What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends

What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends.

, What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends

We have already talked many times about the capricious substance – female orgasm. It exists, whole treatises are written about it, but 70% of ladies imitate it, instead of sincerely catch endorphins in the arms of excited males. And those lucky ones who know how to end in one way or another are divided by their feelings from achieving the peak of pleasure. What are they, these unknown joys of higher pleasure? What does a woman feel during orgasm, What is happening to her? How can you characterize the received tactile stimuli?

In a word, the sensations from orgasm are pleasant, but the degree of pleasantness is very different in each individual, because it is such a specific part of intimate perception, which cannot be said of anything generalized! The sensations of girls during orgasm are determined depending on the nature, temperament, depth of feelings to the partner, experience and age. The only thing that can be argued for sure is the connection between orgasm and brain.

Scientists have long managed to prove the relationship between the onset of higher pleasure and the activity of the brain, so the features of sexual pleasure are caused by the direct activity of the human “computer”.

, What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends

What happens to a woman during orgasm, how it manifests itself

The external manifestations of what is happening to the woman during orgasm, as they say, only the peak of the iceberg. Excitation throughout the body is turned on due to the supply of specific signals from the genitals. And it is possible to note the body’s reaction to the achievement of orgasm by several common signs indicating the climax.

  • Motor activity changes, becomes more convulsive and chaotic.
  • The eyes are most often closed, and the jaws are tightly compressed or slightly open – the face seems tense and concentrated.
  • In some women, it reduces the muscles of the legs and arms.
  • The back is bent with an arc at the peak of sensations.
  • The pelvis rises towards the partner.
  • The range of the voice is noticeably expanding.

Do not believe porn stars, so beautifully groaning and gasping on camera. The real sounds that girls make during orgasm more resemble the rumbling and hissing of a wild cat or muffled diaphragm groans.

Temperamental persons with a vivid emotional response to this world as a whole are more shocking manifestation of passion when approaching the peak of pleasure. Someone scatters hands and legs in different directions, others grab onto the body of a man or bedding, there are individuals who scratch and even bite, completely without controlling their actions. The mind overshadows still on the approach of the orgasmic explosion, and at the time of the climax is disconnected completely.

It is possible to accompany the vocal and instrumental orchestra, when the groans and screams are mixed with inarticulate chatter. Do not be surprised that the modest at such a moment curses obscenities! At the same time, no less amazing things happen to the body, which simply cannot be noted. With orgasm, both partners can feel an intense painless spasm in the vagina. A sudden sharp contraction of muscles in the pelvis can differ significantly in the intensity and number of “shocks” depending on the development of vaginal muscles in a woman.

The specifics of female orgasm

We will not repeat about different types of female orgasm, because you can read it in other articles. We better find out what its specifics are: how much it lasts, as often happens, is it possible to confuse with something.

Standard orgasm (it is called clitoric or clitoral, if in popular) lasts from a few seconds to one and a half minutes. It rolls sharply, is distinguished by a tangible reduction in the muscles of the vagina with certain intervals, then gradually subsides, after which most girls are relaxing, bordering on exhaustion. The whole essence of such an end in sensations on the surface, because voluptuous notes envelop the crotch from the most sensual point – the clitoris.

After a long orgasm backed by moral satisfaction, girls often feel pulsation in the vagina and crotch. This condition persists for up to half an hour.

Those ladies who can receive deep vaginal orgasms (because the clitoris legs are on the eve of the vagina) describe everything differently. Active sensations appear in an increase in, insinuating, and then you can see the “top of Everest”, where fog, flight, liberation … muscles inside are reduced, as such peak jumps, you just rose up and soar there for a while there. Then a sharp decline and fatigue falls like a bear on a victim. The body seems to burn.

By the way, multi -organisms are not a myth. Sensitive and sensual women know how to end several times in a row. Each new wave or the top is stronger, higher, more powerful, more powerful.

You knew that the woman who ended 134 times received orgasms most of all for an hour? Never heard about another unique personality that ends several times per hour from only one compression of the knees and the touch of panties to the clitoris? Yes, there are such specimens – nature was either muffled, or, on the contrary, awarded the gift of heaven.

In girls who do not have children, 2-3 strong abbreviations were noted during the research and after them several more weak spasms. In turn, giving birth to ladies and women of the age of 40-45, only one muscle impetus arises and a maximum of 2 weak. Although women themselves say that brighter orgasms began to receive after 30 years and a couple of births.

During female orgasm, an increase in the volume of the liquid separated vaginal secret occurs, which often makes the man “swim” in it.

, What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends

How the women themselves describe their sensations during orgasm

We have already said that the sensations of women during orgasm vary are very different, so the descriptive constructions found on the open spaces of the network are sometimes controversial. Let’s see what epithets the girls identify the moment of discharge!

