How to bring the girl to orgasm – to excite and satisfy

How to excite and bring the girl to orgasm (from A to Z).

In this article I will tell you everything you need to know in order to excite, bring the girl to orgasm and fully satisfy the vast majority of the fair sex. You do not need months of hard workouts. All you will need is discard prejudices about your sexual capabilities, endurance and size of the penis, since since then it will not have any meaning or for you or your girlfriend. The most important thing is to just carefully read and open your mind, body and heart to this knowledge that will help you bring almost any (99%) girl to orgasm and orgasm of point g.

There is no one road to orgasms of different girls

Before starting to start, I would like to immediately explain to all men one small but very important detail, without an understanding of which all your knowledge and efforts can be futile. All girls are different – their physiological and psychological characteristics, sexual disclosure, etc. D. Therefore, do not be surprised if one below described equipment works by 150%, and on the other a little worse. Remember that each girl is unique, unique and you need to find their own approach to each. How to find this approach?  No matter how strange it sounds for you, but the girl herself should help you in this. That is why your main tool and weapon should be the language!!))) And you will need it not only to caress the girl, but in order to establish feedback with her, that is, he will learn to communicate with her about her tastes, sensations and preferences in sex. You can of course go to her orgasm on your own by trial and error, but how long will you go to it and whether you will come – no one knows. Most often, no one knows better than the girl of her body, so if you want to learn how to manage pleasure in her body, speak with the girl and ask her. This does not mean that you need to fall asleep with questions during sex. No! After all, this can be discussed after. What she liked more and how, what she felt and what she would like to change. Stop to please your ego and mistakenly believe that you know about her body everything, including how to bring any girl to orgasm. After all, most girls are initially altruistic, that is, they will be pleasure even from what they satisfied you, even if they themselves did not experience orgasm. Many even go to the simulation of orgasm, so as not to offend you and not hurt your ego. That’s why the girl needs to make it clear (say) that you really want to bring her to a dizzying orgasm, but you will need her help. Tell me, so that she is not shy about you, to tell you something and say what and how she is more pleasant. Spent some time studying her sexuality, and it pays off with more than! And the main recovery will be its stunning orgasms.

4 main steps to the orgasm girl

We will consider and analyze the 4 main steps that must be performed for you in order to bring the girl to orgasm:

  • relaxation
  • excitation
  • Stimulation of erogenous zones
  • sexual intercourse

In order to satisfy the girl first of all, you need to relax her physically and psychologically, relax her body, then excite the girl, and only after that proceed to various manipulations with erogenous zones that as a result will lead her to orgasm and ejaculation. It is worth noting that the last 4th step “sexual intercourse” is already an additional step, which is essentially a continuation of the 3rd (“stimulation of erogenous zones”). Just now this stimulation will be produced in the form familiar to all men, that is, using a member.

Only after you take the first three steps, you can proceed to the 4th, that is, the most sexual intercourse, which will inevitably bring the girl to orgasm. At the same time, with a high probability, she will experience an orgasm even before sexual intercourse. But more on that below. I want to practically help every man learn to give my girlfriend orgasms. Every woman has everything in order to experience an orgasm and ejaculation, and a man only needs to help her with his knowledge, desire and a little patience.

Psychological conditions contributing to orgasm

Psychological factors are key. In order to excite a girl and bring her to the orgasm of the zone G and ejaculation, you need to get acquainted with some physical and psychological techniques. I will start with psychological moments, because no matter how well you are physically prepared if you cannot master some psychological moments of handling a woman, as well as self -control, everything else you have done can cease to make sense and not give absolutely no result. Therefore, I want to emphasize the special importance of trust, emancipation, and the desire to act at the right time.

She must trust you

Satisfy the girl, bringing her to the orgasm of the point G and with it ejaculation can be under several conditions, among which one of the most important is trust – she must be 100% trusting for herself and her partner, that is, you. The fact is that if, for example, the clitoris orgasm can be stopped, then the orgasm of the z zone G. If it has begun, it is no longer stopped by anything, since it is rolled up by waves of one after another in the growing and at these moments the girl loses full control over her body. Therefore, in order for her to afford to experience such an orgasm with you, she needs to deeply trust you even at a subconscious level.

