Multiple orgasm in women, how to get unrealistic pleasure

13 Rules, how to get a multiple orgasm for unrealistic pleasure to a woman.

, Multiple orgasm in women, how to get unrealistic pleasure

We talk a lot about the female orgasm, its types and ways to achieve, but have never discussed the unique phenomenon that the girls are gifted – multiple orgasms during sex. Approximately 20-30% among the ladies’ population know firsthand what multi-ore discharge is. They regularly end several times in a row and are upset if the partner has provided only one. Interestingly, it undergoes multiple relaxations, and whether all girls can learn to reach peak repeatedly?

Today we will discuss the topic, how to get a multiple orgasm with any man, and whether it is worth preparing for him in advance. We will also learn how to bring the partner repeatedly to the climax, is multi -venal multioxmus or the whole thing in the talents of a particular guy.

, Multiple orgasm in women, how to get unrealistic pleasure

Multiple female orgasms: a feature of the body or the skill of a partner

Female sexual satisfaction is very different from the male. Typically, an average girl reaches with the help of stimulating the erogenous zones of one orgasm, which resembles a wave of wave and a subsequent decline. In most cases, after discharge, there is a period of restoration or hypersensitivity, when touching the genitals and other sensitive places become unpleasant and painful.

Some women have no rest, so several waves of lifting peak pleasure are possible. Excitement does not subside and with stimulations continues to grow, then the discharge is obtained again. Thus, from 2-3 to 10 orgasms are achieved. Each subsequent appears faster, but less intense, although the opposite option is also possible, in which the degree of brightness intensifies, but the period of occurrence is delayed.

Why depends on the ability to experience multi -organism

As already said, the physiological ability to finish several times has all representatives of the weaker sex. Only now, not everyone can realize the gift of nature. The fact is that the onset of orgasm, and even more multiple, is affected by different external and internal factors. Which?

  • Emotional and psychological mood of a girl. One who is not sure of their sexuality and attractiveness has less chance of repeated repetition. Individuals who doubt the personal abilities to feel multiple pleasure fall into the risk zone.
  • Partner’s skill. A man who is attentive to the satisfaction of the second half, more often brings it to a multiple orgasm, because it correctly stimulates all erogenous zones.
  • Lady’s awareness of sensitivity zones on the body. The representative of the stronger sex still focuses on the preferences of the chosen one. If she herself does not know where she has a point with a quick reaction to tactile stimuli, a man has almost no chance of giving her a multiple climb to the top of bliss.
  • Psycho -emotional component of personal relations. Sincere love between a man and a woman always improves the quality of sex. Ladies have a high dependence on the psychological aspects of relations, and in sex they express the degree of their harmony. The more desirable and more than a favorite partner, the more active the manifestation of his feelings for her, the more frankly the partner feels, and the more she relaxes. This behavior helps to obtain multiple orgasms during intimacy.

Multiorgasticity is found both in the ungrackers, but less often, and mainly in sexual contact with a new sexual object, a strongly desired woman at the moment.

As you can see, nature gave all women the ability to end many times in a row, but it is not always revealed and develops, as it is in a close relationship with other factors.

Is it possible to get multi -organism during masturbation

You can visit several times at the highest points of pleasure using masturbation. We would say that it is with masturbation that it is possible to explore your body in all projections. Multiple peaks of pleasures are more likely not from ordinary intercourse with reciprocating movements, but from the effects of the vibrator or dildo on the clitoris and vaginal walls at different angles. It is with personnel satisfaction that is the possibility of finding the cherished point G, which gives a stormy vaginal orgasm.

An ideal option will be the continuation of intensive friction due to progressive movements after superficial (clitoral) orgasm. Covering and all -consuming external sensations only enhance the growth of internal voluptuousness.

In addition, the act of masturbation always excites women and men with its mystery, isolation. There are no unnecessary thoughts about the appearance, an inappropriate pose that unprofitably exposes the figure of a girl, distrust, fears and other factors that shift the emphasis with sensations. Women themselves admit that the most powerful and prolonged orgasm is always achieved only by masturbation.

, Multiple orgasm in women, how to get unrealistic pleasure

How to get multiple orgasm, female tricks

To feel what is actually a multiple orgasm, any woman can. But without proper stimulation several times to experience pleasure will not be able to. To achieve the highest pleasure, the girl will need to go through simple training, but it is she who will definitely take time. Of course, each Virgin has its own path to discharge, but try to hear the body with proposed methods.

We are not focusing on an orgasm

If you mentally concentrate only on the word “finish” and repeat it a hundred times, then, just to carry out the aforementioned action will not work. To get a multiple orgasm, stop setting yourself some norms and conditions. Do not emphasize the culmination of sexual intimacy, do not focus your fantasies on stupid records. Relax and relate to this as expanding the horizons of your sensations.

When we say not to focus, we mean that you do not need to set a bar for yourself. It’s not scary if, instead of 5, you get only 2 orgasms or in general, because the main thing is the quality of the process, and not the number of rhythmic contractions of the vaginal muscles.

Kegel exercises

Wumbuilding actually works miracles with female sensitivity. The tightened muscles of the perineum and vagina are very useful during sex or masturbation. This will provide the best friction of the penis and its high -quality capture. Get ready for the “performance” in advance.

Follow the emotional mood

Try to throw out of your head all questions that are not related to sex at the moment. It is said that multi -soreness is a prerogative of women who can do enough to relax and forget about cooking, washing and children’s snot, that is, extrovert personalities, “switching speeds” depending on the requirements.

