Unusual orgasms in women are real cases

Women’s unusual orgasms: where and how.

Nature is laid down so that all women experience an orgasm or strong sexual arousal. The reasons for the appearance of such an intimate sensation are quite simple, but there are situations in which nothing portends such a surprise, and it occurs. Something unusual in sex is quite common, because all people are different and reactions are very unpredictable.

, Unusual orgasms in women are real cases

Random orgasm

Traditionally, we are used to believe that a woman can experience an orgasm during sex, but this is not the only opportunity for him. Some representatives of the fair sex can feel this piquancy under unusual circumstances, for example, during a flight on an airplane, sports or from a regular campaign to their hairdresser. At first glance, you can take this for oddity, but if you dig deeper, then everything becomes clear: sexologists even call this phenomenon “encoded sexual reaction”.

For the first time, such sensations can arise by chance: for example, jeans were tightly pulled out or a hormonal surge occurred. However, the female brain is arranged in such a way that it clearly remembers the situation in which such emotions arose, and when they repeated, the woman again experiences the same feelings.

Many women, having received a random orgasm, consider it shameful and silent, but there are those who accept this and simply relax. In this article we will tell several female stories about such an orgasm.

In a beauty salon

In one of my trips to the beauty salon, my hairdresser was a man. While washing my head, I began to experience strong excitement from the fact that his strong and sensual fingers massaged my head. It so happened that my husband was on a business trip and for about a month I had no sex, so a strong sensation quickly spread through my body. I had no where to go, so I closed my eyes and completely disappeared into these wonderful feelings.

(Daria, 44 years old)

, Unusual orgasms in women are real cases

In airplane

During the flight on the plane, I fell asleep to read the book. I had an erotic dream and so sensitive that even after awakening, I could not get rid of excitement. I had no choice but to accept this unexpected pleasure, so I covered myself as a blanket and completely plunged into it … All the experienced excitement was so strong that such a case was printed in my memory forever.

(Arina, 27 years old)

During childbirth

Who would have thought that my birth to turn into this way … During the fight, the doctor ordered me to be pushed, and without realizing it, I began to feel the whole rhythm of fights, which resembled the movements of the man.  After a short period of time, I experienced an orgasm. A little later, my friends reported that the same thing happened to them.

(Christina, 32 years old)

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