault of physiology (hormones, fetal pressure).
  • Listen to the wishes of a woman during intercourse. In traditional vaginal sex, only every fourth lady regularly receives an orgasm, the remaining three women are simply content with the process. The reason for this is that partners do not want to delve into the essence of true desires and sexual whims of their halves.
  • Do not neglect postcolate caresses that imply exposure to body areas without erogenous zones. Many men immediately fall asleep or quickly switch to household conversations, which offends women. The next time the mood will initially be not the same.
  • Let her fantasize or do it together. The fact is that some girls experience a psycho -emotional orgasm in which the field of consciousness narrows, and the emotional background is at the level of ecstasy thanks to bright imaginary paintings in the head.
  • Have sex in a good mood, being in a state of admiration for your wife and the most pronounced sex drive. It has already been proven that female orgasm depends on male emotions and the perception of a partner at the time of intercourse. If you sleep with her for a checkmark, there will be no discharge.
  • Do not forget about the caresses of the chest glands and nipples. The excitement of this zone gives a specific pleasure that leads to the objective manifestation of orgasm.

To bring to orgasm a wife, close and beloved, you should study her desires and sexual preferences as often as possible. To do this, it is necessary to constantly monitor the reaction of the partner to each touch, kiss, movement. Satisfaction in sex is an individual and delicate question, but any man can find out the answer to it.

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