Many people say to me: “Well, this is possible only for those couples that have been living together for a long time, but how can I be with my new girl?”. The fact is that a long life together does not mean at all that there is complete trust between partners, the necessary level that is needed for an enchanting orgasm. Very often, the steam does not work out that a woman does not quite trust herself, which does not allow her to relax sufficiently or she does not trust her partner enough. These difficulties must be solved by communication.

The more relaxed the girl is the easier to bring her to orgasm

One of the main conditions for a girl’s achievement of an orgasm of point G is relaxation – not only physical, but also psychological. At the time of your proximity, she should not experience any unrest and experiences, she should not bother anything. Her thoughts and body should entirely be in the same place – namely, here and now with you. It should be fully involved and immersed in the process of your love meeting. Only under these conditions can you proceed to its physical relaxation, that is, relaxation of her body.

The fact is that under the influence of our fears, experiences and unrest, muscles are clamped, and tense muscles are one of the main barriers in achieving an orgasm. A truly strong orgasm can only experience a completely relaxed body. Spasmodic muscles clamp the vessels and disrupt normal blood circulation, which leads to insufficient supply of tissues with oxygen. And oxygen is the main transporter in the body and pleasure including.

Therefore, before trying to excite the girl and bring her to an orgasm, take care of the atmosphere that should have to relax. Comfortable bed, pleasant smells, delicate, caressing hearing music, there may be a little wine in order to relax (very little).

You probably ask now the question: “So how to relax her body?”. The best and most effective way is erotic massage, but we will talk about it in more detail a little later.

She should like you

No matter how trite it sounds, but in order to excite the girl you like, she likes her, attract her and she must want this proximity, want to share this pleasure with you, because in order to achieve orgasm you will have to work a little to work. If she does not like to have sex or does not want to have it now or you just do not physically attract each other and do not arouse, then the recommendations and tips described below will be useless. But if she wants to experience an orgasm with you and achieve new more vivid sensations or achieve a new higher level of intimacy, then everything will turn out very easily.

She should be focused on sex and not be distracted

This at first glance is very easy, but in fact it is not always easy to achieve this. The girl can easily think about her hairstyle or about her makeup, or if she thinks if she looks stupid in front of you, is she sexy and t.D. Therefore, do not skimp on words. Whisper in her ear how beautiful she is and how much she starts you. Only if she is confident in herself, you can focus her attention on her sensations and excitement. This is why erotic massage is so important. In addition to the fact that he relaxes the body, he also helps your beloved tuned in to yourself and on you and the sensations that you give to each other by touch. If you suddenly feel that she begins to think about something else as not related to what is happening, ask her about something, for example: “You are so good?”Or” Do you like it when I do so?”. Just do not need to be zealous and fall asleep with endless questions, do this only when you really see that it is distracted. Try to concentrate her attention on your intimacy.

Just don’t try to do this in my underpants!!!)))

Men, remember – you must be undressed!)) One of my friends complained to me that he could not excite a girl so that she experiences an orgasm and ejaculation. I asked the details and he told me that he was in bed in his underpants. I suggested that he present a tiger in the jungle and asked: “Is it when the tigers do it in shorts”? Not really, you would not want to become a tiger in her bed? This is what distinguishes us from the brothers of our smaller. Therefore, set aside all the conventions of civilization to the side if you want to satisfy the girl and that your sex with her is bright and passionate.

Physiological features of female orgasm

Now, after we examined the psychological conditions that should be created in order to bring the girl to orgasm, we need to understand and understand some physiological features that will help us understand the nature of our beautiful half.

It accelerates slowly, but rides for a long time

It is on this principle that female excitement works. In this regard, women and I are completely different. If a man in order to get excited and start sex will be enough only one thought or one erotic fantasy, then women are on the contrary. Its excitement is like a heavy railway locomotive, which slowly gains speed, but if it is gaining it, then it is no longer stopped by anything. Also in women. They are slowly gradually excited, but if they are very excited, then their orgasms will go one after another and you will not have to apply particularly much effort for this.  That is why We will direct all our efforts just to excite the girl as much as possible.