Help the man

Everything that is required of you is to help a man during the prelude. Tell him what kind of caresses you like, on which area to stop for a detailed study of erogenous zones, and which is better to get around. Guys do not know how to communicate through telepathy, you will have to explain all desires in words.

We breathe deeply

Deep breaths and full -fledged exhalations help the muscles work correctly, and at the same time saturate the body with oxygen. When combining proper breathing with the compression of the muscles of the press and vagina, you can achieve a bright orgasm, and then subsequent.

Eye contact

Bright effects are given by good visual contact with a loved one. Do not put emotional barriers between you – you will not be at the time of discharge of a vulnerable. Just look into the eyes of a man dear to you.

We continue stimulation

After the first orgasm received, do not stop. Stimulate the clitoris, nipples, anus or vagina itself in all pleasant ways for you that cause a living response and bring the authorities to an erect state. If vaginal contact becomes unpleasant, ask your beloved to make a light cunnilingus. The main thing is not to lose excitement, which may no longer return.

We stimulate the point g

After the first orgasm, focus on this sensual button. Find it on the front wall of the vagina (closer to the upper part) is easy, since it noticeably protrudes with strong excitement and has a rough structure. To stimulate the ji point, there are postures that help to bring the treasured orgasmic repetitions.

We use toys for adults! Modern goods from a sex shop act as irreplaceable assistants! If the guy is tired, and the girl wants to finish again, use a vibrator or phallimitator – these devices will provide deep penetration and friction of the walls of the vagina, and stimulation of the clitoris, and light vibration will perfectly complement the resulting sensations.

Double stimulations

It turns out that for an unforgettable acuteness of sensations, it is necessary to use 2-3 erogenous zones at once. For example, the most common tandem is the clitoris and point “JI”. At the same time, you can stimulate the vagina and the anus, in any case, the selection of sensitive zones is an individual moment, and you need to approach it in private.

We compress the gluteal muscles

To obtain repeated peak sensations, learn to squeeze the buttocks more strongly. This action leads to an increase in the strength of orgasm and its speedy onset.


As you can see, getting a multiple orgasm is not so difficult when it comes to sexual contact with a man. And what should be done to finish many times from masturbation? Just additionally take the following points.

You need to start the procedure for knowing yourself at a minimum pace. Gradually, the speed of movement should increase, but it is extremely important not to rush: you should tease yourself, continuing the effect on erogenous areas. It is important to achieve maximum excitement and desire.

When the first orgasm occurs, the most interesting begins: if with ordinary sex it often becomes a final chord for a woman, then in this case it is too early to finish. Get a multiple orgasm without stopping, it will be possible if you radically change the pace.

As already mentioned, to achieve the goal you will need experience. Not all young ladies can boast of a positive result from the first time, which is practically not activated point G. Practice will help to solve the problem-after 10-15 “sessions” of masturbation, each girl will become available multiple tides of bliss and carnal happiness.

We buy the correct vibrator – preferably with a curved end, specially designed to stimulate voluptuous zones!

We fantasize

If the opening of the discharge does not occur due to a weak attraction to the partner, try to imagine something: some kind of scene from porn, a pretty actor or friend, passionate stranger, etc.D. You can work mentally a game with the most vulgar fantasies – no one will ever know what is in your head. Perhaps you are starting the idea that another girl in bed is with you, and it is she who now makes you Cooney!

We demonstrate sensations

Communication and open demonstration of their sensations. Groans and sighs, shodings and other inarticulate sounds guarantee feedback with a partner in the process and support male excitement, which is necessary for long sex.

, Multiple orgasm in women, how to get unrealistic pleasure

How to bring a girl to a multiple orgasm

And what is required of a man to bring a woman to multi -ore? Although scientists say that there are no inept men, but there are frigid ladies who do not have any glands responsible for sexual arousal, but we recommend that you be more active in bed!

  • Men, first of all, keep a strong emotional connection with the chosen one – this is the best aphrodosiac for orgasms.
  • Create maximum sexual tension so that the discharge is felt in the air.
  • Learn to caress the clitoris, chest, anus, do exciting massage and use other seducing techniques. Kunnilingus – a short path to a multiple orgasm. Few could be on a par with the pleasure that a man rewards his partner, caressing her clit in a tender tongue.
  • Do not forget about a passionate whisper in the ear, which gives special piquancy to sexual intercourse. After all, women love ears)
  • Reconnect the member slowly and gently. You can go 1/3 of the length several times and go out. Gradual sexual intercourse excites ladies much stronger.
  • Perform different frictions inside the vagina: deep, superficial, alternating. Delay the penis inside and go out again. Such teasing movements are very.
  • Be sure to try in the Doggy position to move the member to the right and left, in a circle. The effect on the side walls of the vagina excites, and the uterus collapse leads to a bright eruption.
  • Agree on an upcoming event to fit into plans.
  • Create the perfect context for intimacy (environment, conversations, lack of stress).

A man who has firmly set the goal, but does not know how to bring a woman to a multiple orgasm, will have to try and be patient. Long preludes and prolonged sexual intercourse – what awaits it and may require additional preparation. Most often, together with a partner, a woman manages to end several times with oral sex and stimulating her fingers. Traditional vaginal contact is suitable for a one -time surge, re -reach orgasm by friction of the penis in the vagina is almost impossible.

Do not worry if it is not immediately able to get more than one orgasm. Bocation on the result will be considered to enjoy the process itself, which is a bodily and spiritual rapprochement of loving people.

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