Orgasm control. Why is it necessary and how to do it? | Questions about orgasm

Orgasm control. Why is it necessary and how to do it?.

, Orgasm control. Why is it necessary and how to do it? | Questions about orgasm
Orgasm is great, you can’t argue with it. But what if you knew the way, how to get a truly enchanting pleasure? What should be done for this? The answer is simple – to practice in a small sexual action called a edging. Interesting? Then read on.

What is a edging?

This is a sexual practice, which implies self -keeping from obtaining an orgasm when you are almost a step away from it. Other options for names: surfing, peak, but the most accurate – Orgasm control.

This method has become quite popular in talking about sexual health as a type of “best orgasm”. But in fact, this practice has been used for more than 50 years to treat premature ejaculation. Back in 1956, James Semans described “Stop Start Method”, Helping people to hold out longer before the onset of orgasm.

In fact, this means the cessation of sexual stimulation before you end. Then you have to wait for about 30 seconds and continue to caress yourself again, repeating these actions until you are ready for orgasm.

Of course, to say all this is easier than doing. One of the requirements of the edging or control of orgasm is to know and own good reactions of your body on an intimate effect, to understand exactly when it is necessary to stop. You should have a sufficiently developed self -control to do it. Therefore, patience and constant training are needed to master this technique.

Stages of orgasm

To master the method of control of orgasm, you first need to find out the stages of excitation that leads to it. It will be difficult to realize the moment when you are “on the verge”, but there is still the opportunity to stop.

Excitement is the first stage, on which you feel warm, trembling, redness, muscles tenses, heartbeat quickens, blood rushes to the genitals. Women have wraps nipples, the vagina gets wet, the clitoris swells. In men, the penis becomes erected, lubrication is released, the scrotum is drawn out.

Plateau – here the effects that manifest at the excitation stage become more pronounced. The muscles tenses even more, blood pressure rises and the heartbeat accelerates. The testicles are compressed, and the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive and drawn out, muscle cramps may begin.

You feel that the orgasm is getting closer. In the edging at this stage you must be ready to stop or slow down stimulation. And then return to this point as much as you want, or it will turn out. It is important to understand exactly what reactions of your body at this moment, if you are going to try the edging, because the only time you can really prevent an orgasm is the last moments of the plateau.

Orgasm – there is a spasm of the genitals muscles and the rest of the body, lubrication in the vagina and ejaculation of sperm from the penis are more released, and the feeling of relaxation replaces sexual tension. When you are engaged in edging, this is a stage that you need to try to avoid until you feel readiness.

Permission – Your body comes into a “normal” state, and the release of the oxytocin “hormone hugs” creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Women can return to the first stage again, but men need a short rest, a “refractory period”, during which their body is “reloaded”.

5 ways to try the edging of the house

Development of edging requires practice, best of all – masturbation. As mentioned above, this is necessary for a good study of the reactions of your own body when it passes through the stages of orgasm, which will give you the opportunity to stop action in time. How to do it?

Stop Start method

This is the easiest way. To do this alone, you must follow several rules:

  • Proper preparation. You need to close the doors, turn off or make the light minimal, if desired, turn on the music, light the aromatic lamp, and so on.
  • Create physical excitement. Close your eyes and start touching yourself until the member becomes solid, or the vagina wet.
  • Masturbation. Stimulate your erogenous zones – penis, clitoris or any other that can lead you to discharge.
  • When you feel that you are about to finish, stop. Remove your hands or slow down the movements. Take a deep breath or open your eyes if necessary.
  • Focus on how or what excited you. Pay attention how your body changes – whether you feel tension? Or excitement? Maybe you sweat or, conversely, feel chills?
  • Start again or accelerate masturbation. After the break, repeat the first three steps again. Do this until you feel that you are ready for orgasm.
  • Let go of the situation. Let yourself experience an orgasm. You can note that it lasts longer or has become more intense. Pay close attention to the sensations and note how the edging affected the pleasure received.

If you do it together:

  • Excite with your favorite caresses or pose with a partner. Try oral sex, stimulate the GO, lick, bite or coexist nipples and so on.
  • Make sure the partner will say or show a gesture about the readiness to finish.
  • Reduce or completely stop stimulation until it returns to the stage of the plateau.
  • Start affection again, then repeat the previous point until they are ready for orgasm again.

An important advice. When you stop masturbation, do not let yourself be distracted by something extraneous. This can lead to a loss of erection or lubrication. Breathe deeply, while remaining concentrated on your actions so that you can successfully return to the process as soon as you move away from the verge of orgasm. As an option – shortly stop caressing the genitals and switch to soft stimulation of another erogenous area.