One friend complained to me: “I make her erotic massage, excite as I can, but how am I myself?»Of course, sex should bring pleasure to both of it, but you, as a man, need to take on some preparatory and heating work. As soon as you start and disperse the excitement of the partner to the necessary revolutions, sex immediately begins to enjoy you both. But in the beginning you should act on the principle of enjoying the delight of your beloved.

The main thing is that it is convenient for you. Your bed or any other place that you chose for an intimate meeting should be convenient for you and your beloved to feel comfortable so that you can easily touch any parts of each other’s body.

Increase her trust in your touch

Constantly increase trust in each other through touch. These touches and affection should not only apply to its obvious erogenous zones – breasts, vagina, nipples, etc.d, but also all of its other parts of the body.

Remember, someday you kissed her eyelids or eyebrows, whether you caressed her hair slowly running your fingers through them, did you enjoy, sliding the tip of her tongue along her spine, throat or around her ears? You will soon ask: “Does this really affect the girl’s orgasm?”And I will safely answer you:” Yes. And again yes!!!”In order for the girl to experience the orgasm of point G, she needs to feel your love, to feel that you like her from head to toe, that each part of her body drives you crazy. Similar tender touch to the girl’s body in unusual places can develop her confidence in you to such an extent that she will never interfere with anything and will allow you to do everything that you wish with herself.

Full erotic massage

To relax, excite and satisfy the girl will help erotic massage. Any erotic massage begins with heating the palms and lubrication of them with oil, to make touch warm, tender and pleasant and pleasant.  You can start with your palms, gradually moving on the arm to the shoulders and neck. At the same time it will not be superfluous if you from time to time you kiss your partner, and it does not matter where – it can be her finger, her hands, neck or lips. In more detail, erotic massage is described in the cycle of teaching videos on the Erotic massage page.

Contact with a look

We all often noticed behind ourselves and our partners that when we make love, our eyes are unconsciously closed. But here it is worth noting that it will be better not to close them and maintain visual contact with your partner. Such contact helps not to be distracted from what is happening and is constantly physically and mentally in the process. If your beloved closes his eyes, tell her that you would like to constantly see her charming eyes. It is not necessary that you constantly look into each other’s eyes, the main thing is that she observes what is happening and excited from this even faster. Let her see that you, making her massage, get no less pleasure from it than she herself.

All parts of the body are interconnected

Continuing to do massage, gradually get down from neck to her shoulders, and then below the chest and down the ribs down. It is worth noting the relationship of the ribs and chest, so do not be surprised if the girl tells you that you are stroke her ribs, and she somehow unusually feels her chest. By the way, the same can be said about female buttocks that are closely related to female genitals and vagina in particular. It is why the girls are very often excited when their buttocks begins to crush a man. Therefore, when you make a massage, pay worthy attention to this beautiful part of the female body.

Do it gently, but at the same time powerfully squeezing and squeezing them. Such a massage can greatly excite a girl.  You yourself can be terribly very excited and want to enter it. But do not succumb to the temptations, since your main goal at this stage is to excite the girl as much as possible so that she literally flowed from desire – only in this case we will be able to bring the girl to the orgasm of point G. If you want to caress her nipples, but do not suck them like a pacifier, just gently take them with your lips as if you want to taste. Or you can gently lead the tip of the tongue around the papilla – it also acts very exciting.

Do not touch her vagina

Continue massage, going down even lower on the hips to the knees and on the legs to the feet. Shower all these parts of the body with kisses, but remember that its vagina should not be touched until the very last moment. You can rise as much as you like to your shoulders and chest, then again sinking to the feet around the bush around the vagina around the vagina, but do not touch the vagina itself in any case. This will even more tease your partner and disperse her excitement.

Do not forget about the feet, many women adore when they are done by massage Stop. Although I am not a wick of my feet massage, but if I want to suck her thumb, I will do so. If you also want to do this at some point, then do not deny yourself this. You must seek to completely relax absolutely all her body.

The connection of physical and psychological factors

After massage of the front surface of the body, ask your woman will turn over on the stomach. Continue massage, rising along the back of the legs. Rising from the feet to the buttocks on the back of the legs, pay attention to the popliteal region, which is very sensitive to kisses. If you drive it on her tongue gives the girl unusual and very pleasant sensations that will represent a mixture of something tickling, but at the same time a pleasant. Also very sensitive to kisses the inside of the hips, which should also be paid attention to. Then you go higher to buttocks.

