Talking with a sexologist: female health, tone of intimate muscles, problems with orgasm

Talking with a sexologist: female health, tone of intimate muscles, problems with orgasm.

Eroshop: Mira, tell me a little about yourself. Who are you by education, and why did you decide to do such a difficult and interesting business – to acquaint women with their body and world of pleasures?

(Mira – Site Specialist Your Sectional.RF)

Mira: I am a psychologist-consultant. This is my second education. I went deep into psychology at about 20 years old, although the deposits of interest in the human soul, in itself, were laid back in kindergarten. It was at that time that my parents very competently conveyed to me all the information from the category “Where do the children come from", And at the same time, about the anatomical structure of women and men, they told. I remember, playing with dad in the “Words”, he spoke completely without hesitation and shame "member", "vulva", "petting" and others, explaining on the go that it is. I had such terms a deep interest, because all this is for love, so I thought.

As you study myself, my life, faced with different situations in the personal and intimate sphere, I realized that the topic of relations and sex is very important for me. Now my family and sexual life is at a high level, I am loved and love.
She underwent NLP training, even on profiling (recognition of lies), and then deepened into sexology. Training in America, courses at RNSO "Psychological counseling in sexology", I am currently continuing to improve qualifications. I am writing scientific articles, I explore various psychotechnics when working with clients with sexual disharmony. I work with both men and women. In my opinion, this is a ratio of 50% by 50%.

Faced with illiteracy in matters of sex, the perception of sexual life in a vulgar, belittled and simplified form, a weakening of the significance of family-stringing relations and imposing stereotypes of sexual behavior through the media, I realized that I was on the right path.

Russia needs experts, Russia needs healthy sex and healthy attitude to it. And of course, Russia needs healthy women. But, alas, satisfied women, in particular in the sexual sphere, is not enough. Most of them are diagnosed with Frigidna", as a stigma and do nothing with it.

Eroshop: You get high from what you are doing?

Mira: Yes, I really love my work. I am very happy when I see its results: this is high -quality and interesting sex in steam, this is the lack of pain, these are bright orgasms, the ability to feel their body, healthy children! During my work, 4 pairs were able to conceive a child!
Each client is individual. To each pair – a special approach. Sometimes I feel like an analyst who chooses the most effective psychotechnician in his head from many, which will quickly and efficiently help a specific person. The best work is to help people learn to get true joy from life, of course from sexual. To act as a guide to the world of orgasms.

Eroshop: What is an orgasm?

Mira: Orgasm is muscle contractions with special sensations that have no analogues. This is the strongest positive surge/stress that a woman will experience. It is affected by both psychological factors and physiological, including the work of vaginal muscles.

Eroshop: Very often, women detect such an ailment as “anorgasmia”. In simple words – we do not know how to finish, do not get real orgasms. How to eliminate it?

Mira: We need an integrated approach. Usually women accuse their partners of inability to give pleasure and bring them to orgasm. Someone even changes his partner due to some inexperience of a man or the inconsistency of the genitals. But responsibility in obtaining sexual discharge lies with the girl, of course! Study yourself, your intimate zones and erogenous points, learn to control your sensuality.

In women, the ability to get an orgasm depends on many important factors, both physiological and psychological. For example, the features of psycho-secret development, education, sexual experience, fears and blocks. Namely, sexual attitudes affect how a woman reacts to affection, accepts her body and her bodily sensations, how quickly she can be excited, arouse sensitivity in herself, etc.D.

Eroshop: How to arouse sensitivity? Develop their intimate muscles?

Mira: Yes. Muscles awaken literally after a few minutes of compression! You will feel the heat in the pelvis, a slight excitement, which can then go into an orgasm.

Eroshop: There are two theories: with one muscle can be developed without any auxiliary means, in the second case, special vanilla balls and a set of exercises are necessary. What do you say? Everything is not as simple as it seems?

Mira: Yes, and no. There are many exercises that allow you to feel your intimate muscles without any simulators and devices. But besides excitement, this is unlikely to give something.
It’s like downloading biceps without a bar. You saw at least one bodybuilder who pumped your body without simulators? Me not.

Eroshop: Now there are a lot of special “tools” for pumping intimate muscles, from guided smartphones of simulators with voice accompaniment, to specially robbed semiprecious stones, which you recommend?

Mira: Geeisha Balls Vaginal Balls. Several years ago, for the first time, I tested the exercises of Kegel with the help of them. The result was extremely pleased! I began to distinguish and feel intimate muscles, increased its sensitivity, then noticed how painful sensations left during the menstrual cycle.
Of course, here you need to understand what goal you want to achieve. With balls, you will not be able to make tricks, as Thai girls do, here we need a training with a specialist in umbilding, where different simulators are used.

Eroshop: Why are Geisha Balls so good? Why do you recommend them?

Mira: firstly, the manufacturer (FT London) has received recognition around the world, has many awards and nominations.
Secondly, this is a comprehensive system for training intimate muscles. The set includes several balls from the lightest to the most heavy weight among the assortment of all analogues in the market of simulators. No need to buy and change anything to go to the next level in Kegel’s exercises. The set is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. And those who have reached a super-high level in the training of intimate muscles can use Geisha Balls without silicone frame. By the way, the Geisha Balls Magnetic, weighted magnetic coupling, came out for brand lovers.
Thirdly, it is with these balls that everything is very simple: each ball has its own color and weight, combine them according to the instructions, do not get confused.
Fourthly, hygienic, hypoallergenic, durable and completely safe material (ABS plastic), which is extremely easy to care.
Fifth, price. The result that they will give you with the help of Kegel exercises is invaluable.

