Point G is the key to vaginal orgasm: how to find and stimulate

The whole truth about the point g.

, Point G is the key to vaginal orgasm: how to find and stimulate

The most popular request on the topic of sex in search engines is how to find and stimulate the point g. This worries both men who are concerned about the maximum satisfaction of the partner and women who do not want to put up with a lack of vaginal orgasm.

In the 50s. Gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg suggested that there is a certain zone rich in nervous endings on the front wall of the vagina and is responsible for pleasure during the classic penetrating sex. Grefenberg argued that the point G is an analogue of the prostate gland in women, and it can even develop a special secret that looks like ejaculates.

How to find and stimulate

It is believed that point G is located at a distance of 2.5 to 7 cm from the entrance to the vagina. A woman can find her herself: it is required to insert two fingers into the vagina and feel a small recess on the front wall of the vagina, which has a slightly ribbed structure. When a similar place is found, you need to easily massage it, and if there is a calls to urinate, it means that the point G is detected.

Most women do not experience particularly pleasant sensations when stimulating it with fingers or vibrator. Sexologists and leading sex trainings advise to provide a rush of blood to the pelvis in order to get something similar to pleasure. You can warm up in the bathroom, fantasize on the topic of sex, as well as drink a glass of liquid so that the filled bladder creates pressure on this area. After such manipulations, caresses of this zone should become more productive and provide at least the minimum pleasure.

From the first attempts to stimulate the point G of vaginal orgasm, most likely will not happen, experts advise to approach this matter gradually. Cliteral climax is available to almost all girls, so it should be used in search of pleasure from massage of the treasured zone. As soon as the highest point during masturbation is close, it is necessary to stop the stimulation of the clitoris, enter the vibrator in the vagina and try to redirect the growing excitement to this type of exposure. After several such training, the achievement of vaginal orgasm is a matter of short time.

Girls who used this method claim that they managed to experience the long -awaited vaginal discharge, however, not everyone had an enchanting. For some, the championship in the peak intensity of orgasm remained behind the clitoris.

Point G – myth?

Currently, there is no unity of the opinion of doctors and sexologists about the reality of the point g. Studies of female anatomy did not confirm the existence of a special organ responsible for sexual pleasure in this zone. In addition, polls of the girls of twins were conducted in whom the bodies are identical. And if one sister confirmed the presence of sensations from her point G, then the second – no, although in theory their perception on the same influences should be unified.

Some sexology experts believe that the G zone is just an internal projection of the external body of the clitoris, because this organ is more than the head above the entrance to the vagina. This is a whole structure in the female genital organs, located deep in the tissues of the vagina. There is an opinion according to which the vaginal orgasm is carried out just by stimulating the penis of the internal parts of the clitoris through the vagina.

Around the existence of this zone, hot debate is still being conducted, but it is worth recognizing the scientific facts proving the reality of the point G as a hotel body until yet found.

Sexologists recommend that couples not get hung up on stimulating this zone – if the girl enjoys the affection of points G, then, of course, it is worth continuing the influence, and if not, then you do not need to try to wake up these sensations with manic persistence.

Increase in the zone g with hyaluronic acid

Modern clinics in plastic surgery offer the service of the introduction of fillets to point G. The procedure is designed to make the zone more voluminous and convex, which will increase the degree of its stimulation with vaginal sex, and will also make the vagina a little already. Real reviews of the girls who decided to an injection are generally positive, although not enthusiastic: the time of achievement of orgasm has decreased, its intensity has somewhat increased.

Doctors warn that hyaluronic acid will not help experience the treasured vaginal orgasm if it was not before.

The search for a point G can be an exciting intimate game for the couple, and if you didn’t have to wake this mysterious zone, it does not matter, because a woman has a lot of other sensitive and responsive towns of places.

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