Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Squirt lessons that every man should know.

Female orgasm is the most difficult topic for men, all the more it is difficult for them to understand the anatomy and features of the squirt. It is a rarity when a woman during orgasm ejaculates with liquid. But there are a lot of pleasure who want to get to such a peak, so Squirt lessons are more than relevant. To begin with, we will go through the theory, learn everything about female ejaculation, the physiology of Squirt and the nature of the fluid ejected during the climax. After we consider the rules for preparing for the jet orgasm, the technique of bringing a woman to squirt and precautions.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

About female ejaculation

Squirt is a female ejaculation, one of the most discussed and ambiguous topics in sexology. Does it exist in principle? Which of women can reach such a state during the climax? Squirt from English is translated as “spraying with a stream”, since during the intensive contraction of the muscles of the vagina, liquid is released from there.

Studies of sexologists have shown that every woman can squirt from the point of view of physiology. But different factors and barriers prevent this. The main condition for achieving such an intensive orgasm is the active point g. Therefore, it is recommended to explore the body of a woman, to correctly find and arouse erogenous zones so that sex ends with vaginal orgasm.

Another important condition is the ability to relax, trust a partner. Usually women are hindered by thoughts, inability to disconnect even during high -quality sex. You can recognize the approach of squirt by the feeling that urination will now happen. In order not to prevent this, it is important not to compress the muscles, but to relax.

Physiology of Squirt

The main difference between a squirt and orgasm is a secret that the paraunsetral glands of the skin (and. Skin first revealed them in the female body). They are located on the front wall of the vagina, surround the lower part of the urethra and indirectly affect the body of the clitoris from the inside of the vagina.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

This whole zone is closely “cooperating” with point G, so Squirt needs the active work of this erogenous zone, its partner’s study. It is located on the front wall of the vagina, felt like a tuberous relief surface. To increase the skin of the skin, intense and constant sexual stimulation is necessary. After their maximum swelling, fluid is released.

The nature of the female ejaculate

Growing sexual tension and excitement leads to the fact that the skin of the skin accumulates an alkaline secret. Its chemical composition is compared with seed fluid in men, but there are no germ cells (spermatozoa), as well as female ejaculation does not have a smell, color.

Due to the fact that when swelling, the glands are pressed on the urethra, a woman in a pre-burial state feels feelings similar to urination. Ejaculate emission occurs near the urethra. Due to these features, ejaculate emission is compared with urination and urinary incontinence due to orgasm.

This liquid is urethral ejaculate, but it has nothing to do with grease and urine. Laboratory studies have determined the composition – to a greater extent it is phosphoric acid (male sperm also consists of it), a little urea and creatinine. The volume of ejaculates from one squirt can be from 50 to 500 ml.

Preparation for a jet orgasm

Since the girls are by nature fragile and vulnerable creatures, so before intimate contact they need to be carefully prepared. The first thing to pay attention to the emotional background. You need to try to relax and distract the girl from everyday worries through communication, romantic pastime, manifestation of tenderness and heat.

Sexologists call 3 main rules for preparing for squirt:

  • elimination of psychological barriers;
  • Search and elaboration of erogenous zones;
  • The choice of the most effective poses in sex.

In addition, the most comfortable intimate environment is necessary, which is close to intimacy. There should not be bright lighting in the room, select lighted candles or muffled light. Exciting music, essential oils of aphrodisiacs, a small amount of alcohol will help in an atmosphere of eroticism.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Elimination of psychological barriers

To help a woman experience true pleasure from the jet orgasm, she must be freed from the constraining conventions and fears. As practice shows, ladies most often worry and feel uncertainly because of the urge to urinate, which is why they clamp the vagina. Ideally, partners openly talk about her sensations, a woman directs a man, and he follows the reactions of her body.

The main enemies of the jet orgasm are internal psychological barriers. A woman needs to get rid of the complexes, forget about strict education, modesty, revealing all her inner approaching. To do this, take the ideas about sex inside yourself, do not associate it with something unnatural and shameful. Work on oneself should be aimed at getting rid of internal prohibitions.

The study of erogenous zones

Another main reason why a man cannot bring a partner to an inkjet orgasm – ignorance of female sexuality, anatomy of the female genital organs. Many men put their sensations in priority, which is why they cannot bring a partner to orgasm in principle, not to mention Squirt. Such a powerful orgasm requires knowledge of female physiology and sexuality, the location of erogenous zones.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Sexologists identify 4 points responsible for orgasm:

  1. Point “G”. It is located on the front wall of the vagina. Penetration-3-5 cm. The erogenous zone can be felt, it will be a small embossed tubercle.
  2. Point “O”. It is located opposite the “G” point, but a little deeper. For elaboration, anal sex is suitable.
  3. Point “A”. It is located on the front wall of the vagina, but a little deeper than the “g” point. Its stimulation needs deep penetration, pressing, stroking and circular movements.
  4. Cervix. Intensive center of sexual pleasure. But due to deep location, stimulation is extremely rare. The most active phase is when this area can be stimulated – the second week after the maturation of the egg.