Eroshop: What do classes with balls give?

Mira: With conscientious and daily workouts with balls, intimate muscles come in tone quickly enough! Girls note an increase in sensitivity and enhanced sensations during intercourse, begin to understand what internal beauty is, they feel confident. Girls with vaginism note a decrease, and then complete relief of the pain syndrome. The discomfort also gradually pass. Men also note changes in their halves – a stronger, dense compression of the penis, it seems that the vagina has become narrower.

EROSHOP: How much time should you spend on classes with balls to achieve the effect?

Mira: Wake up erogenous zones, awaken sensitivity, strengthen tone – about a month with daily and correct training. Depending on what result you want to get.

Eroshop: Why, in addition to your own pleasure, you need to deal with the Kegel method? What women do you recommend such classes?

Mira: I recommend to engage in all women! With the exception of women who have contraindications.
From 22 years in the body, women have changes, the syndrome develops "gray -haired vagina" or vaginal relaxation syndrome, so the exercises must be done to everyone and the sooner – the better. Including if the following diseases and complaints are observed: a reduced tone of the pelvic floor muscles, lowers of the pelvic organs, vaginal walls, cervix, frequent uterine, urinary incontinence with sharp tension of the body (with coughing, laughter, sneezing, etc.D.). Of course, anorgasmia (inability or difficulty to experience orgasms), preparation for not traumatic childbirth and the restoration of a vaginal volume in the postpartum period. Further, with a painful and irregular menstrual cycle, with vaginism, vaginal flatulence (air entering inside during sexual intimacy, dry vagina)
In addition, due to classes according to the Kegel method using vaginal balls, sexual improvement occurs. The woman’s vagina more tightly wraves the penis of the man, the man feels the compression, contraction, the waves of the vaginal muscles of the woman, which, of course, gives her and her pleasure and bright sensations.

Eroshop: Is it true that before using balls you need to consult a gynecologist?

Mira: Yes, I recommend contacting the gynecologist. Since there are a number of contraindications as absolute (acute inflammatory processes in the pelvic area, varicose disease, postoperative period, etc.), and relative (lack of physical preparation, inability to breathe correctly).
In any case, you need to get permission from your doctor.
In the event that during the exercises there is a deterioration in the condition, pain in the pelvis, the development of urination difficulties, classes are postponed and a visit to the gynecologist is deposited.

Eroshop: What are the main causes of the weakness of intimate muscles?

World: a sedentary lifestyle leads to a congestive phenomenon in the whole body. If your work is inactive, or completely sedentary, then the pelvic organs weaken over time, blur. During severe births, the female muscles also stretch very hard, lose tone and elasticity. In women actively involved in sports clubs, working with heavy weight (barbells, dumbbells), they note a strong omission of the uterus, which was caused by lifts of severity. In general, there can be many reasons.

Eroshop: And you can somehow independently test your intimate muscles at home?

Mira: Sit on the edge of the chair. Enter two clean fingers lubricated with lubricant. Dilute the index and middle fingers in the form of an English letter v. Now tighten and squeeze the vaginal muscle around your fingers. Your fingers must connect. Remember the strength of the contraction of your muscle. This is the easiest way to check the state of the intimate muscle that will show your indispensable success.

EROSHOP: Many women believe that lubricants are not needed, a fairly natural lubricant. You will scatter this myth?

Mira: If the woman’s body does not distinguish a sufficient amount of physiological (natural) lubrication, of course, it is necessary to use additional lubricant or lubricant. Not saliva or children’s cream, namely high -quality lubricant. Luburbicants are designed to reduce friction and to increase sliding, for sexual intercourse. In addition, modern lubricants contain natural components, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc. To maintain a healthy microflora in the vagina.
No need to be embarrassed when using lubrication. The production of their own lubrication is affected by a huge number of factors: stress, the use of hormonal drugs, antidepressants, antibiotics, also nutrition, smoking.

Eroshop: What lubricants do you recommend to your customers? Directly for balls, and just for sex?

Mira: For sex, I recommend a ultracomfort linner from Viamax and Topco Sales. They have lubricants on both water and silicone basis.
For balls, it is necessary to use grease only on water -based. My clients usually recommend Water Glide also from Viamax.
I choose the same brands myself, I am sure of them.

Eroshop: What are three components of ideal relationships?

Mira: Love, Sincerity, respect.

Eroshop: And finally, than to surprise a man?

Mira: Previously, it was possible to surprise with stockings, beautiful linen, and now – a pumped vagina) or simulators of the vagina and anus. For example, Tenga mastobators are very cool.

1.Balls for training the intimate muscles of the Geisha Balls 2 – FT London (2 195 rubles)

2.Moisturizing water -based gel -based gel, Water Glide, 70 ml – Viamax (985 rubles)

3.Gel Unisex for softening Silicon Glide, 70 ml – Viamax (1,695 rubles)

4.Comfortable lubricant Vulcan® Moist Water-Based Stroker Glide from Topco Sales, 177 ml (1,035 rubles)

5.Unique vaginal balls on GEISHA BALLS MagnetIS – FT London (2 995 rub)

6.Water -based lubricant Squirtz Cum Lube, without smell, 186 ml. (1,165 rubles)

7.Masturbator Tenga EGG Cloudy (455 rubles)

8.Masturbator Tenga Air Cushion Cup (1 195 rub)

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