Inkjet orgasm – the best gift for March 8!

Inkjet orgasm – the best gift for March 8!.

Inkjet orgasm – the dream of many women. Around him there are a lot of myths and prejudices, starting with the fact that it is all a lie and ending with the fact that you need to spend years on the inkjet orgasm, training the vaginal muscles. We have already written detailed instructions on how to bring a partner to a jet orgasm. You can get acquainted with her here. But for those who want to strengthen the material quickly, we offer to read this guide to the end.

Step 1. Take care of the initiation of a partner. It should be at the peak of excitement, without this you cannot proceed to the main manipulations. Start with body massage from the very tips of your fingers. Use warming massage oils. With their help, you can relax your body, configure the desired mood and just give pleasure from touch!

Step 2.

When your partner is relaxed and ready for more, use clitoral gels to arouse the clitoris. Thanks to the active substances included in the composition, blood actively rises to the genitals, increasing sensitivity.

Step 3. After the first stage of the prelude, it is necessary to move on to stimulation of the point g. If you have never stimulated the point g of your partner, then you need to find it first. As a rule, point G is located at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance. By introducing a finger in the vagina, you need to feel a small tubercle on the front wall of the vagina.

It is very important that the woman is already excited enough, because if this is not the case, then the point G may not be felt. The larger the excitement, the more it is increased due to the flow of blood, its shape (and not the size), it can resemble walnuts. In order for a jet orgasm to be possible, the best pose is considered when a woman lies on her stomach, her legs wide apart. A man needs to enter one or two fingers into the vagina of a partner (the most suitable – index) so that the pillow of the finger looks down, that is, towards the pubic woman.

Also, a partner can stand on all fours, this is also a suitable position, so it is best to focus on how the woman herself likes more in this case. Then you need to make alluring your finger, pressing on point g. It should be borne in mind that this erogenous zone responds precisely to pressure, so it is necessary, the most difficult – Choose optimal. For this, it is best to monitor the reaction of the partner.

In parallel, you need to stimulate the clitoris or area around it, this can be done both with the help of hands and various sex toys. The assortment of the store has toys with that alluring effect. Use them, distracting, say, to stimulate the clitoris.

If you decide to stimulate the ging point g with your fingers, then there is an assistant for this: a nozzle on your fingers with vibration.

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