Is there life without orgasm? | Entertaining sexology

Is there life without orgasm?.

, Is there life without orgasm? | Entertaining sexology
Orgasm – This is the highest point of pleasure that a person experiences during sexual proximity. There were many studies regarding him in order to determine the benefits for the evolution, body and detection processes, but despite all this is full of disagreements and riddles. Especially in those areas relating to beautiful ladies.

Man is one of the few creatures of the Earth that has sex not only for propagation, but also for enjoying. And the culmination of any act is an orgasm. But whether any of the partners for each of the partners?

For a very long time, humanity believed that women in principle are not capable of testing orgasm. Therefore, it is not surprising that the male orgasm has been studied much better, and the questions there, respectively, are much less. The strongest sex of humanity mainly experiences an orgasm with each ejaculation (and these terms cannot be equated with each other), and they begin to find out about it from an early age when the stage of studying their body and masturbation starts. Since then, every guy begins to associate with orgasm. And yes, scientists believe that the ejaculation is not so rigidly connected with the pleasure received, as we think. Anorgasmia (inability to feel an orgasm) in men is very, very rare, so in this article more attention will be paid to women.

What is the essence of such a deep error about the complete impossibility of experiencing an orgasm for women? The fact is that he is in no way connected with conception. A girl can have five children, but at the same time not to end in her whole life. With lovely ladies, everything is not as rosy as men in this regard. But the statistics of masturbation are better: the numbers are much higher (although they still do not reach one hundred percent).

Such differences are justified by the differences in the perception of the reaction to erotic stimuli. If physiology is put forward in men in the first place, I mean that the visual image is important, touching the penis itself, then in women all this fades into the background. The main role is played by psychological comfort and safety. A personal mood, for which relations with friends or success at work can be responsible for, an atmosphere in the form of clean sheets or candles is only a small share of what a girl might worry about. And for orgasm it should not steam about anything at all. Until the time done by removal. The stars must converge. And from childhood (according to Uncle Freud), they can put shame in you for their desires and sexuality. Among women and asexuals much more.
Achieving orgasm is a combination of pleasant work on oneself together or without a partner, skillful hands. And the ability to describe in words what brings you pleasure.

If you are asxual or just have not yet found out what this very peak of pleasure is, then this is not a reason to abruptly throwing sex except for childbirth.
And the path to it through the knowledge of his body is perhaps the most pleasant study in the world., Is there life without orgasm? | Entertaining sexology
First look at your erogenous zones. More precisely to their search. Women have much more than men. The expanse of yourself, feel every cell, the reaction of the body to one or another touch. This can be done both yourself and with a partner. And you can also use sex toys. Ambi from Lovense perfect for interactions with any zones. Many vibration modes, convenient management from the phone and other advantages of the twenty -first century!
For the same purpose, you can use Vibropulu, For example, Wings of Desire or Tokidoki With an interesting design. Get a more point effect. By the way, Vibropuli It is easy to carry with you anywhere: their size is even in the power of a clutch, and the appearance does not particularly suspect;)

When you already have ideas about erogenous zones, when your thirst for pleasure goes a little further, you can go to Breasts and nipples. About twenty percent of women on the planet experience an orgasm from stimulating this particular part of the body. In addition Vibropul There are other toys created specifically for this. Nipple Sucker from Baile, Probably the best device in this area at the moment. A light “sucking” effect, a new generation velvet material in combination with each other will give you indescribable sensations! Perhaps you are one of those lucky that ends from nipples stimulation? It’s time to check!

As if in sex, let’s go slowly and smoothly, lower and lower… Clitoris – an organ created by nature only in order to receive pleasure. It is because of its stimulation that most women of the world receive an enchanting orgasm. Even if the peak does not occur, then the process itself, believe me, will bring incredible pleasure. We advise from toys SATISFYER PRO 2 NEXT Generation or Womanizer Starlet. The innovative system of vacuum stimulation according to customer comments gives powerful orgasms after two to three minutes of application! Perhaps your body will not stand;) also the above Lovense ambi It is primarily a clitoral stimulant, not a massager, so with it – two hares with one shot, Is there life without orgasm? | Entertaining sexology
Vibrators for dots g. They are stimulants with a specially curved head, which, as it were, presses on the treasured point. Consider FUN FACTORY STRONIC DREI or Svakom Cici. The first is also capable of pulsation, which will create the sensations of real sex. They differ, perhaps, to a greater extent relief.

And there is also such a cool thing as Vibrator-Roller. He combines the opportunity to stimulate at the same time your main center of pleasure and point g. Moreover, only recently, an analogue of a vacuum vibrator was made as a clitoral stimulant. Here it is, a guide to the world of numerous orgasms – Satispyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. If you think that you have already found the boundaries of the pleasure that you get, then you just haven’t tried it yet. The most tender, but powerful simultaneous stimulation of the two most pleasant points!

Ahead of the open spaces of new sensations and experiments with anal toys, electrical stimulants, BDSM or Tedilded. But, believe me, you have never been so ready for obtaining a new unique experience as now, after meeting with every cell of your own, beautiful and sexy body! And it doesn’t matter if you are not experiencing an orgasm so far, the main thing is that you like the process itself, and he, as you have already seen, may be very pleasant.

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