10 interesting facts about the female organ of pleasure – Clitor

Interesting facts about clitoris.

, 10 interesting facts about the female organ of pleasure – Clitor

Probably all women, and men know what the clitoris is and where it is located. This tiny organ is a source of sexual pleasure. And is able to give a woman maximum pleasure both from sex with a man and masturbation.

Interesting moments and facts about the clitoris

  1. The clitoris can be seen with the naked gaze. It’s not so small to use a magnifying glass or microscope. But what you will see by looking in the mirror at your crotch is only a small part of the clitoris. Most of it is inside your body.
  2. The clitoris itself consists of a head, body, cavernous bodies and two legs. When a woman is excited, blood flows to the cavernous bodies, they swell and increase in size.
  3. The fact that the clitoris is penetrated by the nervous endings is easy to check. It is worth touching this organ, as you immediately feel a pleasant tingling. On average, there are about eight thousand nerve endings on the clitoris.
  4. If you compare the penis with the clitoris, then you can gladly find out that on the head of the penis of the nerve endings is half as much. This means that every woman can experience more acute and voluptuous sensations during sex than any man.
  5. The clitoris grows and increases in size throughout the woman’s life. This small organ begins to develop in the girl’s body when she is still in the womb. By the end of puberty, it doubles, by thirty years – four times, and closer to the time of menopause – seven times.
  6. Regardless of the age of the woman, the clitoris always remains sensitive. But since it increases with age, the pleasure of sex is becoming stronger every year. The thing is that during sex, a large clitoris is closely pressed against the men’s crotch, delivering a maximum pleasure to the woman.
  7. Seventy percent of women cannot receive vaginal orgasm. In order to achieve the peak of pleasure, they need clitoris stimulation. If the clitoris is located close to the entrance to the vagina, then it is stimulated during ordinary sexual intercourse. If it is higher, then the man should caress him with his fingers or tongue.
  8. There is a so -called protective hood on the clitoris. It can be removed surgically to increase the sensitivity of the organ. But doctors do not recommend this, since the operation is very traumatic.
  9. German doctors some time ago offered their clients a procedure to increase the clitoris using collagen injections. However, very soon it became clear that such a procedure does not carry practical meaning. Since the sensitivity of this organ does not depend on its size.
  10. In the animal world there are species in whose females in the clitoris there is a bone. And the males have the same species in the penis. This may say that the penis is a modified clitoris.

Now you know a little more about the female magical “button” to get pleasure. The main thing is to regularly use this “button”, then life will seem more joyful, and the world will be beautiful.

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