I have already talked about the close relationship of the buttocks and the vagina, so when you massage its buttocks, imagine and keep this relationship in your mind. Pay attention to how the lips of her vagina move. All parts of our body are interconnected with each other, so when you stimulate one you automatically affect the other, forming a chain reaction, which can bring to the incredibly strong excitation of erogenous zones.

Breathe on her vagina

My favorite stage of erotic massage is to breathe on her vagina. I get close to him as close as possible and begin to breathe on it and on the inner hips of the hips with an effort. Unlike men, women love this type of excitement. It excites me of how a girl groans with pleasure. When I breathe on her vagina, I try to grab him completely with my lips. At such moments, I want to enter it with my tongue as deeply as possible, but I do not do it, because I want to excite a girl as much as possible. After that, continue to move up to her buttocks, while not ceasing to massage them, lick and squeeze. Then, on the lower back and back, rise even higher to the shoulders, continue massage there.

When you move from her buttocks to the shoulders, it will be more convenient to sit on top so that your cock was rubbing about her buttock or between them – it will very excitively act on your partner. No need to deliberately focus on this, just continue to massage. The girl, feeling your “excitement” that rubs about her buttocks, will be even more excited. The massage should last as much as it is necessary in order to completely relax and excite your partner. There are no clear boundaries, but on average it would not be bad to do massage from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Remember that the ability to be attentive to the feelings of his partner is one of the main skills to be an excellent lover.

Is time to move on to stimulation of the vagina?

It is clear that one erotic massage is unlikely to be able to bring the girl to orgasm. But we remember that this massage lays the foundation for her future orgasm – it allows you to excite a girl.

After you make a massage of her entire body, you need to understand whether it is ready for stimulation of the vagina. How to define it? Very simple – ask her to turn over on her back. When she turns over, pay attention to her legs. If, when she turns over, she will push them out enough so that you can put a hand on her vagina, without touching her inner thighs – this is the correct sign that your beloved is ready and passionately wants you to start already interacting withher most erogenous part of the body – her vagina.

Is it relaxed enough?

When you turn your partner and make sure of her readiness to stimulate the vagina, lie on the side next to it and hug her. Pay attention whether she will answer you with a mutual hug. If this happens, this will indicate her huge sexual desire, which she wants to share with you. It is not possible to emit it. Therefore, hugging a partner, you will see her sufficient relaxation and trust in you.

Is the girl excited enough?

There are several indicators that it is already excited and ready for the further development of events.

  1. Deep rapid breathing
  2. She often licks her lips and swallows saliva
  3. Her vagina is abundantly selecting lubrication. If you take it on the finger and grind it to others, you will feel how slippery it is. You can notice it visually when a woman is strongly excited. She literally flows from her vagina with a thick drop. Or you can feel slightly touching your fingers to her vagina.
  4. The movements of her body. The main sign that a woman is quite excited and is ready for sex is the wave -like movements of her hips and the wriggling movements of her whole body. They can be barely noticeable and inexpressive, but always sensual and sexual. When you notice that she begins to do everything or part of the above – this is a sign that you can start touching her vagina and try to bring to orgasm, since she already wants this passionate.

If you feel and see that nothing like this happens to her, continue to do erotic massage more and more touching her member. Rub with a member of her hips or stomach, while showering her stomach and ribs with kisses gradually decreasing to her pubis. Lick her hips (places where the body goes into the thigh). These places have very delicate skin and therefore are very sensitive to kisses and contact with the language. If all this does not help and your partner will still not give any signs of his excitement, take care of the psychological conditions that I spoke about earlier. The most likely you were missed before. Your beloved may not be quite relaxed. She may not have enough to trust herself or you, it is not enough to be confident or have any other problems.

Many do not know and do not even know that the zone above the pubic is very erogenous in women. During excitement, a large amount of blood begins to circulate here here. Gently slowly rub this place across the body for about a minute, but no more as it can be useless. Rubbing this place, be very careful and tender and at the same time you can stroke her hair on her head, kiss her neck, lips or ears, but at the same time do not forget that you have a different person, and not a toy for sexual pleasures or experiments.

