What is required for squirting-organism?

What is required for squirting-organism?.

Female ejaculation has existed for centuries, but only recently it became the desired addition of female sexual pleasures. Previously, the fluid that occurs as a result of female ejaculation was often perceived as urine released during sexual intercourse, so the squirt that occurred caused stress and embarrassment.

Now we know that this liquid is closer to the fact that it is secreted by a male prostate when it is stimulated, which encourages many to call the skin of the skin (glands around the G zone responsible for secretion) “female prostate”. And, most importantly, squirt is now in high esteem. Most couples now see that the fountaining liquid is an amazing physical expression of excitation, and women crave to experience exotic sensations that squirt brings. Squirt does not mean that you will definitely experience an orgasm. Someone experiences an orgasm, someone can occur in the middle of sexual intercourse, when the time is still decent to orgasm. Since all people have the structure individually, this phenomenon has a different way in different ways. Our leadership will help you, but you need to spend some time to find out what is best suited for you and your body.


If you are in a relationship, it is advisable to discuss with your partner the topic of Squirt. Although it is obvious that your discharge is your own business, but you should still discuss everything with your soul mate. Also, keep in mind that for many women a squirt is such a skill that, after development, can begin to occur involuntarily. The good news is that thanks to an increased amount of porn with women with squirt skills, many people are already completely ready for this. Relaxation is a key aspect of the Squirt, so follow your condition and mood. You can study alone or with a partner, so choose the option that will be more convenient and more comfortable for you.

How to achieve

The stimulation of the G zone may be what will lead to squirt, but full external excitement is also an important factor, so focus on your partner or your favorite fantasy, take a clitoral vibrator, and enjoy. As soon as you reach excitement, you can start stimulating the G-zone. Find it with your fingers or, ideally, a sex toy, greased with a lubricant, penetrating 5-7 cm into the vagina. Falloimitators and vibrators designed to stimulate the G zone are usually best suited for this, because they are ergonomically curved.

Multifunctional vibrators will be able to simultaneously massage the G and clitoris zone. Vibrators that make progressive movements can also be a good choice, as they allow you to focus on determining the necessary depth and corner of stimulation. As an alternative, if your partner wants to help you yourself, take a position in which stimulation will be aimed at the front of the vagina, such as “Doggi-Stayl” or “Return rider”. Feel the need to urinate? Then you are on the right track! Continue and do not stop, and this unpleasant feeling will be replaced by a feeling of orgasm.

We picked up toys that concentrate stimulation in your g zone to help in the implementation of squirt.

1. Stainless steel phalloimitator

The best friend of Squirt lovers has a solid curved structure with an enlarged tip to ensure strong stimulation and smooth movements. Cool metal adds new sensations when penetrating, and it can also be heated, which will also become an amazing addition.

2. Vibrator-Roller

With vibrators, the wake-up of the cherished zone, the awakening is easily, since their amazing power levels direct dizzying vibrations to the za G, which is facilitated by the ergonomic form.

3. Vibrator to stimulate the zone g

Thanks to C-shaped and an enlarged head, this toy can give you pleasure even before you turn on the vibration mode. Start with light movements, gently shaking the vibrator, then turn on the vibration, and get unsurpassed sensations from stimulation.

4. Glass dildo

Glass toys are solid, and offer directed stimulation of the G zone, which most women need. Both ends of such toys will give an amazing internal massage. You can alternate the sides of the phalloimitator when stimulating for more interesting sensations.

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