How to bring to Squirt: simple and working technique of inkjet orgasm

How to bring a girl to an inkjet orgasm (squirt): Instructions for guys.

Female orgasm is a big riddle for most men, especially with regard to squirt. The ability of a woman to achieve a stormy orgasm with fluid emission is a rarity. Therefore, questions from men, how to bring a woman to Squirt, are most relevant. About how to prepare a girl for squirt and how to bring to such an orgasm we will tell in our article.

, How to bring to Squirt: simple and working technique of inkjet orgasm

A little about squirt

Squirt is one of the forms of female orgasm, accompanied by a strong contraction of the muscles of the vagina and the involuntary release of translucent fluid from the urinary canal. The liquid can gradually flow out or rapidly ejected, and its maximum volume is 50 ml.

Squirt comes from the English term “Squirt” – stream. Most information about squirt is taken from porn films, although in fact the squirting process in such ribbons is exaggerated. For achieving such an orgasm, point G is responsible, as well as the iron of the skin, which is called the paraunsetral gland or female prostate.

To bring the girl to squirt, it is important to maximize the degree of sexual arousal, stimulate all erogenous points on the body, and most importantly, point G inside the vagina and the area outside between the clitoris and the vagina under the urethra. You can also enhance the effect of orgasm if you affect the uterus through the lower abdomen.

Video instruction

To clearly understand how to bring the girl to a jet orgasm, a man should get acquainted with the theoretical part and practice. Practical training can be viewed on the video – how a man should affect the external genitalia, point G and the lower abdomen, so that the orgasm is intense and was accompanied.

What you need to know before starting the process?

The female orgasm depends directly not only on physiological factors, but also on the psycho -emotional background of a woman. Even if the partner will comply with exactly all the rules and technology of stimulation, but the woman will not be tuned to relax and receive orgasm, all efforts will be in vain.

Where is the point g?

The most important area on the female body responsible for the onset of orgasm is the point g, which still needs to be found. It is located on the front wall of the vagina under the pubic bone. To get it to her, the man introduces the middle finger to the second phalanx by about 5 cm, the point G will be determined as a small hillock.

Training of the necessary muscles to a woman

For the achievement of jet orgasm, certain muscles are responsible. Therefore, the ability to achieve squirt largely depends on a woman.

To do this, you need to pump these muscles thanks to the following exercises:

  • Search for the desired muscles. To find the necessary muscles for further training, a woman needs to interrupt a stream of urine during urination, squeezing the pelvic bottom muscles. If you enter a finger into the vagina and squeeze it, those muscles will be involved.
  • Muscle compression. You need to perform the exercise in several ways:

– compress the muscles for 10 seconds, and then take the same break and so 3 times;

– compress the muscles for 5 seconds, and then relax for 5 seconds and so 10 times;

– compress muscles, detain in this position for 30 seconds, and then relax for 30 seconds and repeat another 2 times.

Such training needs to be carried out daily from 3 times and more often, gradually increasing the compression and relaxation period of the muscles, as well as the number of approaches.

  • Compression and pushing of muscles. You need to perform such an exercise in several approaches:

-Slow compression-muscles tensed into 2-3 seconds and relax;

– contractions – the muscles of the pelvis are tensed quickly and often, as much as possible;

– squeezing – first you need to put out, as is done during childbirth, after which you need to do 10 compression, 10 contractions and the same amount of excretions and so 5 times a day.

Exercises must be done regardless of the situation and the time of day as often as possible. They start training with a minimum amount, increasing the intensity and frequency.

Training of the necessary muscles to a man

Typically, to achieve a squirt, a woman needs prolonged stimulation of the genitals and multiple orgasms, and only after the next influx of orgasic contractions can parauretral fluid be ejected. Based on this, a man needs to be prepared physically for stimulating the point g with his fingers.

Stimulation of point G will be performed in an unnatural position of the hand, so the first attempts can lead to the rapid fatigue of a man. The forearm area may simply not withstand the load, so it is important to train your hands in advance. The best way is to perform exercises to flex the hands in wrists with a stamp or bar.