Vaginal stimulation

We checked and became convinced that it is quite relaxed and excited. Now you can safely move on to one of the final stages of the girl’s bringing to orgasm, namely to the stimulation of her most erogenous zones, which is her vagina.

Body position to stimulate the vaginal and dots G

You can excite the point G in different positions – when a girl lies on her stomach or back, you can also do it standing . But when you first try to stimulate the girl’s point G, it is better not to complicate your life and allow your lover to take the most convenient position for her on her back or stomach. Try this way or so and determine for yourself and partners the most acceptable and comfortable option. The most detailed vaginal massage is shown in the following rollers:

Touching her vagina

Put your palm on her vagina, clasping it with your fingers. Let it feel the warmth that radiates your palm. If it is excited enough, she can try to make the movements to you in order to more tightly press the vagina to your palm – avoid this and do not increase the pressure. Just keep your palm on its vagina, allowing it to feel the warmth of your touch.  Remember that before you make any manipulations on the vagina and even more so the clitoris, you need to lubricate your hand with oil or moisten with saliva, since the skin of the girls there is very delicate and sensitive.

Then, very tenderly with your fingers, draw on its outer labia lips. You can already die from the desire to enter it and she can already want this passionately and beg you about it, but show patience and do not succumb to your desires. Gently continue to stroke her vagina with your fingers, remembering the clitoris (see where the clitoris is), the small lips of the vagina and the inner walls of the vagina. Then make rotational movements on the outer large lips of the vagina. By this time, your girlfriend can already experience a clitoris or radial orgasm or be very close to it – this is quite likely, but all exactly this is not what we really are striving for, so try to control yourself.

Put two middle fingers on her vagina and slowly slowly spreading the labia lips slightly, drown them inside so that each of the fingers ends up in a hollow between the labia lip and small, which borders on the entrance to the vagina. If you place your hand correctly, then the clitoris will be with you between two middle fingers. Hold the hand so slowly shaking it from side to side or making circular movements. Try to feel its moisture, which by this time should already stand out in abundance. At the same time, imagine how her clitoris is stimulated about your fingers. It looks like this little tongue licks between my fingers.


Many, trying to satisfy the girl, are actively concentrated on the clitoris. Of course, it is just to find it and easily stimulate it. But we will go further and bring it to such an orgasm, which is much comprehensive and sensual than the clitoris orgasm. Therefore, we will use the clitoris not to bring the girl to orgasm, but as an additional remedy for excitation of a girl. Cliter stimulation is one of the steps on the path to bringing the girl to the orgasm of point g. In the end, you yourself will understand that the clitoris has long been not the only excitation zone in women or a magic button to achieve an orgasm.


I still have not talked about cunnilingus because if you first try to bring the girl to the vaginal orgasm of the point g, he will quickly distract how to help, because with him the necessary level of proximity is violated, which is not advisable to lose. Plus, Cunnilingus leads a woman a little from the necessary place where she should focus her attention and collect all her feelings – namely in the vagina. But if you and your beloved are already familiar with the point g and the sensations that she can give, cunnilingus on the contrary can become another assistant for the excitation of your partner. You can simply play gently with a tongue with its clitoris and lips, or you can additionally help yourself with your fingers, leading them inside and producing rotational movements along the walls of the vagina. More detailed and detailed information about how this can be found on the pages:

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  • 6 games that will help diversify cunnilingus
  • Cunnilingus poses – 18 poses from kamasutra

Keep your excitement, but do not hide it

Although a man must control himself, he should not hide his excitement. On the contrary, you must in every way show your passionate desire with movements with words or sounds. The girl needs to feel that you are also good like her. Otherwise she will subconsciously experience distrust and will not be able to completely surrender to your control.  At the first stages, it may seem difficult to you, since you will constantly think what and why you need to do and in addition you also need to monitor the reaction of the partner to certain affection, the degree of excitation, and so on. But over time, when you master everything written here to some extent, it will be much easier for you, since you will not think, you will feel. And this, in turn, will free your head from a bunch of thoughts, allow you to plunge more into the whole gamut of feelings and feelings that you will give to each other and allow your excitement to manifest itself in all your strength.