  • This is a bright explosion!
  • I felt the flight in reality ..
  • Either soaring in the clouds, or fog in the eyes and head.
  • It looks like a calm pleasure.
  • It is like compression of the spring!
  • The muscles inside were very decreased, it was a little painful ..
  • Covers with sweetness ..
  • Acute sensations making their way to bones.
  • I felt weak and even a little tired.
  • The body burned like a fire!
  • It was wet enough ..
  • It seems that the discharge of current inside has passed.
  • Immersion into the abyss, not otherwise ..
  • Bliss in which all limbs are taken away!

Oddly enough, some girls compare the sensations from orgasm with relief after sneezing, when the nostril tickles, and then rrras! And it became easy.

As you can see, the perception of one process is very different in different women. By the way, many ladies write that they are intensively and abundantly from masturbation, especially with the vibrator.

See how much is in our sex shop for female orgasms: vibrators, dildo, massagers and stimulants! If men are not at hand or he is not suitable for anything, get orgasms always and everywhere without unnecessary tension! In the rhythm that will suit you! And for harmonious couples, sexual toys will become a certain amplifier of orgasms and give a lot of tactile contrasts!

Together, on all these signs, it is easy to imagine what is happening to the girl during orgasm. Women describe their feelings, giving them an individual character, but, as a rule, all girls and women during orgasm experience the following feelings:

  • a strong sweet blow in the depths of the pelvis;
  • compression of the genitals inside;
  • a feeling of heat pouring from the bottom of the abdomen to the tips of the labia;
  • thermal wave inside the vagina;
  • Sweet-wise spasm.

Women experience such physiological orgasm in 75% of cases. It occurs relatively regularly with a permanent sexual activity, and can be clitoral, vaginal or uterine. Many women get only one of the types of pleasure. Most often, the ladies are available precisely clitoral.

What does a man feel when a woman ends

And how does a man feel the orgasm of a partner? What sensations he has?

Some men know how Visually determine By those bodily signs (bending, groans, bedding) that we have listed. But the aunts are excellent simulators, so even experienced uncles who have lived a certain decade with their wife believe in her paramilitary clutters and throat sigch!

Other men note that after all Vaginal compression of muscles, and contractions of the muscles of the anus – This is a clear sign. At the same time, the woman trembles slightly with her whole body. Naturally, a member responds to pushing reductions and “electrical vibrations” with a violent response! After the male is not able to analyze and think anything. Someone compares this with pulsating pressure on the head of the penis.

The obvious sign will be Settling vaginal secret. It is quite difficult for a partner at this moment to find a feeling of vaginal walls. The accumulated liquid in excessive formation can pour out.

During orgasm, the chest also reacts to the release of hormones, which will not remain inconspicuous for the man. Look, The nipples are tense and clenched like in the cold!

Want to check whether the girl finished or not, be sure to try to touch the clitoris after sexual intercourse or continue to caress. After the culmination, all subsequent manipulations are irritated both physically and psychologically, therefore, in theory, it should move away from you. She becomes tickled, painful, unpleasant. He wants to continue? So, simulated, liar.

Pay attention to the fact that the simulators immediately rush into the bathroom or smoke, or for some other things. The ending Virgo, as a rule, loves to soak in a crib like a cat, buzzing under the rays of the spring sun. Either sex failed, and she was offended, or she went to catch up with her own.

, What happens to a woman during orgasm, what feelings when a girl ends

What happens to the brain at the moments of orgasm in humans

As scientists found out, each of the erogenous excited zones is controlled by a separate section of the cerebral cortex, which can allow a completely different orgasm – comprehensive. While a woman receives an unforgettable brightness of pleasure, the following happens in her head:

  • The limbic system is activated. Its elements are hippocampus and amygdala, which are responsible for the ability of a person to fantasize and show emotions, feelings.
  • In addition to the main department associated with the stimulation of the genital organs, the functionality of the front waist and islet cortex in the brain increases: these zones are extremely important to reduce the threshold of sensitivity and pain. During passionate sexual intercourse, partners do not feel unpleasant or painful sensations when scratching, biting.
  • By the time the climax is approached, the leading role is transmitted to the hypothalamus. This brain chamber does not allow a woman to control facial expressions during orgasm. Grout louder and breathe deeper the girl also has to be due to the hypothalamus.
  • Oxytocin, which is popularly called the hormone of joy, appears at the end of the orgasm. Increasing its concentration in the blood causes uterine contractions.
  • In addition to oxytocin, dopamine is produced in the body. Hormone producing also increases after the use of chocolate or at the moments of drug euphoria.

An interesting feature of what is happening with the brain during orgasm and after it can be considered another nuance. Excitement quickly comes to him, and a complete relaxation is also felt by a person. That is why not only women, but also men want to relax, or better – sleep.

Dear men, do you have your secrets, how to understand that the woman finished? Girls that you feel during orgasm, describe your feelings! We are waiting for comments!

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