5 myths about sex with mature women | Psychology of relations

5 myths about sex with mature women.

, 5 myths about sex with mature women | Psychology of relations
Sex with women for 40 can be very interesting. But some men are sure that this. They think that she is already “stretched out”, and she wants her much less. Is it really worth it to believe such statements?

A mature woman can be called a lady over 40. But at 45-50, it may look wonderful. Modern medicine and cosmetology allow you to maintain appearance in perfect form. And although at that moment women are experiencing menopause, this may not affect sexuality at all. They continue to enjoy intimacy, and strive for it no less than in youth.

But men are often scared by adult ladies. There are several basic reasons. Let’s figure out whether they are real or invented?

Myth 1. A woman older than 40 had a lot of lovers

The number of sexual partners measured not by age, but character and temperament. There are girls who at the age of 20-25 visited beds with dozens of men, while others kept fidelity to the same one and up to 60 years old. The number of partners can be very different.

But in adulthood, ladies are less inclined to hide their preferences. And if she really loves sex, counts on intimacy, and not on a serious relationship, she will tell you directly about it. And the question of the number of men will also answer. In adulthood, a representative of the beautiful half of humanity already knows what she wants, and perfectly understands that honesty allows you to build a much more comfortable alliance.

And also The number of men does not affect experience. There are ladies who were married several times and did not even learn to do a blowjob. Others only recently lost virginity, but with a chic partner who taught many chips. And someone and the theory perfectly master, reading useful articles.

Myth 2. Stretching of her organs

Many men are sure that over time a woman’s vagina becomes wider. That the more years, the less elastic organs, and sensations during sex are much worse. This is a misconception at school level. People have not studied the physiology of a person, therefore they represent the genitals of a woman as a stocking that eventually loses its shape.

And many are afraid of childbirth. And they think that passing the baby through the birth canal too Increases the space inside. This, of course, happens, but then the fabric is restored. And the width of the girl at 25 and the ladies at 50 are almost the same. And this is completely not affected by the age and number of partners. These parameters are individual, laid genetically. It is very difficult to stretch the vagina, And to make this an ordinary member is almost impossible.

And by the way, women over 35 years old often buy vaginal balls. They already understand that health needs to be maintained, that problems are possible with lowering organs, like the older generation. And it is they who do exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor. And such manipulations allow “playing” the inner muscles, and this is very exciting for a man during intercourse.

Myth 3. Requirement and complexity of character

Women after 40 years very seriously evaluate men, their requirements are too high, it is almost impossible to satisfy their needs. Such an opinion is only a partial myth. Yes, ladies already understand what they need, they lived a certain life, and are not ready to agree to everything. But is it a drawback?, 5 myths about sex with mature women | Psychology of relations
Only those men who do not comply even with minimal standards condemn women for intelligibility. But real ladies understand that there are no people without bad habits, some characteristics of character. They require a lot, but also forgive a lot, since there are already experiences of life with other people behind them.

A woman for 40 understands, what she likes in bed. And she is ready to enjoy, and will teach a man correct behavior (if he wants). She already understands how to lead the budget, build cohabitation. And if he does not correspond to her expectations, it makes no sense to demand changes, she just goes to look for more suitable.

Myth 4. Adult ladies adore sexual tourism

Every year, thousands of Russian ladies find themselves on the shores of warm countries. Turkey, Egypt, the UAE and other corners of the planet attract them with their beaches and men. And every girl for 40 is ready to surrender to the young passionate native. Such stories are not uncommon, and some ladies really go to rest for the sake of passionate sex. But their number is not so great.

Eastern men are more temperamental, and a ban on sex with compatriots makes the opportunity to be treated for a tourist very attractive for them. And their courtship can like the Russians. Well, what are they to blame if our men do not know how to bring communication to intimacy so beautifully?

Do you want to know, did she have resort novels? Ask directly. Again, a plus of age-she will not hide some stories that can further spoil something. She will tell herself, although without details and bright colors., 5 myths about sex with mature women | Psychology of relations

Myth 5. Adult women suffer from a lack of sex

It is often believed that there are not enough men for everyone. But this is a misconception. If a lady at any age wants sex, she will find him. And at 50 and at 60, you can find a man who will not mind having a good time.

Of course, there are men who look only at young persons. But there are not many of them. Much more people who do not look at age, but focus on common interests. After all, sex is important, but then you also need to communicate with a person, and namely The interaction seems more significant.

Myths about sex with adult women exist, but they are created by young men who still live among very young people. Mature people stop paying attention to the numbers in the passport. And although there are more requirements, but ignoring a lot is also manifested.

What should be added? Mature women know how to love. And they know what they need in sex. They easily enjoy, do not expect eternal love, and often no longer plan to give birth to children. It is easier to find a common language with them, since they are straightforward, honest and no longer have hundreds of complexes, like young persons.

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