Do not let the girl touch your cock

You have been with a girl in such an intimate environment for a long time and naturally you yourself really want to experience sweet feelings of touch in your cock. And she may already passionately want to do this. But having lost it at some point and allowing it to do this, you may not notice how to distract from point G and focus on your feelings. If you want to bring the girl to orgasm and satisfy her, do not succumb to her persuasion to enter her, do not be weak. Tolerate, because you want to give her something special, something stronger.

Point G and its stimulation

. You will feel rough and peculiar irregularities there – this is the so -called zone or point g. See where to be the point g (photo). You can explore and stimulate the point G, in principle, by any finger that you are more convenient for you. Some prefer to use the thumb, some middle ones, while others use the knuckles of the fingers. Remember, everything that you like and satisfies you two is suitable.

To begin with, try to find the point g with your finger, do not forget to gently hug your beloved with the other hand to make it clear that she can trust you and that she is safe with you. Use this to feel the whole of her body. Caress her hair, try to feel how her chest is filled and falls, let your hips and legs feel the heat of your bodies. From now on, she can begin to communicate with you with the help of the sounds and the language of her body, showing her pleasure from the sensations that you give her. You can answer her, hug her more tender or saying how much she excites you and how much you want her.

So with every step you will act on each other better, feel the stalls and excitedly enjoy the same as she. Caress the vagina as softly as possible, entering a finger into it. Pass on the middle wall of the vagina, try to feel the protrusions and find the point g. Then put your finger on point G and let your partner feel it. You must find a point g and, as it were, teasing, continue to hold a finger on it and then she herself will move to your fingers as she wants to be touched. All this time you should continue to hug, kiss and caress the girl, not stopping carefully tracking all the smallest movements of her dots G, because if you casses her tenderly, she will show you the way to you.

Continue the massage of the point G, moving your finger up and down for about a minute. During friction, you may feel that roughness and bulge will begin to gradually smooth out, and its papillae will begin to release moisture abundantly. Gradually and carefully increase the pressure, at the same time imagining how these protrusions are smoothed out and lered. Follow your movements so as not to scratch the delicate surface with nails – use only your fingertips.

That if the protrusions and bulges are not defeated?

If the protrusions and bulges do not be angry or after a while appear again, go to softer and gentle movements. The convex and roughness data work just like the nipples of the female breast – their structure is changing. You need to ensure that they become soft, so they need to be touched as much as possible.

Technique and methods of Massage Gp G

There are 2 main ways to massage points g.

  • Rhythmic pressure. Imagine that the girl lies on her back and you insert a finger into the vagina, holding a palm with the inside to yourself. Find the point G on the front wall and just put it rhythmically on it.
  • Slip. The second way is that you once pressed on it and then just slide your finger along it, as if trying to rub it. At the same time, you should not crush too much, but gliding your fingers very slowly and gently. After you understand how this is done, you can increase speed and pressure.

When you are just trying to understand what excites the girl more, try both of these approaches alternately. At the same time, carefully follow not only her breath and body tongue, but also how the G -point G responds to your touches.

Cervical of the uterus when stimulating points G

You yourself can feel how the cervix herself strives to meet you to stimulate. A woman is not able to experience an orgasm in the G zone from stimulating the cervix, but this excites some great, while others do not like it. Personally, I think it’s just amazing.

Vaginal contractions – it is time to strengthen stimulation!

During the massage of point G, pay attention to the walls of the vagina and you will feel that they are slightly reduced with a frequency of 10-20 seconds. Since you felt these abbreviations, then it is time to connect the 2nd finger and enter 2 fingers together in the vagina to increase pressure and stimulation. When you introduce another finger, hug and caress the woman even more, demonstrating that she has nothing to worry about and you can believe you, you will do everything to give her maximum pleasure and that you do not do you do not harm her.

Vaginal convulsions are a sign of an orgasm approach!

Finally, you will feel that the walls of the vagina are parted, tremble with small tremor when your fingers touch them. You will feel that in the vagina it was as if a vacuum was created, which sucks everything in itself. The walls of the vagina straightened and the space inside increased. All these are signs that the girl boldly approaches the orgasm of point G and subsequent ejaculation.

Perhaps you have already reached something like that, but yours did not experience an orgasm of point G, because you did not know first of all what to do and what stimulation to conduct, and secondly, the whole thing was in the psychological factors that I spoke earlier, the main of which is a woman’s trust, the ability to give herself under your full control. And finally, she did not experience ejaculation due to the fact that she was simply afraid to get wet with you, but more on that below.