In order for the stimulation of erogenous zones to be effective, a man needs to be given at least 15-30 minutes per prehollation. Preliminary caresses increase the degree of excitement, blood flow to the genitals increases the sensitivity.

Choosing a posture

Another important condition approaching the pair to the jet orgasm is the choice of a pose. First of all, the pose of the “rider” will help to correctly stimulate the point responsible for the squirt. The man makes sure that his actions during the proximity are comfortable for the partner. He will also have to spend a lot of time and effort, so suitable conditions are needed. Camaisutra experiments are inappropriate here.

Here are a few suitable poses:

  1. Rider. A woman from above, the partner at the same time coordinates her movements, spending a minimum of effort. To enhance the effect of sex, you can stimulate the clitoris with your hands.
  2. Doggi-Stayl. The lady stands in the knee-elbow pose, the man is attached from behind. The pose provides deep penetration, as there is a directly stimulation of the desired zones, there is access to the caresses of the clitoris. You can have sex in this position in this position, and in a pre -corgorate state, put the lady on the back or stomach so that she relaxes, and end everything with your fingers.
  3. “Bridge”. A simple position in which the guy stands as if in the bar and makes frictions. At the end of sexual intercourse, it is better to complete the action with manual stimulation of the clitoris and point g.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Vaginal penetrations – a prerequisite for achieving the greatest degree of excitement. But to bring the lady to the inkjet orgasm, the direct effect on the gland of the skin is necessary. You can do this with your fingers or special sex toys.

Woman’s bringing technique to squirt

Any woman can theoretically achieve a jet orgasm. But for this, partners should know several conditions:

  1. Complete relaxation. If you want to bring the partner to Squirt, help her get rid of stiffness, unnecessary thoughts and doubts. Dear it in a romantic intimate mood.
  2. Activation of the point g. Pay as much attention as possible to this erogenous area with fingers and sex toys. With every new experiment in bed, she will respond more.
  3. Intensive internal massage. For jet orgasm, proper stimulation is necessary by intense internal massage of the vagina. Follow your partner’s body reactions.

There are many more interesting facts about how to achieve a jet orgasm can be learned from video tutorials. And we offer detailed instructions on how to make it with fingers, oral affection, intimate massage, sex toys.

Work with fingers

Squirt with fingers is a complex, but effective process. Be prepared for the fact that hands can get tired of intense caresses. But only in this way and tactile sensations you can accurately find the zone g. Here is a detailed instruction:

  1. Lubricate the index and middle finger with a lubricant, enter them into the vagina. Do this only after the prelude, good preliminary caresses.
  2. By introducing your fingers, probe a tubercle with uneven relief on the front wall, it is located approximately at a depth of 3-6 cm. We are talking about point g with which you will now work.
  3. Your task is to bring an erogenous point to maximum excitation. Do this by massage, first carefully stroke it, circle in circles, and then press it a little on it. If the partner is excited, you need to massage the vagina in this place.
  4. For the desired result, do massage at least 15 minutes. At first, a partner may even lose the feeling of excitement. In this case, you can additionally caress the clitoris – with your hands and/or tongue. It takes so much time to activate the gland of the skin, to contribute to the accumulation of fluid.
  5. Your ultimate goal is orgasm. At first it will be the usual discharge, but in the process the liquid will begin to flow out. At the first squirt only a few drops that you may not even notice. With each new time, “moisture” will become more.
  6. A woman is orgam, but this does not mean that you need to stop. Slow down slightly, and then stimulate the vagina with rhythm. Everything is different with the clitoris, it is better not to touch it 15-60 seconds after an orgasm. Bring your partner to the new squirt. The total number of discharge can be 10 or more, everything is individual.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

There can take a lot of time for training – from a month and longer. Make so that the games with the vagina are interesting and pleasant to you both. The more often your partner reaches vaginal discharge, the more active the point G, the brighter response will become.

Oral affection

You can deliver pleasure with a language and lips, that is, oral caresses. First, conduct careful preparation by preliminary caresses. Yes Yes! There should be a prelude in front of cunnilingus, otherwise you cannot touch the clitoris. Covering the girl’s body with kisses, go down to the cherished corner. Start with a lung of delicate touch with a tongue, performing upward movements. You can dwell on individual zones to get the desired result faster.