The method can be used during penetrating, oral sex or other types of joint erotic game. But stop in the middle of the act at the right moment – it may be difficult. It is better to do this to those partners who have long been together and well know the bodies and sexual reactions of each other.

Compression method

This method for men. You need to get excited, then bring yourself to orgasm. Right in front of him you need to squeeze the bridle for 15 seconds, the site where the penis head goes into the barrel to stop the orgasm. Then wait another 15 seconds before continuing the stimulation. This method works because the urethra is blocked, preventing ejaculation.

Previously, the method was used as the treatment of problems with ejaculation, but now it is more often used to control orgasm. This is a step towards the Stop-Start method, since direct physical intervention is easier to carry out than to pause at the right time.


It is proposed to find the most sensitive point on the penis. And stimulate Only her is necessary, Without touching others. Carefully run a finger in this area in a circle. Continue to stimulate this point until the penis becomes solid, and you will not feel that you are ready to finish. Stop touching the penis right in front of the orgasm. Let yourself relax a bit, and then act again on the point until you get close to the orgasm.Why is this method called “inflating”? By analogy with an erection that “rises and subsides” in the process of edging.

Sex toys

This method is better for women. For example, you can use vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and turn off the vibration for 10-15 seconds right in front of the orgasm. Or switch from external influence on internal. Of course, this method also requires self -control and training. But the women who tried it say that it is easier for them to master the edging through sex toys than in other ways. Using vibrators, you can explore different angles of penetration, speed and rhythms of vibration, and much more. The main thing is not to forget to use the imagination!

Mixed types of sex

Do oral, anal or vaginal sex until you feel that you have practically reached orgasm. Then stop or slow down.
Then you can change the pose or type of penetration. Differences in sensitivity and pressure can help you extend the orgasm. You can change the methods of penetration or stimulation so many times until you feel ready to ecstasy.

Awareness and tantric sex

Some alternative approaches to sexuality include the edging.

Supporters of awareness – the practice of complete concentration on the body, mind and feelings at present, believe that staying in the moment also allows them to postpone an orgasm. Correct concentration allows them to come into contact with the sensations experienced during the phase of the plateau, and know for sure – when it is necessary to slow down or begin stimulation again.

If you don’t like tantric sex, it is more likely to consider it as a slow or even a slightly difficult way to get sexual pleasure. This is so, but breathing, poses and spiritual awareness characteristic of the tantra are just aimed at achieving pleasure.

And the edging is regularly applied In tantric sex. This is usually achieved by pause and deep breath right in front of the orgasm, representing how sexual energy moves from genitals to mind. According to real fans, if you do such a technique regularly, it can cause a staggering climax of the whole body when the time comes for orgasm.

Orgasm control and BDSM

For most people, this is a little unusual, but orgasm control can play an exciting role in more “serious” sex.

The delay or denial of orgasm is often used in the BDSM session as a type of dominance and, in a broader sense, submission. The dominant may not allow orgasm at all for some period or until the end of the game. A refusal of orgasm can act as a single feat, and this is one of the methods not to allow itself so much, but also works perfectly with partners., Orgasm control. Why is it necessary and how to do it? | Questions about orgasm

What are the pros and cons of orgasm control

There are a few advantages To improve masturbation and sex.

  • Strengthens sexual confidence.
  • This is the learning process. Do not worry if at first not everything turns out “correctly”.
  • Do not rush. It takes time to work out control over orgasm, and you do not need to rush to experience pleasure rather.
  • This can help men who have premature ejaculation.
  • More intense orgasms.

Using the edging, you cannot cause some serious harm to your genitals. But still there are some negative Moments:

“Endangered orgasms” or “semi-orgasms”. Sensations when the discharge is incomplete or it was practically, but then it just disappeared. This is unpleasant, but do not worry. So, we must wait a little longer before stopping an orgasm or resume stimulation after a pause faster.

Fear that then the body will always postpone an orgasm. This is not so, the body adapts well to any type of stimulation or sex game that it experiences. And the body will easily cope with both acute and ordinary sexual activity.

Should be sure to discuss the possibility of using the edging In the process of intercourse with a partner. Otherwise, if one wants to arrange experience with the control of orgasm, and the second simply wants to experience it and nothing more, then this can lead to problems in the relationship.

Of course, any sex should occur by mutual agreement. But this does not easily mean consent to sexual intercourse, but also about what types of intimators will have. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain permission to use the edging, as well as the consent of the fact that any of the participants in the process can stop the experiment at any time.

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