Pre-ejaculation-it is about to finish!

Before ejaculation itself and orgasm, the girl’s vagina will be filled with liquid. This liquid is radically different from vaginal lubrication. Firstly, it is more liquid and not so thick, and secondly, it stands out instantly in one second. This is the same as a liquid that is released in a man before he ejaculates. When you feel this liquid in its vagina, you can be proud, because before then you did everything right. So, hug, caress, kiss and continue to do everything that you did, because you almost brought the girl to orgasm and he is about to come.

Before the orgasm, it may seem to her that she wants to write

The point G and the bladder are located very close and until the woman experiences ejaculation, she will not be able to catch the difference between ejaculation and urination. Therefore, quite often girls when stimulating the point G and their approach to orgasm seems to them to want to go to the toilet.

Fear of describe

Usually women who have never experienced an orgasm of point G and have never ejaculated at the same time begin to feel fear of such an orgasm. This happens by the fact that during the approach of this wave, the girl experiences feelings as if she is losing control of her body and is now described. Of course, what kind of girl would like to describe to the guy. It is this fear that often does not relax and allow this wave of orgasm to cover itself. Take this fear and experiences with understanding, hug and caress it, let it feel that you are near and take care of it and that everything is good, that it can relax and let ejaculations happen and that you want her juices to come out.

This is not urine

Despite the fact that urination and female ejaculation are similar, nevertheless, this is not at all the same. Some men do not know anything about female ejaculation at all, so they think that their woman urinates, although in reality she simply ejaculates. Medicine has already accurately determined that moisture that is released during ejaculation is not urine.

The onset of orgasm and ejaculation

Woman’s vagina can be so contracted that it can even push your fingers out of it. And the point is not at all that the girl does not want them to be there, she just actually loses control of herself and her body. Make sure that your fingers remain in it and continue to stimulate its point g as before. Orgasm with ejaculation can occur at any time. . And so it will continue until you continue to stimulate its point g. This can happen quickly in a few seconds, or it can last longer roll in waves. Do not forget to caress, hug and kiss your beloved, expressing your delight and pleasure with the language of your body and sounds. Tell her how you like it, how good you are with her, how she excites you, etc.D. You, I think there will be no problems to come up with something of my.

What to do during an orgasm girl?

The reaction of the girl during orgasm and ejaculation may be absolutely not predictable: she can tremble, shout loudly or hug and press you to her with unprecedented force. One way or another, continue to caress her too much, say that she is yours, that she is so hot that you love her so much.D. Even a simple “yes” can show her how much you enjoy what is happening. Affectionate and diminutive appeals to it like “kitten”, “ryenka” or “sun” also mean a lot.

How much girl can ejaculate?

The case is very individual. But many women, like one of my friends, just ends with a liquid, although at the same time some of my other women could have up to 11 ejaculations and it seemed that they could ejaculate endlessly. Most likely, the water balance of the body plays a role here, which in the process of ejaculations and the release of a large amount of lubrication and fluid is depleted. Therefore, if you want a girl to experience repeated ejaculations, have any juice or water at hand so that the girl can drink and replenish fluid reserves in her body while making love.

But now it is possible and necessary to enter it with your member!

Great! You excited enough and brought the girl to orgasm, and maybe more than once. She already expires with love juices and is looking forward to the continuation of the development of events, and you with even greater impatience want her to give it to it!)) Moreover, so far you have been satisfied exclusively by her orgasms. But now the very time has come when it is possible and necessary to take care of her orgasm, especially since the girl already wants to give it to you.

It’s so great from the beginning to strongly excite the girl, and then enter her with your member and climb together to the top of sensual pleasures. Another advantage of all this technique is that you do not need to be super hardy in sex or have a big cock in order to truly satisfy the girl. You just need to excite it carefully before entering, and it is better to bring it at least once to orgasm with your fingers and tongue. Then when you enter it, you will already enjoy it equally.

In order to stimulate and excite a girl for many orgasms and ejaculations, you can periodically move from the use of a member to the fingers and vice versa. Such transitions are very teasing and exciting a girl. They may even seem very attractive to you by yourself.