, How to bring to Squirt: simple and working technique of inkjet orgasm

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm: a simple technique

To bring a wife/girl to a jet orgasm, a man needs to know exactly the effective ways to prepare for sexual intercourse, thanks to which the chances of squirt will increase at times. Following simple tips and recommendations, you can already see the orgasm with the emission of paraunsettraulic fluid in the final.

Prepare the girl

To any form and types of sexual intercourse, a woman is extremely important and necessary for preparation, namely the prelude. It consists in several points:

  1. Emotional mood – In order for a woman to get liberated and configure the brain for sexual stimulation and orgasm, a man needs to work with the correction of the mood of the partner. You can hint at the proximity long before desires and plans, or you can directly say that a man wants her and intends to bring her to a powerful orgasm.
  2. Relaxation – fatigue, inability to disconnect unnecessary thoughts, and nervousness are the most important enemies of orgasm. A man can prepare a girl with a relaxing bath with aroma-machines, create a romantic atmosphere in the room, do massage.
  3. Enravity – Another factor interfering with orgasm is complexes, self -doubt and a woman’s isolation. A man, using compliments, attention and exciting words, can help a partner in emancipation. The effect of wine or other alcoholic drink can enhance the effect.
  4. Prelude – You can excite a woman with kisses, pleasant words, flirting, touch and stroking. The main thing is to know all her erogenous places and influence everything comprehensively.

Take a convenient pose

The man must make sure that all conditions for proximity are as comfortable as possible to both the partner and for him, since the achievement of such an orgasm will take time and effort. Do not arrange experiments, occupying very original positions from the book of Kamasutra.

, How to bring to Squirt: simple and working technique of inkjet orgasmPose for jet orgasm

The most optimal option for both is that a woman lies on her back with her legs bent at her knees and diluted to the sides, and a man sits between her legs or from her side. For better penetration at the right angle from the girl’s hips, you can put a pillow. In order not to interrupt in an inappropriate place, a man must immediately think for a comfortable body position for himself-either a missionary pose or a dongi steel.

Proper stimulation technique for squirt

It is not worth immediately after the prelude to proceed with the sexual intercourse with penetration and fritzi, since the chances of achieving squirt will be minimal. The first stage is to stimulate the vagina with your fingers. As soon as a man managed to excite his woman with preliminary caresses, you need to introduce two fingers into the vagina until the tubercle is felt.

Now you need to make neat rotational movements, gradually increasing the pace and intensity of stimulation. In parallel with this, you can stimulate the clitoris and external genitalia with a second hand or tongue. And in order to provoke a contraction of the uterine muscles, a man needs to put his palm on the lower abdomen and press it slightly. If you perform all movements correctly, after 10-15 minutes a woman will reach an orgasm.

After an orgasm that contributed to the fingers, you can proceed to sexual intercourse. For intensive stimulation of point G, a man needs to choose a position with deep penetration, the main thing is that the woman’s hips are raised as much as possible. If frictions are painful, you need to pay attention to other erogenous points or reduce the intensity of penetration.

The main rule of bringing a woman to squirt – if there is a desire for urination, a partner should not control them, on the contrary, you need to relax as much as possible.

Toys that can help bring the girl to Squirt

Sex toys is an excellent invention that will help a man quickly excite and bring the girl to squirt without difficulties and errors in stimulation. In specialized stores, you can find vibrators to stimulate the GO, as well as several auxiliary means:

  • Intimate cream to activate the point G, the composition of which increases the sensitivity and excitability of erogenous zones;
  • Vibroostimulator on a finger with different relief to stimulate the vagina and clitoris, which at times will facilitate the task of a man;
  • Vibration massager For an accurate search for a point G, stimulating this zone, external labia and clitoris, so that the man does not have to use his hands at all.

To date, in sales there is a wide variety of models of vibrators and massagers to influence the point G and the bringing of a woman to Squirt.

We summarize briefly

So, you can bring absolutely any woman to Squirt, a lot depends on the man. This can be done either with one hand, as shown in the first video with the instructions above, or with the help of hands and frictions with a penis. Various sex toys can help a man quickly excite a partner to orgasm. The main thing is to take into account all the above recommendations and techniques.

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