How to get and bring yourself to orgasm

How to get and bring yourself to orgasm?.

, How to get and bring yourself to orgasmOrgasm – This is the highest pleasure point. Orgasm can be achieved by stimulating erogenous zones. Contactly statistics suggest that 25% of women did not experience orgasm at all. Although, scientists have long been proven that an orgasm – This is not only a pleasant addition to an intimate life, but also the dose of estrogen and testosterone. And this positively affects female health.

In order to figure out how to get an orgasm to a girl or woman, you should talk about how he could be.

Speaking scientific language, orgasm – these are gradual periodic contractions of intimate muscles.The average frequency of discharge in women – This is 2-3 seconds. And how much will the orgasm itself last – The case is individual. Someone – This is 10-12 seconds, and someone is at a peak for a half minutes.

Varieties of orgasm in women

The first thing you need to know is not a clear division into «vaginal» And «Cliter». Any type of orgasm occurs due to the stimulation of the clitoris. If you are a little familiar with anatomy, then you know that the clitoris – This, we can say, «Female penis», The roots of which go in depth of 7-10 cm.

That is why, a vaginal orgasm, as it usually calls it – This is the same clitoral. Only Cliter stimulation occurs from the inside. Because of this, most women cannot get the highest pleasure from the penetrating effect.

The only separation that can be carried out – This is how you get pleasure. From exposure to the clitoris head outside. Or from vaginal stimulation. The same ji zone – may turn out to be the base of the clitoris, which is located on the front side of the vagina.

If you have problems getting orgasm from sex, we advise you to first find out your body yourself. Know all your sensitive and erogenous zones, and then direct the partner in the right direction. How to do it? Learn to get an orgasm.

How to bring yourself orgasm? How to quickly get and strengthen an orgasm?

One of the most popular ways to test the orgasm itself – This, of course, is masturbation.

What needs to be done so that masturbation ends with enchanting pleasure?

  1. Relax, take a bath, light the candles. A romantic prelude. Delight yourself with beautiful erotic linen or red wine.
  2. Take a comfortable pose and start with simple strokes. Caress your neck, chest, nipples, tummy. Do not immediately stimulate the clitoris or the inside of the vagina. Let yourself get excited.
  3. Watch your breath. We take a breath-out, concentrate on your feelings. Let yourself feel pleasure.
  4. Start masturbate. Slowly stroke the clitoris head, making circular movements. Take a hurry to get an orgasm right away. If before that you have never experienced it – It may be difficult.
  5. Wait for your peak of excitement when you feel that natural lubrication began to stand out. In this state, experiencing pleasure will be much easier.

This is regarding the external stimulation of the clitoris head. If you have low sensitivity, then you will bring your fingers to orgasm. In this case, we advise you to order special sex toys that will help to develop the possibility of obtaining sexual discharge.

If your dream – This is an internal orgasm, we recommend starting with exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Just squeeze and unclench the intimate muscles. Keep them in suspense for a few seconds. You can do this when and anywhere. Main – regularity.

, How to get and bring yourself to orgasm

And to develop the sensitivity of the ji zone – It is worth buying special sex toys. There is a huge variety of vibrators and phaloimitators that can help experience a new kind of pleasure.

To strengthen and extend orgasm – We recommend that you do not rush during masturbation. Choose a time when no one can interfere with you. Completely exclude extraneous thoughts and focus on yourself. Slowly start masturbation. As soon as you feel that here it is, already close, stop. Make a deep breath. After that, continue. Having done this exercise several times, let yourself experience an orgasm.

After you study your body – You can try to reach a peak with a partner.

How to get an orgasm during sex

  1. Discuss with your beloved your erotic fantasies. Share the most secret sexual desires. Let him share them with you. You need to get well.
  2. Relax and, as usual, start with a prelude. Let it be long, passionate and hot.
  3. Use a lubricant for additional lubrication. Better let it be too wet than too dry. This will exclude discomfort and discomfort.
  4. To achieve clitoral orgasm, ask your loved one to masteching you during sex. But you can do it yourself. How you feel what is suitable, stop it. Do not rush. How excitement will subside a little – Continue. Do this trick as much as you want. The sensations will be unforgettable.
  5. To experience an internal orgasm, you will need a clitoral stimulant. During sex, start stimulating the clitoris head with a special toy. How to feel the approach of discharge, take the toy and tell your partner to move faster. The nerve endings located in the ji zone will come to combat readiness, and you will feel the same vaginal orgasm. At first, it may not work. You need to train regularly and study your feelings.

To be at the peak of pleasure is not as difficult as it seems. Especially in the 21st century. Now, manufacturers of sex-tovars have made sure that each of their clients could experience an orgasm.

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