What is the nightfounds or night orgasms from

What is the night pools or orgasms from.

, What is the nightfounds or night orgasms from
Each man had to wake up one night from a voluptuous sensation. Then he found that his underwear was wet. This phenomenon in medicine is called night pools or night orgms. They are concluded from the penis of the sperm during sleep. This usually happens as a result of a dream of erotic content. A man sees in a dream that he is committing sexual intercourse with his wife or an outsider. His penis swells due to the rush to him, becomes elastic. A man experiences voluptuous sensations in the body – an orgasm reaching ejaculation. With a pollination of sperm, less expires than during sexual intercourse. This phenomenon is quite physiological. Most often, this happens during sexual abstinence, with strong fantasy on erotic topics and the absence of subsequent sexual discharge, as well as in the order of self -defense of the body from overloading blood with sex hormones. It has not yet been clarified why a man experiences an orgasm during a pollution? After all, they do not touch his hand in a dream in a dream, do not produce mechanical irritations of erogenous zones, and the voluptuousness of the one. Apparently, the cause of a pollution is the overexcitation of the erection and ejaculation centers of the spinal cord. To remove it, a secret “valve system” is triggered in the body.

In women, pollution most often happens in the morning. She is also preceded by a dream of erotic content. A woman can dream of affection and love games with a man. A man is gentle for her, strokes her clitoris, breeds her hips, reveals the lips of the organ and they make sexual intercourse. Sometimes a woman, on the contrary, sees a nightmare: a man is rude, cruel with her, threatens her, she is afraid of him, gathers all in a lump. She may dream that she hugs a huge penis with her mouth, kisses him, or that a snake crawls into her sex gap or already. A woman wakes up in horror from a nightmare and feels that she finished in a dream.

Women’s poles have the advantage over sexual intercourse that it is always accompanied by orgasm and ejaculation. At the same time, a “sperm” is pushed out of the cervix of the woman’s cervix – a traffic jamal plug, which soon draws back into the cervix. The vagina also distinguishes a lot of secretion at the time of ejaculation.. In fact, sputum is felt in the female vagina. Ejaculation is accompanied by an orgasm, the cause of which is clarified: an orgasm is explained by a sweet peristaltic reduction in the floor tube and the muscles of the uterus.

The most pollution is in women who are devoid of familiar sexual life, especially in young widows. Sometimes it happens in women who do not reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. However, “sweet dreams” are also seen by women who are married to regular sexual satisfaction. This suggests that women may occur, a heart of sexual arousal, and one that even deep in force is not able to sleep completely, and the body in the order of self -defense makes a “reset” of residual excitement.

Health after the poles of most women and girls is good, they are satisfied or relieved. Gare sexologist who interviewed 590 women and girls on the issue of erotic dreams and pollutions, found that more than half of them almost regularly have erotic dreams with orgasm and ejaculation. Relatively often they are in virgins.
Rare pollutions in a woman – a certificate of exceptionally deep satisfaction of her nerves with sexual acts with a partner.

If the appearance of the first night orgasms in men can be considered an indication of the onset of puberty, then in women a pollution is observed later – with the arrival of sensuality.
It is amazing in the female Poloveciation that despite the attachment to her husband and natural bashfulness, women in erotic dreams very rarely sees her husband’s sexual partner. Most often she makes sexual intercourse with a stranger man, often completely unfamiliar. Very often a close relative is a partner – a man, a real connection with whom is generally excluded.

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