Use lubricants for oral caresses, perform progressive movements in different directions-up and down along the entire length of the labia and from side to side. When you see that the partner is excited and her clitoris is swollen, you can gently bite the labia, tickle the clitoris with your tongue, massage the entrance to the vagina and even penetrate it with your tongue. The main poses in which both of you will be comfortable to have oral sex – missionary, pose 69, on the side.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

Intimate massage

Sex is not limited to frictions and oral/vaginal/anal penetration. The state of bliss can give tactile contact and massage. If you want to bring the lady to a jet orgasm in this way, relax as much as possible, use any available methods – massaging the whole body, limbs, erogenous zones.

If you know well exactly what actions bring the partner to the climax, you know the most “intriguing places” on her body, it will not be difficult for you to massage squirt. The atmosphere and the atmosphere is no less important in such a case – muffled light, light relaxing music, compliments and whispering exciting phrases.

Subure the lady into a trance state, massaging the hips, caviar and feet. After that, make light touch to the chest, genitals to maximize the degree of excitement. At this stage, the girl will begin to react to caresses. When you are good at all her body, proceed to a gentle unhurried stimulation of the vagina and clitoris – with your hands, lips, tongue.

Games with sex toys

The easiest way is to bring the lady to the jet orgasm using special sex toys. They can work almost endlessly, which saves in a situation where your hands are tired. In addition, such devices control the desired rhythm, providing only a gradual increase in intensity. Manual stimulation allows errors and when an orgasm is already close, fuzzy movements can interfere with this.

, Squirt lessons: detailed technique how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm

In what way they use sex toys for squirt:

  1. Alternation of hands and toys. First, work out the erogenous point with your fingers, and when you achieve a high degree of excitement, instead of hands, put the vibrator. Its fluctuations are more intense, so they increase the chances of the onset of squirt. Move the device inside the vagina with a small amplitude, do not enter it too deep.
  2. Sex toy and clitoris stimulation. With the help of your hand, massage the vagina, apply the vibrator to the clitoris outside. The device will enhance excitement, provoke a powerful orgasm.
  3. Double vibrator stimulation. To do this, you can use a double sex toy. A woman will receive indescribable pleasure from simultaneous stimulation in the clitoris and inside the vagina. Start caressing with your fingers and orally, using an intimate object at the end.

Sex toy acts as an assistant in bed. In any case, you must first work with your hands, which means you know the location of erogenous points and the rules for their stimulation. Vibrators, double vibrators, and nozzle stimulants on the finger are presented for sale for such pleasures.

Precautions before experiments

From the above techniques and recommendations, you already realized that internal intensive stimulation is necessary to achieve a jet orgasm. Interacting with the delicate parts of the girl’s body, the mucous membrane of the vagina, using arms and sex toys, adhere to precautions:

  • hygiene – before bed experiments take a shower or bath, everything that comes into contact with the vagina, disinfect;
  • Moisturization – apply a special lubricant for intimate relationships so that friction with erogenous zones is moisturized, does not cause injuries, microcracks, etc. P.;
  • a sense of proportion – acting, always evaluate your efforts to reactions of a partner, do not overdo it with a massage of the point G so as not to cause a lady to pain;
  • Sex toys-when choosing such devices, adequately evaluate the possibilities, do not take large size, otherwise it will not bring any pleasure, only discomfort and pain;
  • health status – do not practice such experiments in bed if a woman has anxiety symptoms (discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, specific smell), visit a doctor in a timely manner.

To get maximum pleasure, a woman needs a disposable atmosphere, relaxation, good mood, prolonged prelude and the efforts of a partner. Maintain adequacy in the desire to make a lady pleasant so as not to harm the genitals.

When is it better to abandon squirt attempts

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is useful or harmful, since much depends on a number of factors, the well -being of a woman. Sexologists recommend abandoning such experiments in several cases:

  • menstruation;
  • the presence of infections of the genitourinary system;
  • bad feeling;
  • the presence of injuries of the genitals;
  • pregnancy;
  • virginity.

Whether it is or not is a purely personal matter. But if a woman has diseases of the genitourinary system, it is worth it to wait until recovery.

Squirt is a controversial and mysterious concept that is not available to all women, and men rather know what it is from porn films. Someone considers a jet orgasm with the release of ejaculate a banal imitation, others-urinary incontinence. But most couples would like to learn this skill. Preparation rules, suitable poses and techniques we told you. Joint efforts and experiments will help to reveal the entire sexual potential of a woman. To consolidate the results, watch the video with lessons and instructions.

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