Scrap orgasm – what is it and how to get it

How to achieve a nipple orgasm.

, Scrap orgasm – what is it and how to get it

Sex is an integral part of life for most adults. Each woman is familiar with clitoral and vaginal orgasms. What cannot be said about the orgasm of the nipples, which many consider to be a myth.
It is undoubtedly pleasant to caress the breasts, but most people – both men and women – belong to this type of stimulation as an element of prelude, and not to the key form of affection, which will end with intense orgasm.

The orgasm of the nipples is possible?

, Scrap orgasm – what is it and how to get it

The orgasm of the nipples is achieved, but not for all women. As in the case of clitoral orgasm or classic vaginal orgasm, it all depends on specific preferences, hormonal balance and nerve receptors.

It is also worth taking into account three aspects that directly affect the probability of achieving a nipple orgasm:

  • Not every woman is able to feel satisfaction from breast caresses. Young women in this case may have difficulties. This is due to the features of the nervous paths. Many of these paths appear only after childbirth, when a woman breastfeed. Most often, a woman experiences the first nipple orgasm during lactation. And it even happens that they experience satisfying pleasure during feeding itself. Hormones have a great influence on it, which not only make the feeding process pleasant, but also affect the sensitivity of the nipples and the intensity of erotic irritants.
  • Female breasts are much sensitive immediately before menstruation. If you want to try stimulation of the breast leading to orgasm, the time before menstruation will be ideal for this type of activity.
  • Not every woman feels the same. Partners conscientiously try to caress their loved ones in an innovative way, thus wanting to give more pleasure and a sense of sexual satisfaction. Ladies, in turn, suggest that they should feel more pleasure than they should actually. As a result, instead of orgasm and erotic satisfaction, disappointment increases, which gives rise to disappointment in relations. Each sexologist will confirm that even the best forms of stimulation, if they are incorrect, can not only not bring the desired effect in the form of a deep orgasm, but also cause discomfort, pain and harm the relationship and sexuality of this person.

5 proven tips to achieve nipple orgasm

, Scrap orgasm – what is it and how to get it

  • Start with a gentle stroking of the chest. Make slow circular movements. To enhance the sensation of a partner, you can use a slightly heated aromatic massage oil or ice cubes. Feathers or brushes are also well suited for this form of affection. Do not forget about the use of the mouth and even the penis – the last method, of course, will also be extremely stimulating.
  • Increasing the intensity of caresses, gradually get closer to the nipples. Be sure to moisturize them – use a lubricant, olive, massage oil or just your own saliva. As soon as the nipples harden, begin to massage them with circular movements, several times carefully touching the tips of the nipples. This is a very important element of affection – the nipples are equipped with numerous nerve endings – stroking, touching, kissing or affection, and later sucking will result in unforgettable impressions.
  • Massage and press on your chest with your hands, supply the nipples – but do not forget to feel! The more excited a woman becomes, the more sensitive her breasts will be and especially the nipples. In order to give your beloved a nipple orgasm, you need to gain patience – gradually strengthen the touch, not forgetting to feel. Be sure to follow a woman’s reaction.
  • Control sensations – caresses should be not only gradual, but also intermittent. Thanks to this, a woman will be able to judge whether her actions bring closer to orgasm. In addition, short pauses increase the excitement and desire of more. For success, do not forget to simultaneously stimulate both breasts.
  • Ensure new impressions – when a woman’s reaction suggests that she is close to orgasm, use a light bite for stroking, sucking and affection – do not forget to do this with great sensitivity – sensitive nipples become softer under the influence of experiences – too strong a bite can be associated with great pain.

Sex toys that will help to achieve a nipple orgasm

, Scrap orgasm – what is it and how to get it
Correct caresses are extremely important, but often this is not enough. So take care of the corresponding environment – it is not only about intimate scenery and an erotic atmosphere, but also about gadgets, thanks to which affection will bring more satisfaction. So what is worth investing in?

  • Thong G-type-giving your beloved such linen, you will do not only her, but also yourself. These thongs are made of sensual lace, perfectly emphasizing femininity, are equipped with beads that are located in such a place that while wearing underwear can stimulate the clitoris and entrance to the vagina. A woman in such thongs will surely light the feelings of every man.
  • The mouth extensor is a gadget that is suitable for couples that loves strong experiences according to the type of BDSM. The retractor for the mouth makes it impossible to speak, but at the same time allows you to have oral sex – if you are for experiments in the bedroom, arrange this gadget – thanks to this, caressing breasts, a partner will be able to provide pleasure to his partner. For this type of gadget, it is worth choosing a feathery package, which you can simultaneously tickle the nipples and lightly hit them when they hard. It should also be noted a leather open bra, which will increase the chest, emphasizing its bends. Ladies who simply love BDSM lashes on the verge of pleasure and pain can seduce slopes for nipples with a chain or a set of clamps for nipples and clitoris.
  • Massager butterfly – nipple orgasm does not exclude the clitoral or vaginal orgasm. Also, do not forget about classical stimulation. If you want to bring your beloved to orgasm without the use of the penis, give a butterfly massager that allows you to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and vagina or anal. The absorption option enhances the sensation, accelerating and enhancing the clitoral orgasm. Simultaneous caresses of the chest, clitoris and vagina will be successful not only in the form of nominal, but also clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

Also do not forget about lubrication or oil, especially if the partner has extremely sensitive skin. To ensure comfort and minimize the risk of allergies, choose a water -based tool – thanks to this, avoid irritation, and caresses will be more pleasant.


Skillful caresses, touch and sucking of the chest require patience, delicacy and practice. Therefore, if you are just starting your adventures with this form of stimulation, do not be upset – if the partner has not experienced orgasm at the first attempt, this does not mean that she will never experience him. Also remember that not every woman can experience a nipple orgasm. Appropriate chest stimulation will bring more pleasure. In this case, and with any other form of stimulation, it is worthwhile to speak frankly with the second half – it is not surprising that initially new forms of stimulation can be ineffective and not bring the desired results – know the body again, test new equipment, and most importantly, put communication in bed!

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