Imitation of orgasm: how and why women are deceiving in bed

A woman is deceiving: imitation of orgasm.

, Imitation of orgasm: how and why women are deceiving in bed

To this day, many men think that they brought the girl to orgasm if she moaned loudly and fought in convulsions. It’s funny, but even some customers of women in commercial sex sincerely believe that it was with him, such a macho, Putana received true pleasure. Unfortunately, statistics say that 80% of women imitate their orgasm in half. What to do to men with this depressing fact? Study, analyze and act.

Why a woman imitates an orgasm?

, Imitation of orgasm: how and why women are deceiving in bed

Reason number one: she wants to finish sexual intercourse. The girl is tired, she is no longer exciting and do not start hugs, she is only waiting for ejaculation from the partner and the opportunity to relax. Since many men are very gallant and cannot afford to finish, without missing the lady forward, they continue to work, and the woman begins to moan and wriggle in order to put a bold point in the bed game. In general, there is nothing wrong with this if the girl was not tuned to the intimate, and the man insisted where it was much worse if she simply does not want this man – then he will definitely not wait for sincere orgasms.

Reason number two: to prove to herself that everything is in order with her. Modern sex loser convinces that an orgasm is an integral part of a healthy sexual life, porn resources draw a picture of cosmic climaxes to her, so girls are often ashamed to admit to a partner, and even herself that something is not worked out in the matter of her pleasure.

Reason is the third: she is afraid to offend her partner. Knowing that a man is quite sensitive in matters of his own vice as a lover, it is easier for a girl to play a small scene than to comfort his midnight.

Reason fourth: to spur their own sensuality. Sometimes it happens that the girl liked sex, she experienced deep emotions and pleasant physiological sensations, but she understands that she will have to strain her, and specifically at this moment, there is no desire to do it – by the way, this often happens if a partner is veryTender feelings. Therefore, in order to finish sex on a positive note, she plays along with both herself and her beloved.

How to determine an imitation of orgasm?

, Imitation of orgasm: how and why women are deceiving in bed


A flat, not straying breath – one of the markers of the girl’s insincerity in bed. If she was breathing all sexual intercourse quite calmly and only in the climax began to inhale deeply and moan – most likely, this is an acting game.


Open eyes are another alarming factor. With a real orgasm, the girl at least for a second, but closes her eyes, by the way, even if she orgasm with a solo of masturbation. Therefore, an open eye in the eye suggests that the partner does not feel violent pleasure.

Reducing the vagina

A moment that cannot be faked with a false climax is a reduction in the vagina. By and large, there is an orgasm itself – the convulsive contractions of certain zones of the vagina give the girl the very transcendingly pleasant sensations. A man can feel them especially clearly if he brought his lady to the highest point with the help of his fingers and lingers in her pussy for 10-15 seconds-it is then the muscle tension is most noticeable. It is impossible to fake them, but it is quite possible to hide their absence if the girl begins to intensively move the pelvis: it will be difficult for a man to understand what sensations of the penis provide natural convulsions and which are obtained by moving the penis in the vagina.


After orgasm, any person needs to lie down for a couple of minutes and recover – this is a rather exhausting moment. If a woman immediately after groans, sighs and screams runs to the bathroom, cheerful and frisky, she hardly experienced a real discharge.


This orgasm is accompanied by intensive discharge, and if the partner is violently ended with almost dry – alas, she most likely imitated.


And finally – the vast majority of women need some time to finish. Only in the porn films the actress end, as soon as the partner touched their clitoris, in reality the same cunnilingus goes from 5 to 15 minutes, and someone has even more. Of course, everyone has a different physiology, probably, women have their own speed shots, but it is still worthwhile to admit that their minority.

Abbreviation of the abdominal muscles and anus

This orgasm is accompanied by contractions of the muscles of the abdomen and the anus – if the anus pulsates, and the stomach looks like a stone board – then there is a great chance that the girl is on the finish line. Although the girls also know about it, so they are easy to play such moments.

What to do with it?

Talking is the most natural way to solve the problem.

, Imitation of orgasm: how and why women are deceiving in bed

Perhaps the girl is young and inexperienced and is simply shy to tell her partner what kind of actions will be pleasant to her.

Or maybe she has a difficult period in life and she just does not want sex. Then it is worth helping a loved one to get out of the crisis. It happens that a woman, in principle, does not know what an orgasm is – she never experienced it, but the films told her how to behave in bed so that the man was satisfied. Then this is a serious problem that it is better to contact a sexologist.

Female orgasm is a guarantee of not only her pleasure, but also her partner, so such a problem should be solved together. Moreover, it is always easier for loved people to find a point of contact.

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