How to strengthen female orgasm? 10 best ways

How to strengthen female orgasm? 10 best ways.

, How to strengthen female orgasm? 10 best ways
You can make a female orgasm brighter in a variety of methods. They will be able to use them jointly and separately from each other. Their use allows you to test multiple orgasms or even learn a jet. And knowledge of ways to strengthen pleasure makes a man a magnificent lover.

A long prelude

Sex for a woman begins before getting into bed. The attention of a man, his passionate views, gentle hugs are important to her. You need to start flirting in advance, sometimes even by phone. Then it is important to devote to her for a while, listening to her thoughts about the past day and about all the experiences. And all this is also a prelude. And only then you can invite her to bed. And there kisses, touches should be given for at least 20 minutes, and this will be an excellent preparation for her orgasm. It is the mood that is responsible for the sensitivity of the lady.

Pleasant gifts and compliments

Surprisingly, psychological techniques to strengthen orgasm act no worse than physical touches. There are women who help tune in to sex pleasant words. After compliments, her mood changes, she becomes happier. There are ladies who have a similar effect after gifts. It is not necessary to give cars, fur coats or jewelry, sometimes enough flowers, sweets or even a useful thing for home. It is worth pleasing to her woman, and she will feel her beloved, and this is the main step to a chic orgasm.

Correct aromas

In the bedroom you need to create a special atmosphere. It is not always convenient to light candles and scatter rose petals, but there is enough aroma lamps and essential oils. The smells of bergamot, citrus fruits, lavender, vanilla help to forget about the world around them and plunge into mutual caresses. By the way, you can use any aroma that you like. But it is better natural oils, not toilet water. They can also be added to the bathroom, which will not be superfluous before proximity., How to strengthen female orgasm? 10 best ways

Exciting cream

The easiest way to strengthen female orgasm is an exciting cream. It is applied to the woman’s clitoris and causes an active blood flow to this area. Stimulation is felt much brighter, and its orgasms become very intense. You can use the cream not for it, but for two, then the sensations will be increased for it and for it. Special compositions are safe, do not cause addictions and actually work. But they may not be the most pleasant if you want to alternate vaginal and oral sex, you will have to wash off the cream.

Erotic massage

Massage contributes to excitement. He simultaneously relaxes and causes desire if erogenous zones are massaged. But it is important to iron not only the chest, hips and crotch. Feet massage is very exciting. There are many sensitive endings in this area, and if you finish the process with easy stroking, and then move on to sex, it will feel the pleasure at times stronger. And heat helps, so you can do massage with special massage candles. When a warm mass spills on the skin, the desire for proximity becomes very strong.

Vacuum effect on erogenous zones

If you cause blood flow to the genitals, the orgasm will become several times brighter. This can be done not only with cream, but also using a vacuum pump. There are models for perineum, nipples and clitoris. A special flask is placed on the body, air is pumped out of it. As a result of a change in pressure to the desired place, blood flows. Nervous endings are activated. And then you can go to sex. The effect will be very noticeable! And it’s safe, simple and even interesting.

Cliter stimulation

Most women are more likely to experience clitoral orgasm. Therefore, you need to stimulate the clitoris to strengthen the experiences. Especially during vaginal and anal sex. You can do this by choosing the right poses. And you can caress the delicate area with hands, tongue and sex toys. It is important to never forget about this “magic button”. Even a woman herself can touch her at the moment of intimacy, making the process more pleasant., How to strengthen female orgasm? 10 best ways

Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor

The longest process of strengthening orgasm is to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Regular training with vaginal balls help to experience orgasms more often, and their intensity grows. And this is the prevention of urinary incontinence, lowering the pelvic organs and other diseases. Classes will bring the result only if they are regular: at least 3 times a week. In a month, the effect will be noticeable. And the man will feel that the woman has become “already”. And if you deal with at least 6 months, you can learn how to do an erotic massage vaginal. Any representative of the stronger sex will be submitted by this trick.

Vibration in different places

The vibrator is a unique invention. Tender fluctuations make excitement very strong. And you can touch the nipples, hips, abdomen and crotch. The vibrator can be immersed in the bosom, anus, massage external and internal areas. Try to try clitoral vibrators, models for a G, anal stimulants. Sex toys completely change sex life, they help to open hidden potential. Adult goods are a real way to cause a strong orgasm in any lady.

Exposure to sound waves

Today, a unique orgasm can be tested in just 1-3 minutes. Wave stimulants have been created that affect the clitoris and cause powerful sexual discharge. With their help, any lady can get an orgasm. No need to tune, choose creams or do exercises, just attach an intimate thing to the clitoris and enjoy. You don’t even have to move this thing, it will do everything herself. And the orgasm will be the most powerful of the existing.You can strengthen the female orgasm, there are enough ways for this. It is important to improve the psychological attitude towards intimacy, devote time to preludes and carefully caress the areas. You can cope without additional things, but the sex toys will definitely simplify the task and cause a much greater response.

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