During sex, imagine a dick and point g

During intercourse, imagine how your member rests on its point g or rubs against it. Mentally imagine and scroll it in your head. Stimulate at different angles with the help of different strengths and intensity with movements.

Simultaneous orgasm and ejaculation

The peak of sex is an orgasm. But how exciting and beautiful when it comes at the same time with you and her. By the way, this is much easier than it might seem at first glance and a thousand times easier than to achieve the same orgasm with ordinary sex without prior stimulation. The ejaculation of a man on the cervix of the uterus inevitably leads to the girl’s orgasm and together they simultaneously experience it. And vice versa – the orgasm and ejaculation of the girl around a member of a man leads to ejaculation of a man and brings him to orgasm. This can turn out immediately or it may be needed for this several times to get used to each other and master the technique. But one way or another it will be a powerful experience and great pleasure. Almost any couple can use these tips for their sexual life and use this knowledge during love. In the future, you can experience a simultaneous orgasm when you want.


You have reached the orgasm yourself, brought the girl to orgasm, but this does not mean that it all ended. Further caresses after this personally are very important for me, and for the girl all the more. It is so nice to lie next to your beloved and feel her warmth, which simply gently envelops you from all sides, to be inside it when our juices are mixed. I have no doubt that you have experienced something like that made love with your beloved, but using knowledge stated in this article you can enjoy this aftertaste for much longer and the strength of the sensations from it will be much larger and brighter.

All girls are able to experience orgasm and ejaculation

Each girl has a point g and everything necessary in order to receive an orgasm and ejaculation. To prove it scientifically, you need to conduct an experiment with at least 1000 women. I am not so amazing lover to do it, but I can say that in 95% of cases all women are able to achieve an orgasm and ejaculate with a certain stimulation.

Frequent causes of inability to experience an orgasm

Unfortunately, quite often, due to some psychological causes (blocks), the girls lose such an opportunity. A number of factors among which:

  • Childhood and education of a girl – Family and relationships in the family in which she grew up very affect her ability to enjoy sex with a man. In particular, relationships with the father strongly affect the model of relationships and behavior with her future men.
  • The first sexual experience -Very often, due to the unsuccessful first sexual experience, the girl closes and her ability to experience orgasms closes with him.
  • Unsuccessful love -is also one of the common reasons because of which the girl in the future experiences difficulties in achieving orgasms.
  • The mission of a woman – Historically it happened that for many centuries a woman served a man to satisfy his needs and continue the genus. A man rarely thought about the pleasure of a woman. And in this regard, the woman stopped knowing how to experience orgasm and ejaculation and there is no man who could teach her this.

These reasons can be different, but in most cases they can be solved with the help of a sexologist and his psychotherapy.

Girls should use all their sexual potential, and men in every possible way contribute to this. This is the whole article about this. I want to help men in revealing this potential in their beloved girls so that they can experience bright orgasms together and live a full -fledged sex life, enjoying each other.

Statistics of satisfied women in the world

“How to bring a girl to orgasm?” – this question is often asked young and sexually not experienced youths. And for many more mature men, this issue often seems banal and even funny, since they are from the height of their rich (as they think) sexual experience think that they are real males and are able to satisfy any girl. But let’s turn to statistics and see how things really are with the female orgasm in the world and in our country. American researchers conducting surveys in various countries have collected the following data:

The following are countries and the percentage of women who have no problems with orgasm and they are quite satisfied with sex:

Mexico ……………………………… 51%
SOUTH AFRICA…………………………………….48%
Italy ………………………………… 48%

And what do we see? At best, 50% of women and girls are satisfied, that is, they receive orgasms during sex. And in the world in general only 1/3 girls. Dear men, maybe you should not be so self -confident? Of course there are men who know a lot about love, but as we see according to statistics, there are not many at all. Why is that? In fact, there are many reasons, but one of the most important is the elementary illiteracy of men regarding female sexuality. The fact is that many men and young teenagers draw information from porn films that damage the idea of how to actually satisfy a girl or woman in bed.


So you learned all the most necessary and now you know how to bring the girl to an orgasm point g and generally how to satisfy the girl. And I sincerely hope that all of the above tips will help you and your loved one to get the highest pleasure.

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